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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Romeo123 1487 1675 1308 2 83

Game started Pos Game result
5*PussyWhipt, felixxxxx, Stevenaars, master, Romeo123, Rebecca
1*Romeo123, ljubae, seen, OG1, MARINE66
1*Romeo123, alexde, pizzagate, modominate
1*Romeo123, loppol, TOAST, kefkiller3, stephanie9
5*TOAST, massfrenzy, loppol, kefkiller3, Romeo123, Ax23
2*TOAST, Romeo123, franky69, loppol, Ax23
5*MADALIST, Wellington, CAOS, Stevenaars, Romeo123, aise88
5*edwin, modominate, alexde, rist6, Romeo123
2*rist6, Romeo123, edwin, aise88, Wellington
3*manyak99, aise88, Romeo123, colzizo, AFCA020CBS
5*dougbotha, martim, OG1, aise88, Romeo123
5*aise88, _I_BOT_A_, alex, Stevenaars, Romeo123, 1bbot
2*manyak99, Romeo123, AFCA020CBS, TP_knighty, alex
1*Romeo123, StonedCat, TK_imperso, dgs, aise88, bedsoaker
3*bedsoaker, AFCA020CBS, Romeo123, Dominator, nizzlenar, aise88
5*bedsoaker, murti, aise88, loppol, Romeo123, nostyle
2*Dominator, Romeo123, alexde, IWGYB, murti, dougbotha
4*knuffie66, IWGYB, dougbotha, Romeo123, aise88, nostyle
1*Romeo123, CAOS, GolfPro, colzizo, bounce-b
1*Romeo123, newjersey, colzizo, mfd906, devill63
1*Romeo123, felixxxxx, djart, AFCA020CBS, mozzie, MARINE66
3*DeKraker, wolt, Romeo123, CAOS, Dominator, dougbotha
4 wolt, Dominator, DeKraker, Romeo123
1*Romeo123, Bertje, rafi911, stfu_punk, fulgidus, DeKraker
2*jolani, Romeo123, Stevenaars, ms2dft, ljubae
6*OG1, mozzie, MARINE66, diflsvn, earthone, Romeo123
3*OG1, earthone, Romeo123, ljubae, mozzie, GolfPro
6*CAOS, MarekL19, MARINE66, kefkiller3, Gabrielle, Romeo123
2*chucky, Romeo123, CAOS, Aise88, Schwitzebo, wimpee
3*CAOS, Schwitzebo, Romeo123, Attack
3*zedavisbac, knuffie66, Romeo123, newjersey, thelarster
5*pincelito, OG1, diflsvn, knuffie66, Romeo123, mozzie
4*MARINE66, GolfPro, amt, Romeo123, OG1, burkemac
3*OG1, alex, Romeo123, kefkiller3, AirBiscuit, pizzagate
2*edwin, Romeo123, ''Sjaak, Unibomber, herte777
1 Romeo123, Mex, herte777, Unibomber, ''Sjaak, remmetje
6*Unibomber, remmetje, Mex, remspoor, Ax23, Romeo123
3*devill63, joe01599, Romeo123, bedsoaker, AFCA020CBS
2*Nicussi, Romeo123, pudder, StonedCat, wimpee
5*blaine2370, devill63, GolfPro, wimpee, Romeo123
1*Romeo123, knuffie66, mozzie, GolfPro, TP_knighty, handjob
4*Dominator, mozzie, thelarster, Romeo123, AFCA020CBS, fulgidus
5*fulgidus, TP_knighty, thelarster, alexde, Romeo123
1*Romeo123, MARINE66, Schwitzebo, devill63, alex
1*Romeo123, felixxxxx, moon, wolt, thelarster, batian
5*Hurc, Stevenaars, plop3223, PussyWhipt, Romeo123, wolt
1*Romeo123, wolt, fastrrrrrr, pizzagate, fulgidus, thelarster
3*amt, Romeo123, fulgidus
1*Romeo123, Token, robbinho, MARINE66, burkemac, colzizo
4*werkeloos, devill63, bananabutt, Romeo123, StonedCat, batian
4*devill63, Stevenaars, Dominator, Romeo123
4*Thomas, manyak99, ww111, Romeo123
3 diflsvn, napoleonmo, Romeo123, plop3223
5*--------, Ax23, ABSF, ginagriffi, Romeo123
1*Romeo123, edwin, Moon, colzizo, thelarster
6*wrecker, GolfPro, batian, ms2dft, wimpee, Romeo123
4*Moon, devill63, Ax23, Romeo123, waasabi
2*waasabi, Romeo123, Ax23, Moon
4*SA_Mullet, alexde, waasabi, Romeo123
3*dougbotha, beta, Romeo123, colzizo, Ax23
6*PoohBear2, remmetje, Ducky, Moon, Ax23, Romeo123
4*Charless, smash18, amt, Romeo123
6*Ducky, knuffie66, batian, mozzie, lothario, Romeo123
3*knuffie66, mozzie, Romeo123, batian
6*bpoppin, AvdB93, bananabutt, thege0rge, Ducky, Romeo123
2*Ax23, Romeo123, batian, ww111, manyak99
1 Romeo123, batian, ww111, alex
1*Romeo123, Ax23, Dominator, colzizo
1*Romeo123, alexde, thelarster, colzizo, alex, fastrrrrrr
3*werkeloos, GolfPro, Romeo123, PoohBear2, Denobr, napoleonmo
2*alexde, Romeo123, Thomas, leeuwarden, sirmny, saxman9690
1*Romeo123, felixxxxx, colzizo, thelarster, Ax23
5*Thomas, stfu_punk, Ax23, PoohBear2, Romeo123
4*Ax23, Token, bastos, Romeo123
2*Ax23, Romeo123, Token, pangit
4*AFCA020CBS, Ax23, MARINE66, Romeo123, bastos
4*MarekL19, Gabrielle, AFCA020CBS, Romeo123, Ax23, pizzagate
4 Jacinda, stfu_punk, Gabrielle, Romeo123, MarekL19, fastrrrrrr
3*edwin, Geronimo, Romeo123, Ax23, felixxxxx
5*DeKraker, kimjungun, batian, SGTStone, Romeo123
2*DeKraker, Romeo123, modominate, manyak99, doctornono
1*Romeo123, devill63, edwin, Dominator, AFCA020CBS, lerner
3 mozzie, devill63, Romeo123, fulgidus
6*MARINE66, cupafeel, bananabutt, pincelito, SGTStone, Romeo123
3*diflsvn, Ax23, Romeo123, StonedCat, km_n
4*batian, 1fater, MARINE66, Romeo123
4*Ax23, Rebecca, ww111, Romeo123
4*Ax23, ww111, MARINE66, Romeo123, Schwitzebo, pincelito
2*Ax23, Romeo123, km_n, devill63
*) Rated game

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