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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Aise88 1256 1705 1192 3 659

Game started Pos Game result
4*RedDragon, adamastor8, seen, aise88, xvxvx
6*Vliegende_, earthone, w3cko, nostyle, wimpee, aise88
5*Smidesang, xvxvx, w3cko, nostyle, aise88
6*seen, MEXICO, vrede_nu, snuitkever, gerfop, aise88
2*gerfop, aise88, MARINE66, GolfPro, griemeldie
4*Seraphis, seen, vrede_nu, aise88, RedDragon, gerfop
2*Seraphis, aise88, seen, goodnight2, colzizo
5*felixxxxx, KaiserFran, BatMan, StonedCat, aise88
6*manyak99, max69, bestturk, DDLLOOPP, alex, aise88
6*devill63, ljubae, colzizo, MARINE66, manyak99, aise88
5*zzz000zzz, bananabutt, newjersey, amt01, aise88
5*nuria22, nostyle, vrede_nu, ljubae, aise88, asdargrth
3*nuria22, Apfelbaumz, aise88, Mex, manyak98, Smidesang
1*aise88, Smidesang, vrede_nu, nuria22, manyak98, pudder
1*aise88, wimpee, ithinkso, vrede_nu, GolfPro, manyak98
5*xvxvx, Bedsoaker, seen, wimpee, aise88, stephanie9
5*knuffie66, GolfPro, Druifke, 1fater, aise88
6*rist6, Laar, griemeldie, wimpee, manyak98, aise88
6*Mister_VWP, pincelito, Victor_G, Morgan420, 1fater, aise88
2*pincelito, aise88, 1fater, Mister_VWP, thelarster, Ax23
3*Ax23, 1fater, aise88, wooooody, pizzagate, adamastor8
1*aise88, tron, TheBlueOx, nostyle, Smidesang
5*Mister_VWP, TheBlueOx, Smidesang, manyak98, aise88, nostyle
4*caos, pincelito, jhm, aise88, nostyle
3*caos, beppe1960, aise88, newjersey, manyak98
2*manyak98, aise88, Bedsoaker, caos, modominate
1*aise88, modominate, edwin, vrede_nu, wimpee
5*edwin, dodraugen, mozzie, alexde, aise88
5*vrede_nu, gerfop, groot, wimpee, aise88, nostyle
2*nostyle, aise88, vrede_nu, Pedrolino, aldoco
5*colzizo, Schwitzebo, lokve222, DeKraker, aise88, vrede_nu
2*nuria22, aise88, vrede_nu, army5, newjersey, w3cko
1*aise88, ww123, felixxxxx, nuria22, ww111, vrede_nu
3*nuria22, adamastor8, aise88, wimpee, saxbuddy, vrede_nu
1*aise88, adamastor8, RedDragon, DeKraker, w3cko, wimpee
4*DeKraker, w3cko, plop3223, aise88, HOTROCKS, CuteAmy
1*aise88, plop3223, w3cko, Schwitzebo, snpcelik, taptckk
4*zot, ragnarok, CuteAmy, aise88, thelarster
1*aise88, aaja, CuteAmy, KaiserFran, kefkiller3, nostyle
6*tron, caos, j_k3r, gerfop, knuffie66, aise88
6*TH3, Mex, 2ne1, rembot, usa, aise88
2*Bolo, aise88, imaxlevel, MARINE66, hyrolium, MADALIST
5*B_O_X_E_R, thelarster, Heino, imaxlevel, aise88
6*wooooody, mr0, Ultionem, nuria22, lokve222, aise88
5*wooooody, nuria22, pizzagate, lokve222, aise88, adamastor8
3*nuria22, ljubae, aise88, wooooody, CAOS, pizzagate
6*TNATIRRI, Druifke, DeKraker, lokve222, nostyle, aise88
