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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Seraphis 1460 1929 1257 7 981

Game started Pos Game result
3*ljubae, MADALIST, Seraphis, iqtidar, wooooody, manyak98
3*Smidesang, Jackstract, Seraphis, jhm, wimpee
5*Skure, manyak98, wooooody, plop3223, Seraphis, MarekL19
5*manyak98, pizzagate, goodnight2, RedDragon, Seraphis, adamastor8
4*Smidesang, Jackstract, LAVERGA, Seraphis, manyak98
1*Seraphis, seen, vrede_nu, aise88, RedDragon, gerfop
1*Seraphis, aise88, seen, goodnight2, colzizo
2*wimpee, Seraphis, gakk, TOAST, werkeloos
2*Warmonger, Seraphis, goodnight2, MEXICO, Bedsoaker
4*MEXICO, wooooody, nuria22, Seraphis, knuffie66, Junkdeluxe
2*nuria22, Seraphis, laverga, colzizo, pincelito
1*Seraphis, newjersey, Garibaldi, bonje, pizza_swag, kefkiller3
4*earthone, MARINE66, fokker, Seraphis
4*seen, werkeloos, tron, Seraphis, CAOS, mr0
2*DeKraker, Seraphis, pudder, knuffie66, tampeloeru
5*j_k3r, gerfop, CAOS, DeKraker, Seraphis, TOAST
1*Seraphis, j_k3r, nostyle, gerfop, TOAST
5*seen, Kosty, MARINE66, aise88, Seraphis, martim
3*thelarster, Zack, Seraphis, zyxw, manyak99
5*rist6, RedDragon, Muis1, asdargrth, Seraphis, wimpee
3*samantha, xvxvx, Seraphis, wimpee, martim, Muis1
3*xvxvx, wimpee, Seraphis, Domblondje, pequespequ
1*Seraphis, Domblondje, colzizo, sailionian, bigTex, MARINE66
1*Seraphis, bad, colzizo, AFCA020CBS, Mister_VWP, pudder
3*colzizo, RedDragon, Seraphis, CONQUISTAD, tron, CAOS
3*CONQUISTAD, ww111, Seraphis, leeuwarden
3*adamastor8, stephanie9, Seraphis, Muis1, pizzagate, ginagriffi
6*Mex, TOAST, JoShmo, manyak99, wimpee, Seraphis
3*pequespequ, Droppie, Seraphis, ljubae, gerfop, HANNIBAL56
1*Seraphis, colzizo, seen, lokve222, pudder, stephanie9
2*Dominator, Seraphis, DeKraker, MEXICO, wooooody, adamastor8
2*laker, Seraphis, lokve222, pizzagate, adamastor8, amt01
2*amt01, Seraphis, lokve222, goodnight2, MEXICO, Karl_XII
1*Seraphis, knuffie66, herte777, wolt, OG1
1*Seraphis, iqtidar, pequespequ, Vliegende_, aise88
3*thelarster, aise88, Seraphis, CONQUISTAD, obiwan, Wellington
1*Seraphis, obiwan, Oshawhat, ginagriffi, MEXICO
3*Rehoboam, adamastor8, Seraphis, Mex, lokvee, aise88
1*Seraphis, seen, DeKraker, hamlet1983, AFCA020CBS
3*kimjungun, BatMan, Seraphis, kefkiller3, dupplo
3*jolani, xvxvx, Seraphis, Zmago1, colzizo
6*Mex, jhm, MEXICO, Dominator, Ax23, Seraphis
*) Rated game

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