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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
NinjaSK 1568 1706 1294 3 150

Game started Pos Game result
1*NinjaSK, seen, wallenstei, GolfPro
5*Mex, ms2dft, knuffie66, TOAST, NinjaSK, aise88
4*tc1980, PussyWhipt, master, NinjaSK, Rebecca, reggio_e
3*felixxxxx, devill63, NinjaSK, snowball
2*Aceventura, NinjaSK, seen, kill4peace, Sproc, atrox
1*NinjaSK, Irma, colzizo, Sproc
6*Redwood, Stevenaars, Cool_Cat, zyxw, Edwards7, NinjaSK
4*Smoochie, gandhi, Ax23, NinjaSK, roosters
1*NinjaSK, lerner, 1fater, colzizo, stephanie9, franz44
1 NinjaSK, TT1, Ding_Dong, Irma, sander1989, franz44
1*NinjaSK, thelarster, sander1989, Morgan420, caos, franz44
4*nbk, mr0, pizzagate, NinjaSK, felixxxxx, Morgan420
2*Nicussi, NinjaSK, devill63, pizzagate
1*NinjaSK, franz44, 2b, beta, sqarygary1, DUTCHHAT2R
1*NinjaSK, redarmy, earthone, CW19057, Economist
4*kill4peace, ProudClod, PussyWhipt, NinjaSK, ABSF
3*patrick, PussyWhipt, NinjaSK, kill4peace, mr0, ProudClod
1*NinjaSK, sqarygary1, caos, stephanie9, HankTheTan
1*NinjaSK, Ax23, thelarster, colzizo
3*seen, caos, NinjaSK, MARINE66
4*DUTCHHAT2R, caos, thelarster, NinjaSK, StonedCat
1*NinjaSK, master, devill63, mr0, franz44
2*Sebastien, NinjaSK, jasostitt, yeray75, caos, Life
6*master, hyrolium, StonedCat, kill4peace, NinjaSK
3*mr0, resistent, NinjaSK, caos, jasostitt, CONQUISTAD
3 caos, jasostitt, NinjaSK, resistent
6*bounce-b, felixxx, Ultionem, mr0, Stevenaars, NinjaSK
6*patrick, colzizo, atrox, OldMan2, manyak99, NinjaSK
4*alexde, Ax23, devill63, NinjaSK, rist6
4*southbound, dodes59, tron, NinjaSK, yeray75
3*Irma, caos, NinjaSK, pizzagate, Edwards7, Goodman
4*RAGE2000, felixxxxx, caos, NinjaSK, Edwards7, Irma
4*Edwards7, felixxxxx, caos, NinjaSK
3*ABSF, devill63, NinjaSK, resistent
2 enpassant, NinjaSK, bigbug7, trilveen
3*bigbug7, pizzagate, NinjaSK, enpassant, reggio_e, patrick
3*lothario, pudder, NinjaSK, KENWOOD, LordFriezA, bleedgreen
2*22, NinjaSK, feijoeiro, goodnight1, _CrashU_, Irma
3*stephanie9, knuffie66, NinjaSK, Toffay, Irma
4*MARINE66, caos, vrede_nu, NinjaSK
5*caos, pudder, Captain_Ch, Vagammundo, NinjaSK
1*NinjaSK, hyrolium, franz44, ww111, pudder, Sebastien
2*Benny_dux, NinjaSK, Redwood, RonJeremy, hyrolium, caos
*) Rated game

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