6*RedDragon, HANNIBAL56, thelarster, ljubae, tampeloeru, aise88
4*B_O_X_E_R, Heino, ljubae, aise88, thelarster, TOAST
6*Mex, CAOS, pizzagate, nostyle, jhm, aise88
4*seen, Kosty, MARINE66, aise88, Seraphis, martim
2*gerfop, aise88, wooooody, Mex, wimpee, jhm
6*MADALIST, pizzagate, HOTROCKS, rickxd, JoShmo, aise88
2*dirtrider1, aise88, lokve222, amt01, adamastor8, GolfPro
6*OG1, 02, xvxvx, lokve222, QWERT, aise88
5*pudder, wooooody, QWERT, aboulayla, aise88
5*dirtrider1, MEXICO, gerfop, amt01, aise88, QWERT
4*xvxvx, stephanie9, earthone, aise88, lokve222
6*Vliegende_, CAOS, wolt, master, earthone, aise88
5*jhm, HANNIBAL56, Mex, pizzagate, aise88, Vliegende_
5*wallenstei, modominate, Gwydion, EUSEBIO, aise88
4*stephanie9, adamastor8, CONQUISTAD, aise88, EUSEBIO
2*adamastor8, aise88, CONQUISTAD, asdargrth, EUSEBIO
1*aise88, wallenstei, EUSEBIO, CONQUISTAD, adamastor8
1*aise88, Tiffany, robin, laker, nuria22, wimpee
5*aboulayla, OG1, MEXICO, wallenstei, aise88, nuria22
4 MarekL19, Gabrielle, Jacinda, aise88, martim, Fabishom
5*robin, zumzumzum, Tiffany, laker, aise88, newjersey
5*MEXICO, nuria22, wimpee, Schwitzebo, aise88, MarekL19
6*B_O_X_E_R, Alpha_Male, Muis1, MARINE66, adamastor8, aise88
1*aise88, knuffie66, gerfop, stephanie9, colzizo
1*aise88, colzizo, AFCA020CBS, CAOS, werkeloos
1*aise88, CuteAmy, werkeloos, DianaT, knuffie66
4*DeKraker, adamastor8, pudder, aise88, CONQUISTAD
4*Karl_XII, hyrolium, wrecker, aise88, DeKraker, vrede_nu
2*obiwan, aise88, Liwwadden, CuteAmy, flaviousss, anthonyngu
2*CuteAmy, aise88, Cool_Cat, obiwan, hoodlegend
1*aise88, Cool_Cat, hoodlegend, OrdoAbChao, thelarster, OG1
3*CuteAmy, OG1, aise88, thelarster, CONQUISTAD
1 aise88, OG1, CuteAmy, manyak99, CONQUISTAD
5*AngryDwarf, Muis1, CAOS, OG1, aise88, CONQUISTAD
6*99coolbree, thelarster, Karl_XII, obiwan, lastpost, aise88
4*CONQUISTAD, Michelle, Mex, aise88, rembot, AngryDwarf
6*caos, herte777, knuffie66, jolani, bigTex, aise88
6*MarekL19, caos, alexde, Gabrielle, herte777, aise88
5*Vagamundo, CuteAmy, thelarster, herte777, aise88
3*OB1, MarekL19, aise88, caos, eibmwfanai, goodnight2
5*Seraphis, iqtidar, pequespequ, Vliegende_, aise88
2*thelarster, aise88, Seraphis, CONQUISTAD, obiwan, Wellington
6*MEXICO, laker, robin, adamastor8, CONQUISTAD, aise88
5*Pedrolino, xvxvx, wimpee, passiveguy, aise88
1*aise88, Tiffany, amt, CONQUISTAD, laker, robin
6*MarekL19, adamastor8, Gabrielle, wimpee, Jacinda, aise88
5*knuffie66, diflsvn, pkslim1000, wooooody, aise88
6*MEXICO, herte777, colzizo, laker, CONQUISTAD, aise88
1*aise88, BatMan, wimpee, diflsvn, OG1
1*aise88, GolfPro, StonedCat, passiveguy, bubbarowde
2 bubbarowde, aise88, StonedCat, pudder, pizzagate, passiveguy
