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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
LordFriezA 1319 1602 1319 1 38

Game started Pos Game result
3*nuria22, mrfreak, LordFriezA, Bolo, bubbarowde, fiddleed65
6*Reetpel, Cudovii, korat99, wimpee, mikeo225, LordFriezA
6*Bolo, wimpee, southbound, korat99, modominate, LordFriezA
3*X_Man, TT1, LordFriezA, remspoor, wimpee, fastrrrrrr
4*clangunn, thelarster, BillThemas, LordFriezA
4*fiddleed65, BillThemas, Reetpel, LordFriezA, wimpee
5*xvxvx, Reetpel, mrfreak, kman, LordFriezA, 2b
5*BrainElf, bounce-b, uwilldie85, robbertjuh, LordFriezA
1*LordFriezA, rafi911, Schwitzebo, xvxvx, ABSF, Bacteria
2*rafi911, LordFriezA, ABSF, Sunsh1ne, Dominator
5*kman, gasman, master, caos, LordFriezA, israel
3*caos, patrick, LordFriezA, manyak99, israel
1*LordFriezA, dougbotha, Charless, knuffie66, Mex, remspoor
2*LoneCat, LordFriezA, RonnieD, lungbisket, bubbarowde, dougbotha
2 master, LordFriezA, PussyWhipt, remmetje, Rafter, Rebecca
3*Rebecca, master, LordFriezA, PussyWhipt, MARINE66, earthone
6*Rebecca, PussyWhipt, earthone, MARINE66, master, LordFriezA
6*Retardgirl, remmetje, rembot, Mex, MARINE66, LordFriezA
3*capersw, Cudovii, LordFriezA, bleedgreen, alex47, modominate
3*LoneCat, kimjungun, LordFriezA, kman, angelo72
2*MEXICO, LordFriezA, colzizo, sqarygary1, steffanhal
2*caos, LordFriezA, patrick, manyak99, steffanhal, 2b
5*knuffie66, loppol, cucumbre, pudder, LordFriezA, BasedDvl
3*caos, LoneCat, LordFriezA, manyak99, pudder, pizzagate
5*shyheart, FreakShow, mrfreak, Mex, LordFriezA, nuria22
4*wimpee, modominate, bananabutt, LordFriezA, LoneCat
2*alexde, LordFriezA, caos, 2b
2*19robroy, LordFriezA, 2ne1, Vagamundo
2*2ne1, LordFriezA, MARINE66, xxspbyxx
5*hoodlegend, korat99, nuria22, LordFriezA, 2ne1
1*LordFriezA, whupemwild, nuria22, pizzagate
3*my7777, nuria22, LordFriezA, bleedgreen, Bass2016, hoodlegend
5*lothario, pudder, NinjaSK, KENWOOD, LordFriezA, bleedgreen
5*rist6, jeffman1, bananabutt, nuria22, LordFriezA
1*LordFriezA, Vagammundo, bananabutt, -X-, bounce-b
3*bounce-b, Gandhi, LordFriezA, RonnieD, remmetje, bonje
3*Dominator, agapanthis, LordFriezA, MEXICO, caos
2*caos, LordFriezA, lukenzi89, Irma, yeray75
6*colzizo, HANNIBAL56, Sunsh1ne, bastard, Flatlands, LordFriezA
*) Rated game

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