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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
BillThemas 1339 1608 1205 1 218

Game started Pos Game result
6*angelo72, Schwitzebo, loppol, Attack, anthonyngu, BillThemas
3*CharIesVIl, HANNIBAL56, BillThemas, bananabutt, thelarster
6*KENWOOD, wolt, MARINE66, dan, jeffman1, BillThemas
3*thelarster, lkpr0624, BillThemas, MEXICO, pizzagate, nice
5*CB1925, Reetpel, CharIesVIl, Ax23, BillThemas
2*cupafeel, BillThemas, salty_eggs, laverga, hughsy, pudder
2*Karl_XII, BillThemas, Vale46, laverga, davetrifle, HANNIBAL56
2*Vale46, BillThemas, batian, salty_eggs, mfd906, handjob
3*nuria22, pudder, BillThemas, zyxw, snowball, wolt
2*wimpee, BillThemas, amt, nuria22
2*Reetpel, BillThemas, pizzagate, nuria22, mfd906, 2ne1
6*MarekL19, imaxlevel, hughsy, 2ne1, nuria22, BillThemas
4*nuria22, wimpee, bleedgreen, BillThemas, amt
5 davetrifle, modominate, colzizo, wolt, BillThemas
1*BillThemas, Karl_XII, davetrifle, HANNIBAL56, wolt
4*modominate, CharIesVIl, burkemac, BillThemas, thelarster
1*BillThemas, hughsy, Schwitzebo, nuria22, agapanthis, wimpee
4*Reetpel, imaxlevel, texastitan, BillThemas, snowball
5*Schwitzebo, hughsy, bananabutt, wimpee, BillThemas
5*texastitan, Reetpel, TheBlueOx, CharIesVIl, BillThemas
1*BillThemas, Schwitzebo, imaxlevel, amt, MEXICO, Blumpkin
1*BillThemas, diflsvn, wimpee, 2ne1, wolt
3*nuria22, Reetpel, BillThemas, colzizo
4*nuria22, colzizo, manyak99, BillThemas, Reetpel
4*wimpee, hyrolium, cobalt60, BillThemas, conquista6, bleedgreen
2*bleedgreen, BillThemas, cobalt60, Slave5
1*BillThemas, wimpee, Reetpel, bleedgreen
4*cordyceps, bleedgreen, Reetpel, BillThemas
5*coolbreeze, Reetpel, modominate, earthone, BillThemas
6*wolt, Reetpel, TheBlueOx, CB1925, nice, BillThemas
1*BillThemas, felixxxxx, bleedgreen, StonedCat, wooooody, handjob
3*knuffie66, TheBlueOx, BillThemas, Blumpkin, patrick, manyak99
5*Blumpkin, knuffie66, patrick, TheBlueOx, BillThemas
2*nuria22, BillThemas, diflsvn, CONQUISTAD
3*nuria22, Reetpel, BillThemas, bananabutt, DeKraker
3*Blumpkin, wimpee, BillThemas, snowball
4*CharIesVIl, Bolo, G5, BillThemas, ginagriffi
2*snowball, BillThemas, _Chronos, coolbreeze, Reetpel
6*cordyceps, Blumpkin, diflsvn, Economist, Reetpel, BillThemas
6*wimpee, felixxxxx, knuffie66, TheBlueOx, Economist, BillThemas
1*BillThemas, bleedgreen, _Chronos, snowball, earthone, cancan
4*bananabutt, nuria22, amt01, BillThemas, bleedgreen
3 Tnatirri, 2b, BillThemas, amt01
4*Tnatirri, pizzagate, pudder, BillThemas, Bomber, sqarygary1
3*wimpee, katiegirl, BillThemas, handjob, colzizo, Tnatirri
2*pussie, BillThemas, hm19150, nuria22, colzizo
3*nuria22, colzizo, BillThemas, chingar, Tnatirri