2*werkeloos, aise88, ragnarok, GolfPro, tron
6*Rehoboam, adamastor8, Seraphis, Mex, lokvee, aise88
5*Karl_XII, aboulayla, CONQUISTAD, B_O_X_E_R, aise88, adamastor8
6*murti, colzizo, andypandy5, xvxvx, thelarster, aise88
6*bigTex, Karl_XII, pudder, MEXICO, adamastor8, aise88
2*knuffie66, aise88, DeKraker, goodnight2
3*felixxxxx, gerfop, aise88, goodnight2, 99coolbree, GolfPro
5*herte777, pizzagate, Dominator, MEXICO, aise88, andypandy5
6*caos, zedavisbac, Attack, pkslim1000, goodnight2, aise88
5*Vagamundo, fidel, hamlet1983, pkslim1000, aise88, Attack
6*thelarster, manyak99, domblondje, Flatlands, goodnight2, aise88
4*BatMan, Vagamundo, Uwilldie85, aise88, pizzagate
5*caos, zedavisbac, Pedrolino, Vagamundo, aise88
1*aise88, knuffie66, pequespequ, Vagamundo, ginagriffi, Steppdaddy
2 iqtidar, aise88
5 iqtidar, 1, 05, 01, aise88, 04
6*DianaT, Amerikaan, adamastor8, pkslim1000, Oshawhat, aise88
4*pkslim1000, adamastor8, TheBlueOx, aise88, iqtidar
4 iqtidar, ArcA247a, A_Monger, aise88, ButtFace, Ahmed
5*jolani, RedShark, herte777, iqtidar, aise88
2*nuria22, aise88, wooooody, iqtidar, modominate
4*nuria22, iqtidar, Dune, aise88
4*MADALIST, 99coolbree, wrecker, aise88, goodnight2, nuria22
4 master, remmetje, Rafter, aise88, PussyWhipt, Rebecca
3*TenderFoot, wrecker, aise88, OG1, master, adamastor8
4*99coolbree, OG1, thelarster, aise88, GreenTie, Xplosive
4*andypandy5, B_O_X_E_R, MEXICO, aise88, _Mike_, laker
4*airBiscuit, Mex, aboulayla, aise88, Xplosive, pizzagate
5*laker, Tiffany, robin, aboulayla, aise88, B_O_X_E_R
6*Mex, Xplosive, Rune6ix, master, MEXICO, aise88
3*lokvee, amt, aise88, Warmonger, TNATIRRI, Cool_Cat
6*laker, robin, jhm, Schwitzebo, B_O_X_E_R, aise88
1*aise88, andypandy5, griemeldie, Attack, caos
5*fidel, DianaT, gerfop, jhm, aise88, Zmago1
5*Mex, Aer0babe, colzizo, Vagamundo, aise88, griemeldie
5*jhm, jolani, pincelito, zedavisbac, aise88, goodnight2
1*aise88, stephanie9, colzizo, Aer0babe, Uwilldie85, Wellington
6*jhm, Mex, goodnight2, andypandy5, CAOS, aise88
2*stephanie9, aise88, MADALIST, earthone, andypandy5, Zmago1
5*Vagamundo, GolfPro, knuffie66, jhm, aise88
3*Uwilldie85, knuffie66, aise88, jhm, stephanie9, Wellington
3*Vagamundo, DianaT, aise88, werkeloos, jhm, MarekL19
4*lungbisket, Rafter, Rebecca, aise88, master, PussyWhipt
1*aise88, lungbisket, remmetje, Mex, Aer0babe, master
1 aise88, 04, 01, 05, 02, 1
1 aise88, 1bbot, 03, 05, 04, 00WORLD
2 iqtidar, aise88, 01
5 iqtidar, czelibot3, CrashQ, chewy, aise88, CHECK5
4 iqtidar, beanerbaby, Asherix, aise88, CHECK5, capkiller4
3 4bbot, DianaT, aise88, Jimbot, MrBot, Hurc
4*iqtidar, CoronersX, diflsvn, aise88, herte777
