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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
bobthomas1 1583 1768 1363 2 862

Game started Pos Game result
2*seen, Bobthomas1, stfu_punk, Ultionem, Dominator, bedsoaker
2*gerfop, Bobthomas1, hughsy, lkpr0624, laverga, samuel
3*domblondje, MEXICO, Bobthomas1, batian, Marije1991
3*Thomas, domblondje, Bobthomas1, Vaidazz666, wooooody, AvdB93
3*waasabi, GolfPro, Bobthomas1, wooooody, domblondje
2*batian, Bobthomas1, pudder, nostyle, StonedCat, MEXICO
4*Nicussi, Schwitzebo, IronMan_, Bobthomas1, hamlet1983
5*KENWOOD, ms2dft, agapanthis, TP_knighty, Bobthomas1, kill4peace
4*sammy, CW19057, caos, Bobthomas1, whupemwild, MCXX
4*kill4peace, koolfloss, Amerikaan, Bobthomas1, dozer911, babaloo
*) Rated game

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