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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
GolfPro 1318 1605 1208 2 259

Game started Pos Game result
3*Smidesang, Jackstract, GolfPro, caos, hamlet1983
2 seen, GolfPro, snuitkever, pizzagate, colzizo
4*gerfop, aise88, MARINE66, GolfPro, griemeldie
5*CAOS, devill63, goodnight2, RedDragon, GolfPro
3*CAOS, werkeloos, GolfPro, adamastor8
5*aise88, wimpee, ithinkso, vrede_nu, GolfPro, manyak98
2*knuffie66, GolfPro, Druifke, 1fater, aise88
4*loppol, nostyle, vrede_nu, GolfPro, amt01
5*coolbreeze, jhm, bad, gerfop, GolfPro, lokve222
3*REMY, colzizo, GolfPro, jhm, ginagriffi
4*tampeloeru, seen, newjersey, GolfPro, knuffie66
4*xvxvx, w3cko, NineLives9, GolfPro, mozzie
6*1fater, laverga, CAOS, wooooody, beta, GolfPro
2*wooooody, GolfPro, manyak99, beta, adamastor8
6*colzizo, Sebastien, pizzagate, thelarster, 1fater, GolfPro
3*thelarster, Goodman, GolfPro, StonedCat, wimpee
3*adamastor8, Muis1, GolfPro, wooooody, RealSlimDi
5*wimpee, kefkiller3, 1fater, KaiserFran, GolfPro, CAOS
4*ms2dft, goodnight2, pizzagate, GolfPro, snowball
4*NinjaSK, seen, wallenstei, GolfPro
2*wallenstei, GolfPro, wimpee, kingpin, mozzie
4*mozzie, Cind, Steppdaddy, GolfPro, Goodnight1
2*Nykstukas9, GolfPro, vrede_nu, saxbuddy, pincelito
4*nostyle, thelarster, Nykstukas9, GolfPro, vrede_nu
4*j_k3r, pizzagate, KaiserFran, GolfPro, Attack, TOAST
6 nostyle, 1fater, tampeloeru, lokve222, Laar, GolfPro
6*dirtrider1, aise88, lokve222, amt01, adamastor8, GolfPro
1*GolfPro, gerfop, QWERT, Mister_VWP, pincelito
3*stephanie9, wimpee, GolfPro, CAOS, tampeloeru
3 CAOS, stephanie9, GolfPro, bigTex
4*pizzagate, CAOS, TOAST, GolfPro, colzizo
3*pizzagate, wimpee, GolfPro, xvxvx, hamlet1983
5*pudder, wimpee, earthone, ms2dft, GolfPro
4*bad, KaiserFran, 1fater, GolfPro, CAOS
2*KaiserFran, GolfPro, stephanie9, thelarster, OG1
5*lokve222, Steppdaddy, wallenstei, seen, GolfPro
3*Steppdaddy, bad, GolfPro, bonje, wallenstei
2*Rick777, GolfPro, MEXICO, rist6, OG1
2*werkeloos, GolfPro, knuffie66, RedDragon, Vagamundo
5*wallenstei, snowball, pudder, Vagamundo, GolfPro
3*fokker, stephanie9, GolfPro, CONQUISTAD, jhm
3*CONQUISTAD, master, GolfPro, stephanie9, mr0
4*stephanie9, CONQUISTAD, wooooody, GolfPro, TOAST
3*CAOS, wallenstei, GolfPro, Vagamundo, knuffie66
4*xvxvx, wallenstei, mozzie, GolfPro, devill63
2*pizzagate, GolfPro, bubbarowde, Muis1, colzizo
4*gerfop, seen, pequespequ, GolfPro, DeKraker
5*aaerokes, seen, earthone, adamastor8, GolfPro
2*earthone, GolfPro, Vagamundo, Alligator7, AFCA020CBS
1*GolfPro, mr0, Vagamundo, mindyfitz, passiveguy
2*colzizo, GolfPro, earthone, xvxvx, VERHUUR
2*aise88, GolfPro, StonedCat, passiveguy, bubbarowde
