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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Skapatoria 1512 1895 1305 7 2597

Game started Pos Game result
1 Skapatoria, HarryBot, RalphBot, ArcA247c, zzz4
1 Skapatoria, Pwnstar, Mex, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, brasil0730
5 brasil0730, Mex, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, Skapatoria
1 Skapatoria, Rebecca, Mex, PussyWhipt, brasil0730
2*manyak99, Skapatoria, stephanie9, alex, ginagriffi
6 PussyWhipt, tampeloeru, Rebecca, master, brasil0730, Skapatoria
1 Skapatoria, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, TeamThugE, brasil0730
1 Skapatoria, Rebecca, TeamThugE, Mex, PussyWhipt
5 Andrew, czelibot3, UN_BOT, PrimeBot1, Skapatoria
1*Skapatoria, Unibomber, colzizo, remspoor, Mex, dgs
5*dougbotha, Vagamundo, Steppdaddy, wolt, Skapatoria, Wellington
1 Skapatoria, UN_BOT
3*jhm, PussyWhipt, Skapatoria, Vagamundo, pizzagate, Mex
2*wimpee, Skapatoria, master, ginagriffi, manyak99, pizzagate
2*nuria22, Skapatoria, murti, JFK, thebishop1
1 Skapatoria, NumbNuts4, TheBirdsB, hurkje, 4, SHAQ2
1 Skapatoria, Rebecca, brasil0730, PussyWhipt
3 PussyWhipt, Rebecca, Skapatoria, brasil0730
5 Rebecca, PussyWhipt, TeamThugC, brasil0730, Skapatoria
1 Skapatoria, The M0nkey, Ahmed
3 Rebecca, PussyWhipt, Skapatoria, Ax23
1 Skapatoria, Technomid, Traye, Drew, Zach, _I_BOT_K_
1 Skapatoria, Brunix
1 Skapatoria, DuckyIII, MagicBot1
2 Gijs, Skapatoria, TeamBotB
1 Skapatoria, Razzia_2, robin, Ahmed, UltraBotB
5 DCN3, BeanBot, UltraBotB, jaBot, Skapatoria
5 czelibot4, TeamClsicC, UltraBotC, Gifif, Skapatoria
6 TheTopGun2, Felix, kunsthoofd, TheBirdsD, trintest4, Skapatoria
1 Skapatoria, The M0nkey, TheBirdsA, Zach, Ahmed, TeamBotE
1 Skapatoria, dodo2bot, zzz2, CrashBop3, lesourd, RastaDog
1 Skapatoria, Poisoned86, EliteX, Technomid, dodo2bot, 4bbot
3*Dominator, TP_knighty, Skapatoria, pincelito, fulgidus
6 TheBirdsA, TheBirdsB, TheBirdsC, TheBirdsD, TheBirdsE, Skapatoria
6*Aise88, bot2, SHAQ2, sj484j3h, Stevenaars, Skapatoria
5 TheBirdsC, TheBirdsA, TheBirdsB, Stevenaars, Skapatoria, Aise88
5 TheBirdsB, TeamThugC, TheBirdsE, TheBirdsC, Skapatoria
1*Skapatoria, Aise88, laverga
6*MEXICO, MarekL19, Aise88, earthone, Skapatoria
5*Dominator, Aise88, dougbotha, colzizo, Skapatoria
1*Skapatoria, LadyBlond, xvxvx, Dominator, TP_knighty, pizzagate
1 Skapatoria, TeamThugD, BUG2, DuckyII, RandomBot, Pwnstar
1 Skapatoria, Atax_None2, Asherix, Poisoned86, UltraBotD
1 Skapatoria, Killbot, beanerbot, comeback2, TeamThugC
1 Skapatoria, ANGELX1, hurkje, CoronersX, A_Monger, IceBot_001
1 Skapatoria, timbot4, _I_BOT_K_
1 Skapatoria, Jacinda
5*devill63, CharIesVIl, Dominator, alexde, Skapatoria
6 TheTopGun2, grippedbot, BeanBot, TestLaaf, SHAQ, Skapatoria
1 Skapatoria, chewy, primebot2, 2bbot
1 Skapatoria, brasil0730, angel1, TryMeFool, UltraBotD
1 Skapatoria, BUG2, fifin6, Brunix, ANGELX
1 Skapatoria, jen, NumbNuts1, EvilBotC, zzz5
5 zzz5, Technomid, TeamClsicA, TeamClsicD, Skapatoria
1 Skapatoria, trintest2, Wick, hurkje, HarryBot
1 Skapatoria, TeamThugD, TeamThugA, UltraBotB, TheBirdsB
1 Skapatoria, neeBot, DCN, DCN5, TeamThugD, Jimmy
4*Toffay, HANNIBAL56, ImSick, Skapatoria, napoleonmo, mozzie
1 Skapatoria, Gijs, goofball1, iamthebean, TeamBotE
1 Skapatoria, Brunix, kunst2, z2, czelibot4, Jimbot
1 Skapatoria, jaBot, ANGELX2, _I_BOT_A_, FaNTa, timbot4
3 Wick, FaNTa, Skapatoria, jaBot, Cecil
6 bot2, trintest4, Razzia_2, TheTopGun2, esdevebot, Skapatoria
5 shrimp, smashbot2, MagicBot1, krembot1, Skapatoria
1 Skapatoria, FD3
1 Skapatoria, edju, DCN5, fifin6, iamthebean, TheBirdsE
1 Skapatoria, HENKO1
2 Smashbot, Skapatoria, HarryBot, jaBot, Jacinda
1 Skapatoria, robin, TT2, FakeBot_I, grippedbot, Vl13gj3
1 Skapatoria, FD1, Grubex, neeBot, fejijfi, snuff
6 UltraBotC, Jimbot, Grubex, fejijfi, TheBirdsB, Skapatoria
3 Tiffany, ANGELX, Skapatoria, TryMeFool, FD2
5 DCN5, CoronersX, ANGELX, Grubex, Skapatoria
1 Skapatoria, jaBot, FD5, Nekthand, winnerbot, testgk5
1 Skapatoria, DCN, hurkje, James, czelibot4
5 DuckyII, Roah, Nekthand, klaroen2, Skapatoria
1 Skapatoria, Atax_None1, MagicBot3, Pwnstar, FaNTa
1 Skapatoria, 1fater, master, halte, franz44, Charless
5 DCN5, Technomid, RUFUS, Mex, Skapatoria
*) Rated game

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