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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
PoohBear2 1668 1890 1417 4 180

Game started Pos Game result
1*PoohBear2, mozzie, Mex, rembot, CAOS, alexde
2*w3cko, PoohBear2, alex, Cappy3, Mex, seen
6*master, w3cko, Mex, Michelle, rembot, PoohBear2
1*PoohBear2, Mex, rembot, Michelle, rist6, feltup
3*Mex, pizzagate, PoohBear2, edwin, Schwitzebo, Muis1
2*modominate, PoohBear2, CharIesVlI, Ax23, Ducky, Mex
1*PoohBear2, Mex, mrt91, Fokker, pizzagate, colzizo
1*PoohBear2, Ax23, AFCA020CBS, master, alex, alexjones
1*PoohBear2, remmetje, Ducky, Moon, Ax23, Romeo123
4*werkeloos, GolfPro, Romeo123, PoohBear2, Denobr, napoleonmo
4*Thomas, stfu_punk, Ax23, PoohBear2, Romeo123
5*charless, oom, CuteAmy, TT1, PoohBear2, gerfop
1*PoohBear2, remspoor, Rebecca, TT1, mozzie, dougbotha
5*sqarygary1, BillThemas, Reetpel, thege0rge, PoohBear2, colzizo
2 thege0rge, PoohBear2, remspoor, remmetje, TT1, Reetpel
1*poohbear2, lungbisket, devill63, napoleonmo
2*Pasqanel, PoohBear2, caos, devill63, mozzie, CONQUISTAD
1*PoohBear2, remmetje, TT1, remspoor, knuffie66, 2b
1*PoohBear2, TT1, franz44, Edwards7, vrede_nu, Stevenaars
1 poohbear2, Caappy5, Caappy4, Caappy6, capkiller1, Capkiller3
4 Cappy3, Cappy2, Cappy1, poohbear2
5*TenderFoot, remspoor, Mex, pincelito, poohbear2
5*19robroy, bananabutt, 2b, candyO, PoohBear2, earthone
3*halloween2, nizzlenar, PoohBear2, Tentacles, MARINE66, RingoStar
*) Rated game

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