4*werkeloos, aise88, ragnarok, GolfPro, tron
1*GolfPro, passiveguy, devill63, mr0, seen, bonje
3*CONQUISTAD, gerfop, GolfPro, MEXICO, thelarster
1*GolfPro, MEXICO, Oshawhat, DeKraker, nandvsarno
6*felixxxxx, gerfop, aise88, goodnight2, 99coolbree, GolfPro
5*manyak99, Dominator, OG1, master, GolfPro
3*caos, mr0, GolfPro, zedavisbac, batian
5*andypandy5, caos, OG1, gerfop, GolfPro
2*Vagamundo, GolfPro, knuffie66, jhm, aise88
2*Cool_Cat, GolfPro, JFK, aise88, thelarster
5*adamastor8, pkslim1000, Attack, Xplosive, GolfPro
5*andypandy5, Cool_Cat, aise88, obiwan, GolfPro, Attack
1*GolfPro, andypandy5, El_pinche_, Cool_Cat, bigTex, OG1
2*aise88, GolfPro, Schwitzebo, pizzagate, Cool_Cat, andypandy5
2*aise88, GolfPro, andypandy5, Schwitzebo, earthone
2 andypandy5, GolfPro, knuffie66, colzizo, El_pinche_
3*newjersey, xvxvx, GolfPro, vrede_nu, dupplo
2*StonedCat, GolfPro, wimpee, andypandy5, AFCA020CBS
6*El_pinche_, thelarster, Goodman, OG1, MARINE66, GolfPro
3*Schwitzebo, russia, GolfPro, manyak99, TP_knighty
3*aise88, jolani, GolfPro, russia, gmoney
2*MEXICO, GolfPro, thelarster, Oshawhat, wolt
2*obiwan, GolfPro, hamlet1983, Attack, TOAST
4*stephanie9, nuria22, OG1, GolfPro, aboulayla
4*gerfop, toast, TP_knighty, GolfPro, wooooody
4*rake, DianaT, eibmwfanai, GolfPro, uzaktansin
3*knuffie66, nostyle, GolfPro, rake, alomont12
3*nostyle, mozzie, GolfPro, Alomont12, Bulletje83, wolt
4*colzizo, wimpee, adamastor8, GolfPro, pizzagate
5*stephanie9, thelarster, caos, StonedCat, GolfPro
3*thelarster, Zmago1, GolfPro, caos
2*''Sjaak, GolfPro, colzizo, CAOS, StonedCat, plop3223
5*OG1, xvxvx, bonje, Schwitzebo, GolfPro, Muis1
2*Ultionem, GolfPro, adamastor8, knuffie66, hamlet1983, bonje
4*wimpee, knuffie66, MARINE66, GolfPro, CAOS
3*Dominator, Bulletje83, GolfPro, cancan, dgs
3*rist6, remmetje, GolfPro, AirBiscuit, Mex, gmoney
2 murti, GolfPro, Schwitzebo, CAOS, modominate
2*OG1, GolfPro, devill63, ljubae, TOAST
1*GolfPro, aboulayla, thelarster, zedavisbac, adamastor8, Oshawhat
3*wimpee, edwin, GolfPro, pizzagate, atreyu, CAOS
6*wimpee, CAOS, eibmwfanai, edwin, knuffie66, GolfPro
1*GolfPro, G55, MEXICO, dodes59, petrinnit
1*GolfPro, nostyle, alex, aise88, Schwitzebo
3*OG1, wimpee, GolfPro, eibmwfanai, aise88
4*eibmwfanai, pizzagate, pudder, GolfPro, wimpee
1*GolfPro, DianaT, theflyingd, ww111, Stevenaars
6*kefkiller3, e_gull, gmoney, pequespequ, eibmwfanai, GolfPro
3*knuffie66, gmoney, GolfPro, leeuwarden, newjersey
3*Druifke, x2k5, GolfPro, eibmwfanai, pkslim1000
3*devill63, eibmwfanai, GolfPro, nostyle, OG1
2*hyrolium, GolfPro, x2k5, Oshawhat, gmoney
4*tron, DianaT, murti, GolfPro, pizzagate
5*colzizo, knuffie66, TNATIRRI, eibmwfanai, GolfPro, x2k5