1*BillThemas, oom, wooooody, modominate, Dominator
3*Dominator, amt01, BillThemas, blasherke, wooooody
4*CharIesVll, hm19150, TheBlueOx, BillThemas, manyak99, Dominator
4*nuria22, Reetpel, StonedCat, BillThemas
2*Reetpel, BillThemas, manyak99, sqarygary1, oom
6*modominate, Reetpel, Token, KENWOOD, 2ne1, BillThemas
4*Token, Flatlands, wooooody, BillThemas, wolt
4*Reetpel, nuria22, diflsvn, BillThemas
3*2ne1, earthone, BillThemas, imaxlevel, coger
2*bleedgreen, BillThemas, wolt, Reetpel, pizzagate
3*casavus, GeneralMie, BillThemas, amt01, Reetpel
3*Reetpel, imaxlevel, BillThemas, cobalt60, MARINE66, bleedgreen
6*modominate, cobalt60, imaxlevel, Reetpel, pizzagate, BillThemas
5*coolbreeze, HankTheTan, oom, casavus, BillThemas, Oshawhat
2*mr0, BillThemas, casavus, wimpee, plop3223, CW19057
2*Reetpel, BillThemas, nuria22, coolbreeze, imaxlevel, napoleonmo
6*nuria22, Xpv, imaxlevel, HankTheTan, Reetpel, BillThemas
5*RAGE2000, imaxlevel, snowball, MARINE66, BillThemas, thelarster
4 Oshawhat, diflsvn, Reetpel, BillThemas, wimpee
6*amt01, HankTheTan, 2b, bleedgreen, Oshawhat, BillThemas
5*KENWOOD, nuria22, FatAssFred, oom, BillThemas, handjob
3*MEXICO, HankTheTan, BillThemas, Reetpel, Oshawhat, Schwitzebo
6*LoneCat, balls, HankTheTan, Reetpel, beta, BillThemas
3*sqarygary1, cobalt60, BillThemas, FatAssFred
6*2ne1, bubbarowde, coolbreeze, kartan, bleedgreen, BillThemas
4*nuria22, imaxlevel, cobalt60, BillThemas, bleedgreen
6*MarekL19, colimori, Token, KingVegeta, rukhy, BillThemas
5*modominate, sqarygary1, Token, Reetpel, BillThemas
1*BillThemas, MARINE66, MEXICO, colimori, beta, modominate
6*CharIesVll, Reetpel, Oshawhat, Vagamundo, modominate, BillThemas
3*oom, Tentacles, BillThemas, MCXX, modominate, Xplosive
5*Token, KENWOOD, fiddleed65, Tentacles, BillThemas, bleedgreen
2*Oshawhat, BillThemas, MCXX, 2b, bleedgreen
4*clangunn, nuria22, FatAssFred, BillThemas
1*BillThemas, MARINE66, FatAssFred, Morgan420, bleedgreen, caos
4*wimpee, anton, tyr, BillThemas, korat99, my7777
2*lrigdrat, BillThemas, coolbreeze, HankTheTan, Tentacles, MARINE66
2*knuffie66, BillThemas, blasherke, Tentacles, lrigdrat, korat99
6*colzizo, wimpee, MEXICO, Tentacles, vrede_nu, BillThemas
5*anton, nightc, SunTzu8850, earthone, BillThemas
6*koolfloss, HankTheTan, vrede_nu, Toffay, TheBlueOx, BillThemas
1*BillThemas, fiddleed65, MARINE66, Oshawhat, snowball, thelarster
4*wimpee, modominate, dog_farts, BillThemas, Oshawhat, nuria22
5*snowball, Schwitzebo, fiddleed65, coolbreeze, BillThemas
5*HankTheTan, weedmaster, Xpv, SunTzu8850, BillThemas, gerfop
3*fiddleed65, sammy, BillThemas, pequespequ, coolbreeze, zyxw
2*sqarygary1, BillThemas, Reetpel, thege0rge, PoohBear2, colzizo
