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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Gwydion 1565 1929 1318 8 1201

Game started Pos Game result
1 Gwydion, wooooody, jhm, hoodlegend
4*nostyle, Rune6ix, laker, Gwydion, earthone
1*Gwydion, adamastor8, usa, OG1, RedShark, yagoboy
4*usa, adamastor8, imaxlevel, Gwydion, waasabi
2*master, Gwydion, xvxvx, knuffie66, QWERT, modominate
1*Gwydion, pudder, xvxvx, MARINE66, yagoboy
3*nostyle, modominate, Gwydion, ginagriffi
3*wallenstei, modominate, Gwydion, EUSEBIO, aise88
3*seen, xvxvx, Gwydion, hoodlegend, ohyeah, CONQUISTAD
3*2ne1, xvxvx, Gwydion, MARINE66, TOAST, TH3
2*xvxvx, Gwydion, 2ne1, OG1, StonedCat
5*diflsvn, Wellington, nuria22, coolbreeze, Gwydion, StonedCat
2*knuffie66, Gwydion, vrede_nu, AFCA020CBS, CAOS, pizzagate
1 Gwydion, CAOS, StonedCat, shahanshah
2*nostyle, Gwydion, murti, Bulletje83, rist6, Zmago1
2*youngblood, Gwydion, dog_farts, Oshawhat, BruceW
4*MADALIST, Wellington, pudder, Gwydion, lerner
2*BruceW, Gwydion, earthone, MARINE66, MCXX, coolbreeze
4*nuria22, Liwwadden, amt, Gwydion
4*thelarster, coolbreeze, OG1, Gwydion, colzizo, bedsoaker
2*FlyinHigh, Gwydion, Kariboo, CAOS, knuffie66, OG1
3*thelarster, earthone, Gwydion, yagoboy, MARINE66
2*coolbreeze, Gwydion, DeKraker, Bolo, OG1, wrecker
1*Gwydion, OG1, Bolo, DeKraker, wrecker
2*laker, Gwydion, RalphBot, robin, mateoculeb
3*diflsvn, wooooody, Gwydion, laker
3*aaja, manyak99, Gwydion, nizzlenar, lerner, whyme
4*BruceW, earthone, PaulKleur, Gwydion, lizurious
1*Gwydion, aise, spirit2012, ginagriffi, MARINE66
1*Gwydion, Schwitzebo, BruceW, earthone
4*earthone, strammamax, Schwitzebo, Gwydion, knuffie66
3*riktoven, robin, Gwydion, RalphBot, lerner, laker
3*BruceW, mfd906, Gwydion, amt, MARINE66
1*Gwydion, coolbreeze, seen, 2ne1, ladyblond
4*nizzlenar, wolt, imaxlevel, Gwydion, pizzagate
2*cobalt60, Gwydion, buenaventu, yagoboy
6*Mex, 2b, 1fater, FreakShow, lungbisket, Gwydion
2*LoneCat, Gwydion, conquista6, whupemwild
1*Gwydion, whupemwild, amt01, nizzlenar, ginagriffi
*) Rated game

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