3*herte777, iqtidar, aise88, Wellington, OG1
6 00RULES, 01, 1, 04, Wellington, aise88
1*aise88, Brunix, iqtidar, BoneDoll, aldoco, Wellington
4*imaxlevel, Wellington, jolani, aise88, iqtidar
5*wimpee, pkslim1000, MADALIST, Xplosive, aise88, 99coolbree
6*jolani, iqtidar, BoneDoll, JFK, capercdn, aise88
4*Cool_Cat, GolfPro, JFK, aise88, thelarster
3*andypandy5, Cool_Cat, aise88, obiwan, GolfPro, Attack
4*Tord1, obiwan, Attack, aise88, Xplosive
6*aboulayla, Schwitzebo, Pedrolino, Karl_XII, Tord1, aise88
1*aise88, GolfPro, Schwitzebo, pizzagate, Cool_Cat, andypandy5
1*aise88, GolfPro, andypandy5, Schwitzebo, earthone
4*Vagamundo, Flatlands, earthone, aise88, caos, OG1
3*Zmago1, Vagamundo, aise88, zyxw, adamastor8, Flatlands
5*Vagamundo, Uwilldie85, adamastor8, Kariboo, aise88, diflsvn
2*seen, aise88, Vagamundo, colzizo, manyak99, Oshawhat
4*AFCA020CBS, andypandy5, OG1, aise88, caos, Oshawhat
6 AFCA020CBS, Technohard, Mex, tiBot, Bijten, aise88
3*caos, andypandy5, aise88, Vagamundo, seen, stephanie9
6 AFCA020CBS, _Mike_, Carrah, 05, remspoor, aise88
3*master, Rebecca, aise88, remmetje, wolt, PussyWhipt
1*aise88, PussyWhipt, master, Rebecca, Rafter, Stevenaars
4*caos, Vagamundo, AFCA020CBS, aise88
5 master, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, Rafter, aise88, Stevenaars
1 aise88, 02, 00RULES, 1, 01, 00WORLD
5*devill63, OG1, herte777, wolt, aise88
6*bot1, master, colzizo, dougbotha, CAP_PLACER, aise88
4*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, aise88, andypandy5, remmetje
1 aise88, 3bbot, 00WORLD, 4bbot, 00THE, 00RULES
2 4bbot, aise88, 00WORLD, A_Monger, _GreatBot_, 01
6 A_Monger, 00WORLD, 4bbot, ANGELX3, ArcA247a, aise88
1 aise88, Atax_None3, shrimp, NakaX, LEsieur, lemonbot
1 aise88, Jimbot, Kimebot, HENKO2, Hurc, lemonbot
1 aise88, FunBot, DuckyII, DuckyIII, Gabrielle, esdevebot
1 aise88, DuckyII, 0, DuckyIII, 00DOMINATE, 00THE
3*bedsoaker, Warmonger, aise88, pkslim1000, anthonyngu, StonedCat
5*wooooody, hoodlegend, laker, robin, aise88
6*OrdoAbChao, pkslim1000, Redwood, TP_knighty, Goodman, aise88
4*nuria22, milton, _Chronos, aise88, StonedCat
3*fidel, nuria22, aise88, earthone, imaxlevel, bubbarowde
5*Tord1, earthone, Karl_XII, wimpee, aise88, pizzagate
3*newjersey, imaxlevel, aise88, Vagamundo, pizzagate
5*gerfop, xvxvx, wimpee, amt, aise88, 03
6*Bassie, pkslim1000, Karl_XII, angelo72, thelarster, aise88
2*pkslim1000, aise88, pincelito, caos, nostyle
6*Mex, Nykstukas9, alexde, thege0rge, rembot, aise88
4*alexde, wimpee, ms2dft, aise88, xvxvx, Zmago1
5*alex, Dominator, OG1, manyak99, aise88, goodnight2
3*Dominator, 02, aise88, Stevenaars, master, Zmago1
