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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Attack 1331 1612 1255 1 154

Game started Pos Game result
5*j_k3r, pizzagate, KaiserFran, GolfPro, Attack, TOAST
5*Ultionem, passiveguy, beta, thelarster, Attack, wimpee
5*laker, robin, Tiffany, MEXICO, Attack, Oshawhat
2*Vagamundo, Attack, xvxvx, domblondje, goodnight2, Flatlands
3*caos, zedavisbac, Attack, pkslim1000, goodnight2, aise88
6*Vagamundo, fidel, hamlet1983, pkslim1000, aise88, Attack
4*aise88, andypandy5, griemeldie, Attack, caos
3*CAOS, Dominator, Attack, jhm, werkeloos, stephanie9
3*Vagamundo, Dominator, Attack, jhm, Wellington
3*adamastor8, pkslim1000, Attack, Xplosive, GolfPro
3*obiwan, xvxvx, Attack, adamastor8, Xplosive, shahanshah
6*andypandy5, Cool_Cat, aise88, obiwan, GolfPro, Attack
3*Tord1, obiwan, Attack, aise88, Xplosive
2*amt, Attack, Lorbe, pkslim1000, adamastor8
2*pkslim1000, Attack, mtngator3, amt, manyak99
4*Mex, jhm, TP_knighty, Attack, comodino, CAOS
6*wrecker, Karl_XII, DeKraker, wimpee, TOAST, Attack
4*obiwan, GolfPro, hamlet1983, Attack, TOAST
5*earthone, anthonyngu, Muis1, Erythraea, Attack, Liwwadden
2*edwin, Attack, Schwitzebo, Fastrrrrrr, tyr, pkslim1000
5*nostyle, aise88, AFCA020CBS, mozzie, Attack, Bott
5*iqtidar, diflsvn, nizzlenar, 2ne1, Attack, modominate
4*Liwwadden, earthone, MARINE66, Attack, russia, CAOS
2*CAOS, Attack, GREGLH02, zedavisbac
4*CAOS, Schwitzebo, Romeo123, Attack
1*Attack, Schwitzebo, thelarster, modominate, IWGYB
5*WTati, imaxlevel, Aise88, _2ndplacer, Attack
2*zumzumzum, Attack, Aise88, devill63
2*wrecker, Attack, bonje, knuffie66, wolt
6*anthonyngu, nostyle, colzizo, Stevenaars, CAOS, Attack
4*loppol, Stevenaars, anthonyngu, Attack, martim, Bismarck51
4*angelo72, Schwitzebo, loppol, Attack, anthonyngu, BillThemas
2*samantha, Attack, Schwitzebo, alex, B_O_X_E_R, mozzie
5 TP_knighty, xvxvx, devill63, wolt, Attack, pizzagate
2*imaxlevel, Attack, MARINE66, bonje, colzizo
*) Rated game

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