5*fidel, aise88, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, GolfPro, earthone
3*aise88, AFCA020CBS, GolfPro, hamlet1983, obiwan
3*aise88, AFCA020CBS, GolfPro, eibmwfanai, adamastor8
4*fokker, ljubae, thelarster, GolfPro, 2ne1
5*usa, remspoor, rembot, Mex, GolfPro, amt
3*dupplo, JAHSHAKA, GolfPro, Muis1, pizzagate
1*GolfPro, Goodman, Schwitzebo, thelarster, pudder
1*GolfPro, MEXICO, DeKraker, Oshawhat
3*devill63, pizzagate, GolfPro, TP_knighty, Goodman, aise88
4 pizzagate, OG1, TP_knighty, GolfPro, 1fater
2 OG1, GolfPro, MARINE66, Goodman, rist6
2*colzizo, GolfPro, GREGLH02, zedavisbac, 2ne1, anthonyngu
2*Zmago1, GolfPro, CAOS, gerfop, colzizo, Oshawhat
4*knuffie66, AA12345, ww111, GolfPro, Mex, gak
5*Bulletje83, fidel, nostyle, the_dude, GolfPro
5*Mex, Bolo, nuria22, AirBiscuit, GolfPro, pizzagate
1*GolfPro, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, nuria22, fidel
2*Dominator, GolfPro, 2b, alex, zedavisbac
3*TP_knighty, manyak99, GolfPro, MARINE66, fidel
5*wooooody, colzizo, BruceW, hyrolium, GolfPro
4*hughsy, aise88, thelarster, GolfPro, 2b, wrecker
6*Viet_Cong, remmetje, Mex, remspoor, amt, GolfPro
5*Mex, aise88, thelarster, amt, GolfPro
6*OG1, Rehoboam, MARINE66, aise88, beta, GolfPro
2*nostyle, GolfPro, moon, apss1, aise88
1*GolfPro, knuffie66, T_l1b_n, caos
3*T_l1b_n, FatAssFred, GolfPro, CAOS, Aise88
5*Aise88, FatAssFred, CAOS, Plasmaboy1, GolfPro
3*CAOS, Steppdaddy, GolfPro, thelarster, knuffie66
2*alexde, GolfPro, stfu_punk, edwin, xvxvx
2*modominate, GolfPro, MARINE66, hazelife
1*GolfPro, CAOS, bedsoaker, leeuwarden, knuffie66
1*GolfPro, 2ne1, Dominator, hamlet1983, mfd906
4*loppol, wolt, pizzagate, GolfPro, knuffie66
3*Romeo123, CAOS, GolfPro, colzizo, bounce-b
4 BruceW, colzizo, rist6, GolfPro
4*Dominator, G55, Muis1, GolfPro, Ax23
1 GolfPro, xvxvx, Morice, Muis1
6*pizzagate, BruceW, nice, DeKraker, GolfPro
2*Dominator, GolfPro, alex, CAOS, pincelito, aboulayla
3*mozzie, AFCA020CBS, GolfPro, MARINE66, Kariboo, rist6
3*newjersey, gerfop, GolfPro, CAOS, Dominator, jolani
6*OG1, earthone, Romeo123, ljubae, mozzie, GolfPro
2*wrecker, GolfPro, nice, BruceW, laverga
1*GolfPro, OG1, kefkiller3, pincelito, -Player-1-
5*knuffie66, burkemac, colzizo, OG1, GolfPro
6*pincelito, OG1, StonedCat, batian, GolfPro
5*nuria22, pizzagate, Aise88, CharIesVlI, GolfPro
1*GolfPro, handjob, Aise88, OG1, andy11, goodnight1
6*colzizo, xvxvx, Schwitzebo, gerfop, kefkiller3, GolfPro
3*CharIesVlI, Bolo, GolfPro, Aise88, OG1
2*USA, GolfPro, gerfop, leeuwarden, knuffie66
6*colzizo, OG1, knuffie66, gerfop, hamlet1983, GolfPro
1*GolfPro, Ladyblond, colzizo, knuffie66, gerfop
6*Rodneyking, earthone, manyak99, hamlet1983, ms2dft, GolfPro