4*xvxvx, OG1, StonedCat, aise88, wimpee
2*zedavisbac, aise88, Pedrolino, Karl_XII, andypandy5, El_pinche_
5*Alligator7, bigTex, gmoney, andypandy5, aise88
4*Pedrolino, Karl_XII, zedavisbac, aise88, MEXICO, gmoney
3*colzizo, gmoney, aise88, Schwitzebo, pudder
1*aise88, jolani, GolfPro, russia, gmoney
5*newjersey, akatheone, kefkiller3, xvxvx, aise88
1*aise88, pizzagate, xvxvx, YT_Yakuzah, wimpee, Zmago1
5*andypandy5, RAGE2000, nuria22, gmoney, aise88
3*00WORLD, andypandy5, aise88, chingar, newjersey, samuel
4*newjersey, andypandy5, Dominator, aise88, Stevenaars, MEXICO
1*aise88, xvxvx, knuffie66, OG1, wolt
5*master, Rebecca, OG1, PussyWhipt, aise88, CuteAmy
6*nuria22, gmoney, MARINE66, colzizo, andypandy5, aise88
5*gmoney, nuria22, felixxxxx, master, aise88
5*OG1, devill63, saxman9690, Zmago1, aise88
3*bigTex, OG1, aise88, alexde
4*newjersey, Ax23, Vagamundo, aise88, thelarster, fastrrrrrr
3*dougbotha, OG1, aise88, fulgidus, Ax23, supermeuk
1*aise88, DianaT, bigTex, Dominator, Domblondje, Lazarus
4*Mex, TOAST, zedavisbac, aise88, pizzagate, Pedrolino
5*Kariboo, AFCA020CBS, Domblondje, Zmago1, aise88, uil
1*aise88, Mex, Dominator, Bulletje83, jhm, Pedrolino
4*TOAST, bigTex, knuffie66, aise88, Mex, CAOS
2*CAOS, aise88, earthone, stephanie9, jhm, eibmwfanai
6*Mex, ms2dft, knuffie66, TOAST, NinjaSK, aise88
4*CAOS, AFCA020CBS, wooooody, aise88, jhm, OG1
6*colzizo, TOAST, Dominator, Mex, TP_knighty, aise88
1*aise88, Dominator, Stevenaars, jhm, colzizo, OG1
5*TOAST, bigTex, OG1, murti, aise88, fulgidus
1*aise88, bigTex, TOAST, OG1, Zmago1, fastrrrrrr
5*Mex, thelarster, TH3, LUKA, aise88, TOAST
5*fulgidus, alex, Mex, TOAST, aise88, Wellington
5*StonedCat, TH3, LUKA, OG1, aise88, fulgidus
3 _I_BOT_A_, Carrah, aise88, uil, WhiptCream, TheBirdsC
6*TOAST, thelarster, TP_knighty, Mex, LUKA, aise88
5*Mex, TOAST, TP_knighty, thelarster, aise88, mozzie
5 Mex, TP_knighty, TOAST, mozzie, aise88, alexde
5 mozzie, xvxvx, newjersey, eibmwfanai, aise88
4*mozzie, RAGE2000, dgs, aise88, newjersey, BatMan
3*wimpee, MARINE66, aise88, murti, Zmago1, eibmwfanai
4*CandyO, devill63, stephanie9, aise88, StonedCat
3*CandyO, remmetje, aise88, Mex, StonedCat, fulgidus
6*xvxvx, master, thelarster, PandaLove, OG1, aise88
4*CandyO, remmetje, remspoor, aise88, Mex, wimpee
4*wimpee, wooooody, zedavisbac, aise88, Pedrolino
2*Pedrolino, aise88, El_pinche_, wooooody, zedavisbac, anthonyngu
5 anthonyngu, zedavisbac, jhm, Pedrolino, aise88, Luka2016
4*trilveen, wimpee, alomont12, aise88, Luka2016
6*gerfop, TP_knighty, jhm, Mex, anthonyngu, aise88
3*newjersey, wolt, aise88, anthonyngu, toast, colzizo
