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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Karl_XII 1312 2035 1267 8 3954

Game started Pos Game result
6*nuria22, wimpee, Schwitzebo, Druifke, diflsvn, Karl_XII
5*samantha, Vagamundo, jhm, bad, Karl_XII, CONQUISTAD
5*j_k3r, zedavisbac, CONQUISTAD, Pedrolino, Karl_XII, Schwitzebo
6*hamlet1983, lokve222, knuffie66, RedDragon, earthone, Karl_XII
6*amt01, Seraphis, lokve222, goodnight2, MEXICO, Karl_XII
1*Karl_XII, wolt, vrede_nu, Vagamundo, OG1, Schwitzebo
1*Karl_XII, amt01, nuria22, Schwitzebo, Ubbo28, ljubae
3*wooooody, bigTex, Karl_XII, alligator7, Martim, Ax23
6*Tiffany, TomYum, robin, wooooody, laker, Karl_XII
1*Karl_XII, hyrolium, wrecker, aise88, DeKraker, vrede_nu
6*Xplosive, nuria22, passiveguy, Druifke, colzizo, Karl_XII
3*aaerokes, felixxxxx, Karl_XII, Ultionem, CAOS, 99coolbree
6*CAOS, robin, Kariboo, Tiffany, laker, Karl_XII
3*99coolbree, thelarster, Karl_XII, obiwan, lastpost, aise88
4*Flatlands, coolbreeze, Ultionem, Karl_XII, TomYum, pizzagate
1*Karl_XII, robin, Tiffany, DeKraker, laker
1*Karl_XII, diflsvn, Vagamundo, MEXICO, zyxw, laker
2*martim, Karl_XII, laker, robin, Tiffany, pudder
1*Karl_XII, 1fater, kefkiller3, passiveguy, fidel, lokvee
1*Karl_XII, aboulayla, CONQUISTAD, B_O_X_E_R, aise88, adamastor8
2*bigTex, Karl_XII, pudder, MEXICO, adamastor8, aise88
3*hhanger, laker, Karl_XII, trilveen, kefkiller3, adamastor8
4*aboulayla, Schwitzebo, Pedrolino, Karl_XII, Tord1, aise88
3*TomYum, earthone, Karl_XII, thelarster, Schwitzebo, Vagamundo
2*DeKraker, Karl_XII, Schwitzebo, Zmago1, MEXICO, El_pinche_
3*Tord1, earthone, Karl_XII, wimpee, aise88, pizzagate
3*Bassie, pkslim1000, Karl_XII, angelo72, thelarster, aise88
2*coolbreeze, Karl_XII, AA12345, knuffie66, TP_knighty, pkslim1000
1*Karl_XII, OG1, wimpee, coolbreeze, colimori, goodnight2
5*Dominator, martim, TheBlueOx, coolbreeze, Karl_XII
5*caos, wimpee, Nykstukas9, StonedCat, Karl_XII, Dominator
5*colzizo, knuffie66, imaxlevel, jolani, Karl_XII
2*knuffie66, Karl_XII, colzizo, Schwitzebo, Bolo, amt
3*Bolo, edwin, Karl_XII, aboulayla, Zmago1, colzizo
5*vrede_nu, MEXICO, knuffie66, amt, Karl_XII, tattcom
2*MEXICO, Karl_XII, zedavisbac, goodnight2, Pedrolino, colzizo
2*MEXICO, Karl_XII, vrede_nu, tattcom, McChooChoo
4*zedavisbac, aise88, Pedrolino, Karl_XII, andypandy5, El_pinche_
2*Pedrolino, Karl_XII, zedavisbac, aise88, MEXICO, gmoney
2*nuria22, Karl_XII, andypandy5, thelarster, gmoney, russia
2*wrecker, Karl_XII, DeKraker, wimpee, TOAST, Attack
4*alomont12, fidel, Luka2016, Karl_XII, DeKraker, knuffie66
3*knuffie66, TheBlueOx, Karl_XII, TomYum, rist6, vrede_nu
2*thelarster, Karl_XII, Luka2016, Tord1, proust, anthonyngu
1*Karl_XII, Ace0402, Tiffany, laker, adamastor8, robin
