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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Life 1379 1708 1115 3 740

Game started Pos Game result
3*stfu_punk, chingar, Life, Karl_XII, Ultionem, lerner
4 Dominator, bedsoaker, Strammamax, Life
3*knuffie66, TH3, Life, patrick, CharIesVIl, Vale46
5*MEXICO, ladyblond, G5, pizzagate, Life, patrick
2*pizzagate, Life, salty_eggs, griemeldie, colzizo, batian
4*esse, Schwitzebo, devill63, Life, cordyceps, napoleonmo
5*diflsvn, zyxw, batian, wooooody, Life
6*blasherke, Irma, southbound, Stevenaars, yoyfox2018, Life
5*lrigdrat, colzizo, griemeldie, Flatlands, Life
4*Edwards7, Sproc, vrede_nu, Life
5*Denobr, anton, unfaker, mr0, Life, loppol
5*Mex, MEXICO, remmetje, remspoor, Life, Charless
1 Life, Hurc, Jimbot, ArcA247a, 4bbot, MrBot
6 ArcA247a, 4bbot, Jimbot, MrBot, Hurc, Life
4*loppol, mozzie, kill4peace, Life, ProudClod, PussyWhipt
5*Dominator, stephanie9, kill4peace, mozzie, Life
6*Sebastien, NinjaSK, jasostitt, yeray75, caos, Life
1 Life, Jimbot, 4bbot, bopster, MrBot, Hurc
5*caos, beta, KingVegeta, 2b, Life
6*sammy, ModdaFokka, hyrolium, Sebastien, kill4peace, Life
3*Ax23, zyxw, Life, alexde, jasostitt, wimpee
5*innocent_3, remspoor, remmetje, TT1, Life, jasostitt
6*MarekL19, Dominator, Gabrielle, Sebastien, Ax23, Life
2*MCXX, Life, CW19057, hyrolium, fiddleed65
6*SGTStone, Sebastien, caos, Morgan420, Life
6*MarekL19, Jebber, Jennifer, Gabrielle, cobalt60, Life
6*franz44, TT1, manyak99, Ding_Dong, caos, Life
5*Gabrielle, MarekL19, werkeloos, MEXICO, Life, tron
3*Edwards7, knuffie66, Life, Stevenaars, mr0, leeuwarden
4 bubbarowde, caos, southbound, Life
6*RAGE2000, Sebastien, dougbotha, wimpee, caos, Life
2*southbound, Life, Dominator, Goodman, caos
3*chingar, LoneCat, Life, griemeldie, wimpee
2*Stevenaars, Life, caos, felixxxxx
1 Life, Hurc, MrBot, Jimbot, bopster, Ahmed
4*fidel, Kariboo, Life, wimpee, RAGE2000
3*Mex, remspoor, Life, caos, lungbisket, yeray75
2*bubbarowde, Life, felixxxxx, RAGE2000, mozzie, caos
6*knuffie66, RonnieD, Mex, kill4peace, pincelito, Life
4*bubbarowde, caos, mozzie, Life
*) Rated game

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