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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
mister_VWP 1557 1811 1251 3 1384

Game started Pos Game result
1*Mister_VWP, gerfop, wimpee, Jackstract, Smidesang, gakk
4*manyak99, dougbotha, max69, Mister_VWP, adamastor8
4*martim, zedavisbac, RedDragon, Mister_VWP, DDLLOOPP
1*Mister_VWP, pincelito, Victor_G, Morgan420, 1fater, aise88
4*pincelito, aise88, 1fater, Mister_VWP, thelarster, Ax23
1*Mister_VWP, TheBlueOx, Smidesang, manyak98, aise88, nostyle
3*knuffie66, seen, Mister_VWP, caos, jhm, kingpin
6*Leprechaun, Michelle, seen, Mex, rembot, Mister_VWP
4*GolfPro, gerfop, QWERT, Mister_VWP, pincelito
5 aaerokes, knuffie66, RedDragon, pincelito, Mister_VWP, mr0
5*Seraphis, bad, colzizo, AFCA020CBS, Mister_VWP, pudder
4 Mex, master, spirit2012, Mister_VWP, TOAST, wimpee
4*stephanie9, Bulletje83, wimpee, Mister_VWP, alex
3*Karl_XII, robin, Mister_VWP, Tiffany, laker, pkslim1000
3*adamastor8, eibmwfanai, Mister_VWP, nuria22, Oshawhat
1*Mister_VWP, thuglife, nuria22, 1fater, fulgidus, caos
3*alexde, 1fater, Mister_VWP, caos, fulgidus, beta
6*rist6, 1fater, Dominator, dodraugen, TP_knighty, Mister_VWP
3*knuffie66, newjersey, Mister_VWP, pizzagate, devill63, TP_knighty
4*Hostess, CAOS, knuffie66, Mister_VWP, newjersey, wimpee
6*DeZoE, Karl_XII, AvdB93, doedelpoe, Ax23, Mister_VWP
5*ww111, AvdB93, stfu_punk, HANNIBAL56, Mister_VWP, bleedgreen
1*Mister_VWP, AvdB93, gerfop, StonedCat, saxman9690, Toffay
4*atrox, bounce-b, caos, Mister_VWP, israel
5*Flatlands, bounce-b, capersw, Kariboo, Mister_VWP, MCXX
*) Rated game

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