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Birthday: 1979 March 22
Member until: Not a member
Plus account until: No PLUS account
On-line: steppdaddy is not online

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
steppdaddy 1534 1943 1259 7 4911
mouth 1534 1627 1378 1 36
mutsie 1460 1660 1455 2 23

 Continues inappropriate behaviour in the chatbox - banned

Game started Pos Game result
3*mozzie, Cind, Steppdaddy, GolfPro, Goodnight1
3*kingpin, newjersey, Steppdaddy, ljubae, wolt
6*OB1, modominate, Goodnight1, saxman9690, wolt, Steppdaddy
1*Steppdaddy, djart, CuteAmy, j_k3r, CAOS, aldoco
2*j_k3r, Steppdaddy, devill63, cancan, adamastor8
2*mr0, Steppdaddy, j_k3r, RedDragon, wallenstei, beppe1960
1*Steppdaddy, edwin, RedDragon, seen, Ax23
3*seen, CAOS, Steppdaddy, TH3, pizzagate
2*lokve222, Steppdaddy, wallenstei, seen, GolfPro
1*Steppdaddy, bad, GolfPro, bonje, wallenstei
5*mr0, wimpee, lokve222, alex, Steppdaddy
3*CAOS, devill63, Steppdaddy, Vagamundo, stephanie9
4*wallenstei, ljubae, OB1, Steppdaddy, Vagamundo
1 Steppdaddy, CAOS, master, fulgidus, alex
2*AFCA020CBS, Steppdaddy, Vagamundo, Schwitzebo, fulgidus
1 Steppdaddy, jhm, Vagamundo, Mex, PussyWhipt, wallenstei
1*Steppdaddy, colzizo, Vagamundo, wolt, jhm, Schwitzebo
1*Steppdaddy, CAOS, OB1, fulgidus, TOAST
3*devill63, lastpost, Steppdaddy, hyrolium, TP_knighty, wolt
3*Ax23, Dominator, Steppdaddy, hyrolium, stephanie9
2*caos, Steppdaddy, colzizo, knakkert09
1*Steppdaddy, fulgidus, Stevenaars, caos, snowball
4*Unibomber, alexde, Dominator, Steppdaddy, andypandy5, wimpee
2*Dominator, Steppdaddy, andypandy5, ljubae, angelo72, fulgidus
6*aise88, knuffie66, pequespequ, Vagamundo, ginagriffi, Steppdaddy
5*master, Rebecca, newjersey, PussyWhipt, Steppdaddy, OG1
3*dougbotha, Vagamundo, Steppdaddy, wolt, Skapatoria, Wellington
1*Steppdaddy, Stevenaars, devill63, alex
1 Steppdaddy, 1bbot, 4, 3bbot
1 Steppdaddy, 4, 3bbot, 1bbot
2*CAOS, Steppdaddy, GolfPro, thelarster, knuffie66
5*thelarster, Token, Sheriff83, TH3, Steppdaddy, wooooody
5*DeZoE, StonedCat, earthone, imaxlevel, Steppdaddy
2 2bbot, Steppdaddy, Ahmed, AA, 01
3*19robroy, MARINE66, Steppdaddy, nightc, MCXX, 2ne1
1 Steppdaddy, ANGELX3, Mex, PussyWhipt, Galix
5 Mex, Gabrielle, ANGELX3, PussyWhipt, Steppdaddy
3*brunbj_rn, clangunn, Steppdaddy, modominate
5*koolfloss, nuria22, pudder, modominate, Steppdaddy
2 PussyWhipt, Steppdaddy, Mex, Rebecca, Gabrielle
1 Steppdaddy, 4, A_Monger, 3, 2
3*mrfreak, KENWOOD, Steppdaddy, Cudovii, coolbreeze, modominate
1 Steppdaddy, Abonizer, aaja
3 ABSF, Rodneyking, Steppdaddy, madness
5*knuffie66, xvxvx, earthone, tron, Steppdaddy, 2b
4*TheBlueOx, stephanie9, korat99, Steppdaddy, ragnarok, earthone
4*2ne1, remspoor, remmetje, Steppdaddy, RonnieD, DarlingOrc
3*kwicki, 2ne1, Steppdaddy, pudder, manyak99
2*Suicide, Steppdaddy, colzizo, Flatlands, yeray75
4*colzizo, earthone, CuteAmy, Steppdaddy
5*caos, mrfreak, Flatlands, Schwitzebo, Steppdaddy, Ultionem
1*steppdaddy, UncleBenny, caos
2*caos, steppdaddy, UncleBenny
*) Rated game

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