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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Junkdeluxe 1467 1671 1317 1 118

Game started Pos Game result
1 Junkdeluxe, Carrah, timbot2, neeBot, Gambit2, Grubex
1 Junkdeluxe, Carrah, FD5, trintest2, comeback2, 2ne1
6*Kosty, MEXICO, taptckk, w3cko, bubbarowde, Junkdeluxe
2*Kosty, Junkdeluxe, thelarster, pizzagate, adamastor8, manyak99
1*Junkdeluxe, DeKraker, Kosty, pizzagate, aldoco
6*MEXICO, wooooody, nuria22, Seraphis, knuffie66, Junkdeluxe
1*Junkdeluxe, plop3223, seen, trilveen, edwin, wimpee
2*edwin, Junkdeluxe, Dr__Fotzen, wolt, wimpee
6*Mex, AngryDwarf, remmetje, kefkiller3, djart, Junkdeluxe
3*CAOS, GBtest3, Junkdeluxe, ww111, Mex, TOAST
2*OB1, Junkdeluxe, Mex, dennis432, jhm, Garibaldi
3*master, PussyWhipt, Junkdeluxe, Rebecca, Rafter, TH3
3*CharIesVIl, robin, Junkdeluxe, laker, TheBlueOx
4*patrick, oom, Dominator, Junkdeluxe, DeZoE
3*Muis1, carla1989, Junkdeluxe, hughsy, nice
5*colzizo, Tnatirri, nuria22, snowball, Junkdeluxe
4*bleedgreen, kimjungun, Schwitzebo, Junkdeluxe, coolbreeze, Oshawhat
3*Oshawhat, coolbreeze, Junkdeluxe, felixxx, bleedgreen
3*kill4peace, wolt, Junkdeluxe, seen, StonedCat, mr0
3*alexde, tentacles, Junkdeluxe, dodraugen, manyak99
3*devill63, Player, Junkdeluxe, tentacles, manyak99, StonedCat
3*Speedy_J, thelarster, Junkdeluxe, rist6, TP_knighty
5*viru, manyak99, Player, thelarster, Junkdeluxe, DUTCHHAT2R
5 Player, TP_knighty, Irma, alexde, Junkdeluxe
5*pincelito, alexde, StonedCat, edwin, Junkdeluxe, Irma
5*gak, tentacles, thelarster, leeuwarden, Junkdeluxe
4*Player, TP_knighty, justden79, Junkdeluxe, manyak99, thelarster
5 TP_knighty, Player, ww111, mr0, Junkdeluxe
2*herte777, Junkdeluxe, Player, gak, TP_knighty
2*herte777, Junkdeluxe, Player, seen, devill63, caos
4*seen, herte777, Player, Junkdeluxe, edwin
6*gak, edwin, plop3223, resistent, herte777, Junkdeluxe
5*GeneralMie, MCXX, djart, nuria22, Junkdeluxe, Reetpel
4*Bolo, beta, MCXX, Junkdeluxe, GeneralMie, nuria22
5*StonedCat, uriahheep, edwin, wolt, Junkdeluxe, Astarte
4*seen, CW19057, Player, Junkdeluxe, griemeldie, Oshawhat
3*Player, edwin, Junkdeluxe, nuria22, Token
5*nuria22, Player, mr0, Junkdeluxe
4*PussyWhipt, Player, AsiaBot, Junkdeluxe, mr0, alfombra
4*anton, seen, Junkdeluxe, dodraugen
2*FatAssFred, Junkdeluxe, sqarygary1, Bolo, bleedgreen, Oshawhat
4*gerfop, Qwertyu123, alexde, Junkdeluxe
5*Economist, anton, megadom, HankTheTan, Junkdeluxe
2*Jennifer, Junkdeluxe, Gabrielle, MarekL19, snowball, dodraugen
2*fidel, Junkdeluxe, caos, kill4peace, kimjungun, RAGE2000
6*MarekL19, Gabrielle, CONQUISTAD, Jennifer, Junkdeluxe
6*sqarygary1, Reetpel, Jefferson, beta, jeffman1, Junkdeluxe
6*kill4peace, PussyWhipt, koolfloss, mr0, 2b, Junkdeluxe
3*jayplay, loppol, Junkdeluxe, 2b, bleedgreen, MARINE66
*) Rated game

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