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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Sproc 1443 1570 1334 1 30

Game started Pos Game result
2*amt, Sproc, AFCA020CBS, DUTCHHAT2R, Edwards7, 2ne1
3 gerfop, ArcA247a, Sproc, beanerbaby, bobobot
1 Sproc, JpBot, CrashBop2, Razzia_3, HENKE, snowball
3*fastrrrrrr, herte777, Sproc, pincelito, BennyBob
5 GetALife, CrashY, CrashBop2, snowball, Sproc
2*colzizo, Sproc, dougbotha, snowball, thelarster, fastrrrrrr
5*kartan, knuffie66, xvxvx, hamlet1983, Sproc, wimpee
5*Token, seen, alexde, colzizo, Sproc
5*napoleonmo, kartan, colzizo, thelarster, Sproc, fastrrrrrr
3*Reetpel, nuria22, Sproc, HANNIBAL56, dozer911, wimpee
5*Aceventura, NinjaSK, seen, kill4peace, Sproc, atrox
4*NinjaSK, Irma, colzizo, Sproc
5*seen, SGTStone, Edwards7, buenaventu, Sproc
3*alexde, MARINE66, Sproc, Edwards7, vrede_nu, SGTStone
2*Edwards7, Sproc, vrede_nu, Life
3*caos, franz44, Sproc, Nicussi
2*Edwards7, Sproc, dougbotha, devill63, Ax23
1*Sproc, xone, devill63, franz44, dodraugen
1*Sproc, goodnight1, felixxxxx, colzizo
6*MCXX, kill4peace, TheBlueOx, caos, coolbreeze, Sproc
2*patrick, Sproc, TheBlueOx, CONQUISTAD, Stevenaars
2*jacky57, Sproc, MARINE66, Ultionem, napoleonmo
3*MudMonkey, Denobr, Sproc, remmetje, rembot, Mex
2*Redwood, Sproc, Cool_Cat, Irma, Dominator
4*RAGE2000, Gabrielle, Jacinda, Sproc, MarekL19, VomiT
4*Rebecca, caos, lothario, Sproc, remspoor, TT1
3*Oshawhat, mudbone, Sproc, Dominator, bulgaria11, VomiT
4*colzizo, nightc, angelo72, Sproc, Dominator, thelarster
3 colzizo, Dominator, Sproc, angelo72
5*MEXICO, dodraugen, mr0, griemeldie, Sproc, CONQUISTAD
4*VomiT, pizzagate, kimjungun, Sproc, THIJSV
5*herte777, wooooody, colzizo, mudbone, Sproc
4*caos, Ultionem, Flatlands, Sproc, MarekL19, mozzie
3 caos, Sebastien, Sproc, mozzie
2*hamlet1983, Sproc, Cool_Cat, Sebastien, kefkiller3
*) Rated game

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