2*beta, BillThemas, KingVegeta, sqarygary1, colzizo
5 beta, Gabrielle, Jacinda, MarekL19, BillThemas, KingVegeta
6*nuria22, Oshawhat, fidel, wimpee, modominate, BillThemas
6*cobalt60, buenaventu, MEXICO, sqarygary1, TheBlueOx, BillThemas
5*wooooody, Morgan420, bleedgreen, clangunn, BillThemas, amt01
6*clangunn, thelarster, coolbreeze, Oshawhat, bleedgreen, BillThemas
5*nuria22, MADALIST, fidel, HankTheTan, BillThemas, CW19057
2*sqarygary1, BillThemas, _Chronos, MARINE66, babaloo, Reetpel
2*pudder, BillThemas, conquista6, rist6, bleedgreen, KENWOOD
6*my7777, coolbreeze, sammy, _Chronos, bleedgreen, BillThemas
6*coger, alexde, CW19057, MARINE66, samerzod, BillThemas
3*nuria22, MEXICO, BillThemas, 2ne1, B_O_X_E_R, colzizo
5*Reetpel, wimpee, fiddleed65, bounce-b, BillThemas, sqarygary1
6*coolbreeze, coger, MARINE66, HankTheTan, KingVegeta, BillThemas
5*RAGE2000, kimjungun, nuria22, hoodlegend, BillThemas
3*hyrolium, BillThemas, sqarygary1, CONQUISTAD, fiddleed65
5*bounce-b, KingVegeta, mrfreak, COGER, BillThemas, modominate
6*samantha, CONQUISTAD, Goodnight1, modominate, KingVegeta, BillThemas
2*mrfreak, BillThemas, Reetpel, pizzagate, MEXICO, Schwitzebo
2*mrfreak, BillThemas, Reetpel, MEXICO, StonedCat
6*sqarygary1, djart, bananabutt, earthone, TheBlueOx, BillThemas
1*BillThemas, MARINE66, wooooody, snot, sander1989, wimpee
4*fiddleed65, KingVegeta, sander1989, BillThemas, dennis432
4*sqarygary1, bounce-b, kill4peace, BillThemas, CharIesVll, Morgan420
3*clangunn, MARINE66, BillThemas, rodent
2*clangunn, BillThemas, koolfloss, fiddleed65
3*clangunn, thelarster, BillThemas, LordFriezA
2*fiddleed65, BillThemas, Reetpel, LordFriezA, wimpee
2*umamoti, BillThemas, uwilldie85, madness, pequespequ, pizzagate
6*pizzagate, sqarygary1, colimori, RAGE2000, BrainElf, BillThemas
4 MARINE66, Reetpel, jeffman1, BillThemas
6*sqarygary1, JanSobiesk, MARINE66, bleedgreen, nuria22, BillThemas
4*Sunsh1ne, sqarygary1, Xpv, BillThemas, laverga, bounce-b
6*JanSobiesk, HoDown, nuria22, DeKraker, Sunsh1ne, BillThemas
5*nuria22, cobalt60, bleedgreen, mrfreak, BillThemas, modominate
5*mudmonkey, remspoor, RonnieD, rehoboam, BillThemas, nuria22
3*pincelito, vrede_nu, BillThemas, caos, bounce-b, bleedgreen
6*capersw, Reetpel, Flatlands, bounce-b, my7777, BillThemas
4*wimpee, wooooody, MEXICO, BillThemas, Xpv, goodnight1
1*BillThemas, wooooody, HANNIBAL56, DeKraker, colzizo
2*pudder, BillThemas, my7777, KENWOOD, RAGE2000, stephanie9
3*kwicki, aboulayla, BillThemas, hyrolium, MEXICO
2*DeKraker, BillThemas, Flatlands, Vagammundo
2*sqarygary1, BillThemas, pizzagate, Tentacles, capersw, bounce-b
*) Rated game

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