3*StonedCat, wooooody, Karl_XII, Dominator, edwin
6*Nykstukas9, kefkiller3, Dominator, AFCA020CBS, zedavisbac, Karl_XII
2*Nykstukas9, Karl_XII, AFCA020CBS, Bulletje83, MARINE66
2*MEXICO, Karl_XII, knuffie66, wolt, aboulayla, adamastor8
2*Victor_G, Karl_XII, knuffie66, Dominator, gmoney, eibmwfanai
4*wooooody, zyxw, pizzagate, Karl_XII, kimjungun, k2
1*Karl_XII, robin, Mister_VWP, Tiffany, laker, pkslim1000
2*nostyle, Karl_XII, aise88, Kosty, Ultionem, anthonyngu
3*DeKraker, Pablo221, Karl_XII, aise88, OG1, anthonyngu
2*Schwitzebo, Karl_XII, Dominator, knuffie66, adamastor8, aise88
4*Dominator, MEXICO, Schwitzebo, Karl_XII, aise88, 99coolbree
5*diflsvn, knuffie66, pizzagate, aise88, Karl_XII, colzizo
5*knuffie66, Emiel2Bot, robin, Schwitzebo, Karl_XII, laker
2*knuffie66, Karl_XII, robin, laker, laverga, Schwitzebo
6*nuria22, dupplo, dirtrider1, Leprechaun, Bolo, Karl_XII
6*nostyle, MARINE66, Druifke, ljubae, nuria22, Karl_XII
1*Karl_XII, nuria22, vrede_nu, pizzagate, dupplo, Oshawhat
1*Karl_XII, nuria22, ljubae, colzizo, gerfop, zedavisbac
3*theflyingd, ljubae, Karl_XII, hamlet1983, dupplo, 99coolbree
5*fokker, Pedrolino, knuffie66, zedavisbac, Karl_XII, newjersey
5*CAOS, coolbreeze, bob_barker, vrede_nu, Karl_XII, anthonyngu
3*pincelito, newjersey, Karl_XII, CAOS, Bulletje83, bob_barker
2*colzizo, Karl_XII, aise88, knuffie66, TH3, pizzagate
2*knuffie66, Karl_XII, vrede_nu, gerfop, BatMan
6*colzizo, vrede_nu, aboulayla, nizzlenar, batian, Karl_XII
5*colzizo, TheBlueOx, ljubae, nuria22, Karl_XII, pizzagate
2*ljubae, Karl_XII, colzizo, DeKraker, nizzlenar, anthonyngu
6*alexde, knuffie66, Tord1, hamlet1983, SGTStone, Karl_XII
2*robin, Karl_XII, Tiffany, laker, pizzagate
5*coolbreeze, vrede_nu, zyxw, nostyle, Karl_XII, colzizo
2*vrede_nu, Karl_XII, gerfop, Schwitzebo, AFCA020CBS, colzizo
3*Bolo, edwin, Karl_XII, Dominator, chingar, AFCA020CBS
1*Karl_XII, kimjungun, Schwitzebo, edwin, Fastrrrrrr, DeKraker
3*aise88, nuria22, Karl_XII, pkslim1000, pizzagate
6*mfd906, DeKraker, TheBlueOx, 2ne1, Karl_XII
3*goodnight1, MEXICO, Karl_XII, colzizo
5*zedavisbac, 1fater, SGTStone, jayplay, Karl_XII
1*Karl_XII, winnerbot2, robin, laker, fidel, Schwitzebo
2*ABSF, Karl_XII, Rosmalen, dw1, yannilena, fidel
1*Karl_XII, pizzagate, MARINE66, Token, handjob
5*wrecker, russia, zyxw, wimpee, Karl_XII, Martins
1 Karl_XII, Moon, nice, hughsy, pizzagate, Token
5*MEXICO, Tiffany, laker, StonedCat, Karl_XII, RalphBot
1*Karl_XII, comeback1, Tiffany, CharIesVlI, danas, laker
1*Karl_XII, colzizo, laverga, gerfop, SoccerDude, hamlet1983
5*nuria22, MEXICO, laker, ww111, Karl_XII, kkaalaas
1*Karl_XII, nuria22, kkaalaas, CharIesVlI, edwin, laker
4 trilveen, edwin, leeuwarden, Karl_XII, kkaalaas, nuria22
1*Karl_XII, angelo72, thelarster, z_z, laverga, CharIesVlI
