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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Tentacles 1620 1772 1252 4 1433

Game started Pos Game result
2*xvxvx, Tentacles, j_k3r, TOAST, alex
1*Tentacles, jhm, j_k3r, TH3, 2ne1
2*2ne1, Tentacles, TH3, xvxvx, jhm
1*Tentacles, ginagriffi, CONQUISTAD, pizzagate, spirit2012, OG1
2*Ax23, Tentacles, ljubae, lokvee, xvxvx
2*herte777, Tentacles, RedShark, OG1, amt01
4*Warmonger, bedsoaker, joe01599, Tentacles, Edwards7
4*CharIesVll, wimpee, aboulayla, Tentacles, napoleonmo
2*Reetpel, Tentacles, colzizo, hamlet1983, KENWOOD
3*kartan, Goodman, Tentacles, justden79
3*wooooody, Muis1, tentacles, Oshawhat, bleedgreen, Flatlands
4*seen, StonedCat, earthone, tentacles, bleedgreen, Oshawhat
2*alexde, tentacles, Junkdeluxe, dodraugen, manyak99
2*megadom, tentacles, 1fater, StonedCat, plop3223
4*devill63, Player, Junkdeluxe, tentacles, manyak99, StonedCat
2*mr0, tentacles, Player, plop3223, manyak99, viru
2*gak, tentacles, thelarster, leeuwarden, Junkdeluxe
3*SGTStone, mr0, tentacles, pincelito, pudder
4*Dominator, MarekL19, wooooody, tentacles, Gabrielle, Jacinda
4*oom, Irma, StonedCat, tentacles, Reetpel, MEXICO
4*StonedCat, coolbreeze, MarekL19, tentacles, amt01, Oshawhat
2*Oshawhat, Tentacles, CAOS, CW19057, pizzagate
1*Tentacles, Irma, uriahheep, xvxvx, colzizo, Reetpel
3*Irma, xvxvx, Tentacles, MikeKing, ms2dft
1*Tentacles, ms2dft, dozer911, MikeKing, CW19057
2*SGTStone, Tentacles, Token, Edwards7, fiddleed65
2*golfpro10, Tentacles, killerbas, MCXX, fiddleed65, nuria22
2*oom, Tentacles, BillThemas, MCXX, modominate, Xplosive
2*felixxxxx, Tentacles, Prisbi, fiddleed65, colzizo
3*thege0rge, weedmaster, Tentacles, beta, agapanthis, Irma
6*seen, DUTCHHAT2R, devill63, Captain_Ch, gak, Tentacles
4*Token, KENWOOD, fiddleed65, Tentacles, BillThemas, bleedgreen
2*fiddleed65, Tentacles, Schwitzebo, Prisbi
1*Tentacles, handjob, fiddleed65, knuffie66, galanido
5*hamlet1983, Reetpel, knuffie66, caos, Tentacles, SGTStone
3*pizzagate, Liwwadden, Tentacles, ginagriffi, CuteAmy
6*thelarster, caos, fiddleed65, Geronimo, mr0, Tentacles
4*knuffie66, nuria22, colzizo, Tentacles, mr0, griemeldie
6*fiddleed65, HankTheTan, bleedgreen, pincelito, colzizo, Tentacles
2*FatAssFred, Tentacles, caos, manyak99, 2ne1
3*colzizo, Spirit, Tentacles, Schwitzebo, 2ne1, alfombra
5*lrigdrat, BillThemas, coolbreeze, HankTheTan, Tentacles, MARINE66
4*knuffie66, BillThemas, blasherke, Tentacles, lrigdrat, korat99
4*colzizo, wimpee, MEXICO, Tentacles, vrede_nu, BillThemas
3*Reetpel, sammy, Tentacles, snowball, caos
5*katiegirl, Denobr, kill4peace, MARINE66, Tentacles, Edwards7
2*MarekL19, Tentacles, Gabrielle, Flatlands, snowball, ottoman35
2*koolfloss, Tentacles, Warmonger, Goodman, Edwards7, hamlet1983
5*Player, caos, Morgan420, hamlet1983, Tentacles, colzizo
3*fiddleed65, caos, Tentacles, colzizo, alexde, zyxw
4*caos, CONQUISTAD, wimpee, Tentacles, griemeldie
3*wimpee, caos, Tentacles, koolfloss, colzizo, nuria22
4*kill4peace, Reetpel, RAGE2000, Tentacles, pizzagate, hamlet1983
2*kill4peace, Tentacles, colzizo, ginagriffi, wimpee
3*caos, MCXX, Tentacles, Goodman, wimpee, Redwood
2*2b, Tentacles, colzizo, seen, sander1989, TheBlueOx
4*whupemwild, cobalt60, MARINE66, Tentacles
4*sqarygary1, BillThemas, pizzagate, Tentacles, capersw, bounce-b
5*Muis1, blasherke, MARINE66, Sunsh1ne, Tentacles, bubbarowde
4*NlCKNAME, Flatlands, Muis1, Tentacles, caos
5*zumzumzum, nuria22, DeKraker, Tentacles, zyxw
4*knuffie66, Schwitzebo, colzizo, Tentacles, TheBlueOx, hyrolium
2*Geronimo, Tentacles, colzizo, caos, BasedDvl, katiegirl
1*Tentacles, SGTStone, RingoStar, colzizo, yeray75
1*Tentacles, MARINE66, franz44, k1ller, BasedDvl, Amerikaan
4*halloween2, nizzlenar, PoohBear2, Tentacles, MARINE66, RingoStar
3 aboulayla, clangunn, Tentacles, bleedgreen
3*DarkAngel, marvelgirl, Tentacles, untouchabl, goodnight1, Sunsh1ne
*) Rated game

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