4*wizkid, nbk, ms2dft, GolfPro
2*MARINE66, GolfPro, amt, Romeo123, OG1, burkemac
6*pizzagate, Schwitzebo, AirBiscuit, FlyinHigh, mozzie, GolfPro
2*murti, GolfPro, joe01599, knuffie66, Aise88
5*kefkiller3, knuffie66, fidel, wimpee, GolfPro, CharIesVIl
1*GolfPro, fidel, knuffie66, blaine2370, hamlet1983
3*blaine2370, devill63, GolfPro, wimpee, Romeo123
4*Romeo123, knuffie66, mozzie, GolfPro, TP_knighty, handjob
5*gerfop, fidel, Ladyblond, Bolo, GolfPro
4*devill63, MARINE66, newjersey, GolfPro, cancan, ABSF
5*beta, wooooody, nice, colzizo, GolfPro, TP_knighty
3*alexde, killerbas, GolfPro, pudder
4*wrecker, LONDEHUL, aboulayla, GolfPro, -Player-1-
3*manyak99, plop3223, GolfPro, OG1, MARINE66
1*GolfPro, Dominator, dougbotha, Stevenaars, LoneCat
3*xvxvx, nizzlenar, GolfPro, wimpee, pizzagate
2*xvxvx, GolfPro, murti, Schwitzebo, StonedCat
2*Schwitzebo, GolfPro, batian, TheBlueOx, lerner
2*knuffie66, GolfPro, AFCA020CBS, MARINE66, batian
3*wolt, pudder, GolfPro, MARINE66, pizzagate
4*nice, knuffie66, pizzagate, GolfPro, wimpee
4*FlyinHigh, knuffie66, wimpee, GolfPro, StonedCat
4*mfd906, newjersey, seen, GolfPro, pincelito
5*OG1, AFCA020CBS, Nicussi, Pasqanel, GolfPro
3*earthone, Pasqanel, GolfPro, seen, BATIAN
2*werkeloos, GolfPro, seen, Nicussi, Bismarck51
4*wimpee, uriahheep, zedavisbac, GolfPro, doctornono
2*pizzagate, GolfPro, felixxxxx, uriahheep, IWGYB
2*gerfop, GolfPro, bedsoaker, danas, Dominator
5*Ax23, colzizo, Erythraea, seen, GolfPro
4*moon, wimpee, knuffie66, GolfPro, murti, batian
3*alexde, jantinus, GolfPro, mozzie
3*MEXICO, CB1925, GolfPro, waasabi, bedsoaker, colzizo
2*chingar, GolfPro, MARINE66, gerfop, hughsy
6*pincelito, colzizo, Erythraea, waasabi, hamlet1983, GolfPro
2*wrecker, GolfPro, batian, ms2dft, wimpee, Romeo123
3*alexde, wimpee, GolfPro, BruceW, alex
2*nuria22, GolfPro, DeKraker, MEXICO, colzizo
6*kartan, CharIesVlI, -Player-1-, knuffie66, wimpee, GolfPro
2*bedsoaker, GolfPro, bpoppin, Erythraea, nuria22
2*Thomas, GolfPro, Erythraea, Dominator, MEXICO
1*GolfPro, CharIesVlI, Erythraea, nice, colzizo
2*werkeloos, GolfPro, Romeo123, PoohBear2, Denobr, napoleonmo
6*felixxxxx, Rosmalen, MEXICO, ladyblond, colzizo, GolfPro
5*Ax23, 2b, Erythraea, AvdB93, GolfPro, Marije1991
6*AvdB93, gigantje, Ultionem, Marije1991, Nummer02, GolfPro
5*alex, Ultionem, ABSF, StonedCat, GolfPro
6*wooooody, DeKraker, CB1925, Stevenaars, Ax23, GolfPro
1*GolfPro, megadom, agapanthis, Schwitzebo, snowball
4*megadom, agapanthis, manyak99, GolfPro, Dominator
2*Bolo, GolfPro, Schwitzebo, thelarster, ginagriffi
5*Strammamax, AFCA020CBS, MARINE66, pizzagate, GolfPro
5*ginagriffi, lerner, MEXICO, bananabutt, GolfPro
5*CharIesVIl, Domblondje, Erythraea, nuria22, GolfPro, bananabutt