2*alex, Karl_XII, gerfop, nice, Rosmalen, colzizo
3*pincelito, nice, Karl_XII, Token, mozzie
3*seen, mozzie, Karl_XII, laverga, Token, colzizo
2*Token, Karl_XII, coolbreeze, hughsy, nuria22, Ax23
5*Ax23, knuffie66, Dominator, snowball, Karl_XII, Schwitzebo
6*MEXICO, xxspbyxx, knuffie66, laker, wooooody, Karl_XII
3*Bolo, laverga, Karl_XII, mudbone, nizzlenar, lerner
1*Karl_XII, lerner, laverga, Bolo, Ax23, nizzlenar
5*edwin, DeZoE, doctornono, Ax23, Karl_XII, laker
3*laker, lkpr0624, Karl_XII, colzizo, Dominator, nice
2*AFCA020CBS, Karl_XII, dan, edwin, aboulayla
4*laverga, djart, Dominator, Karl_XII, nightc, hughsy
4*stfu_punk, chingar, Life, Karl_XII, Ultionem, lerner
3*Ax23, Ultionem, Karl_XII, MEXICO, nightc, lerner
2*MEXICO, Karl_XII, athletic77, Flatlands, thelarster, nice
1*Karl_XII, bananabutt, Tnatirri, athletic77, Schwitzebo
2*DeZoE, Karl_XII, AvdB93, doedelpoe, Ax23, Mister_VWP
6*Ultionem, Tnatirri, Schwitzebo, laverga, hughsy, Karl_XII
1*Karl_XII, Ultionem, comodino, MEXICO, bananabutt, batian
3*Tnatirri, zyxw, Karl_XII, Token, laker, colzizo
4*davetrifle, patrick, oom, Karl_XII, gerfop
5*davetrifle, CharIesVIl, Schwitzebo, pizzagate, Karl_XII, CB1925
3*AFCA020CBS, snowball, Karl_XII, MEXICO, resistent, wolt
4*MEXICO, MarekL19, wolt, Karl_XII, Schwitzebo, Gabrielle
1*Karl_XII, alex, IronMan_, gerfop, doctornono
4*CB1925, wimpee, Thomas, Karl_XII, CharIesVIl
1*Karl_XII, Thomas, AvdB93, Schwitzebo, Ax23
4*Thomas, StonedCat, Tnatirri, Karl_XII, diflsvn, hamlet1983
2*knuffie66, Karl_XII, agapanthis, DeZoE, davetrifle, colzizo
1*Karl_XII, davetrifle, KIDWEST, Nicussi
4*CharIesVIl, knuffie66, z_z_z, Karl_XII, sqarygary1, MarekL19
6*HankTheTan, bleedgreen, Reetpel, aaerokes, coolbreeze, Karl_XII
1*Karl_XII, thelarster, Token, AFCA020CBS, amt
5*Tnatirri, Bolo, wooooody, russia, Karl_XII, patrick
1*Karl_XII, patrick, MEXICO, salty_eggs, KENWOOD
3*Schwitzebo, IronMan_, Karl_XII, MEXICO, patrick
1*Karl_XII, BillThemas, Vale46, laverga, davetrifle, HANNIBAL56
1*Karl_XII, davetrifle, chingar, cupafeel
3*KENWOOD, zzz000zzz, Karl_XII, handjob, napoleonmo, Ax23
4*LadyBlond, MEXICO, wolt, Karl_XII, Nicussi
3*Dominator, Schwitzebo, Karl_XII, wooooody, burkemac, colzizo
5*nostyle, sqarygary1, MEXICO, TheBlueOx, Karl_XII, aboulayla
1*Karl_XII, weedmaster, wimpee, comodino, agapanthis, TheBlueOx
2*BillThemas, Karl_XII, davetrifle, HANNIBAL56, wolt
6*nightc, fidel, laverga, caos, katiegirl, Karl_XII
4*brunbj_rn, wimpee, caos, Karl_XII, zzz000zzz, CONQUISTAD
5*MOCKBA, Reetpel, atrox, halte, Karl_XII, SGTStone
4*tyr, MarekL19, bleedgreen, Karl_XII, wimpee, HANNIBAL56
2*mr0, Karl_XII, wimpee, tyr, Morgan420, felixxxxx
3*coolbreeze, mrfreak, Karl_XII, Xpv, caos
*) Rated game

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