2*CharIesVIl, GolfPro, nizzlenar, Schwitzebo, burkemac
6*Dominator, xvxvx, ABSF, -Player-1-, griemeldie, GolfPro
3*nice, xvxvx, GolfPro, dog_farts, wolt, xxspbyxx
4*G5, Schwitzebo, knuffie66, GolfPro, wolt, TP_knighty
3*CharIesVIl, Marije1991, GolfPro, knuffie66, AvdB93
3*Ax23, mozzie, GolfPro, Edwards7, bedsoaker
3*stfu_punk, nuria22, GolfPro, Dominator, chingar, snowball
3*CharIesVIl, Ultionem, GolfPro, Ax23, waasabi
5*gerfop, edwin, Erythraea, waasabi, GolfPro
4*Erythraea, edwin, Dominator, GolfPro, waasabi
3*gerfop, alex, GolfPro, waasabi, Edwards7
2*waasabi, GolfPro, Bobthomas1, wooooody, domblondje
6*domblondje, hamlet1983, waasabi, BATIAN, laverga, GolfPro
2*werkeloos, GolfPro, AvdB93, crimsonw, batian
4*Ax23, Thomas, Dominator, GolfPro, davetrifle
1*GolfPro, Ax23, alexde, Rubberduck, crimsonw
3*colzizo, wolt, GolfPro, CharIesVIl, Ax23, Muis1
3*gerfop, Nicussi, GolfPro, mozzie, weedmaster
6*herte777, G5, Vale46, wimpee, colzizo, GolfPro
1*GolfPro, Schwitzebo, wolt, amt, wimpee
1*GolfPro, 2b, Edwards7, wimpee, wolt
4*BruceW, Ax23, Player, GolfPro, manyak99, wimpee
2*Ax23, GolfPro, Player, seen, batian
5*agapanthis, Player, batian, Ax23, GolfPro, xxspbyxx
6*Lady_kick, diflsvn, Player, nightc, hamlet1983, GolfPro
6*Player, Dominator, atrox, weedmaster, burkemac, GolfPro
5*wimpee, Blumpkin, HANNIBAL56, TheCatalan, GolfPro
4*wimpee, TheCatalan, lady_kick, GolfPro
2*G5, GolfPro, mozzie, diflsvn, wimpee
3*seen, Player, GolfPro, devill63, Moon
2*Moon, GolfPro, G5, wolt, StonedCat
2*xvxvx, GolfPro, uriahheep, Love-to-ki, felixxxxx
1*GolfPro, sqarygary1, pequespequ, samantha, wimpee
4*carla1989, seen, Player, GolfPro, bananabutt
2*xvxvx, GolfPro, DeKraker, colzizo, handjob
2*Player, GolfPro, lkpr0624, nuria22, carla1989
3*bananabutt, seen, GolfPro, penny1958, carla1989
5*devill63, seen, cordyceps, ginagriffi, GolfPro
4*wooooody, D3NB0SCH, carla1989, GolfPro
5*gerfop, wimpee, alexde, wooooody, GolfPro
6*_Chronos, carla1989, MEXICO, blasherke, snowball, GolfPro
6*nostyle, CB1925, uriahheep, bananabutt, Flatlands, GolfPro
6*ms2dft, Economist, comodino, GetALife, Schwitzebo, GolfPro
2*pincelito, GolfPro, Blumpkin, diflsvn, ms2dft
6*xvxvx, Warmonger, km_n, carla1989, batian, GolfPro
1*GolfPro, batian, km_n, carla1989, manyak99
1*GolfPro, napoleonmo, StonedCat, manyak99
2*wolt, GolfPro, carla1989, batian, earthone
3*bananabutt, manyak99, GolfPro, Economist, Dominator
5*Rubberduck, Edwards7, Tnatirri, batian, GolfPro
2*Tnatirri, GolfPro, thelarster, hamlet1983, pincelito
1*GolfPro, manyak99, gerfop, katiegirl, seen
1*GolfPro, manyak99, wooooody, colzizo, hamlet1983
*) Rated game

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