3*toast, colzizo, aise88, mr0, leeuwarden, Zmago1
1*aise88, capercdn, vrede_nu, fidel, alomont12
5*gerfop, earthone, zedavisbac, capercdn, aise88, ms2dft
4*gerfop, ginagriffi, ms2dft, aise88, ikweetjemo
3*OG1, nizzlenar, aise88, Tord1, anthonyngu
3*nizzlenar, OG1, aise88, hhanger, adamastor8, anthonyngu
3 CONQUISTAD, stephanie9, aise88, Ax23
5*wimpee, thelarster, G55, StonedCat, aise88
3*Tord1, 1fater, aise88, MARINE66, StonedCat, Wrakertje
2*Wrakertje, aise88, edwin, vrede_nu, thelarster
4*Apfelbaumz, edwin, zyxw, aise88, ikweetjemo
5*nostyle, felixxxxx, Dominator, hamlet1983, aise88
1 aise88, nostyle, madre, wimpee
5*laker, Tiffany, Tord1, wolt, aise88, robin
5*colzizo, gerfop, Kosty, CAOS, aise88
3*newjersey, Tord1, aise88, knuffie66, hamlet1983
6*mozzie, adamastor8, Leprechaun, master, Bulletje83, aise88
1*aise88, wolt, Tord1, dodes59, Wellington
3*Wellington, Schwitzebo, aise88, devill63, G55
4*leeuwarden, OG1, CAOS, aise88, petrinnit
5*CAOS, edwin, wimpee, Luka2016, aise88
3*devill63, dodes59, aise88, G55, madre
5*Schwitzebo, stephanie9, Luka2016, ikweetjemo, aise88
4*GolfPro, nostyle, alex, aise88, Schwitzebo
5*OG1, wimpee, GolfPro, eibmwfanai, aise88
5*Dominator, BatMan, colzizo, bananabutt, aise88, vrede_nu
4*angelo72, BatMan, pkslim1000, aise88, pizzagate, eibmwfanai
5*murti, alexde, pkslim1000, beta, aise88, wimpee
6 DianaT, ArcA247b, ArcA247c, z2, AsiaBot, aise88
5*pizzagate, devill63, alexde, Stevenaars, aise88
5*wimpee, edwin, fulgidus, alex, aise88
6*gmoney, rist6, OG1, MARINE66, petrinnit, aise88
5*OG1, Wellington, pizzagate, Zmago1, aise88, fulgidus
3*Stevenaars, 4bbot, aise88, fulgidus
1*aise88, 2bbot, 3bbot, 04, TOAST, fulgidus
3*nuria22, MCXX, aise88, gak, Oshawhat, TheBlueOx
2*MCXX, aise88, stephanie9, TomYum, Pablo221, MEXICO
1*aise88, laker, Dominator, Tiffany, robin, thelarster
5*chingar, MCXX, colzizo, x2k5, aise88
3*xvxvx, MARINE66, aise88, dupplo, eibmwfanai, Pablo221
5*newjersey, gerfop, pizzagate, MARINE66, aise88
6*atreyu, Warmonger, Goodman, knuffie66, ikweetjemo, aise88
4*MEXICO, B_O_X_E_R, rist6, aise88, bubbarowde, Oshawhat
6*nuria22, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, pequespequ, Wellington, aise88
5*Kariboo, Oshawhat, felixxxxx, nuria22, aise88, Wellington
2*Kariboo, aise88, petrinnit, OG1, pizzagate, nuria22
3*seen, petrinnit, aise88, Oshawhat, adamastor8, x2k5
3*seen, Zmago1, aise88, 2, _GreatBot_, murti
1*aise88, gmoney, Zmago1, nuria22, petrinnit
6 _I_BOT_K_, _I_BOT_A_, _GreatBot_, 69bot, 03, aise88
2*gmoney, aise88, nuria22, knuffie66, SGTStone
1 aise88, 3bbot, 02, 1, 2, 3
1 aise88, 04, gmoney, 1, 01, anthonyngu
1 aise88, 02, 04, 2bbot, 00WORLD, 05
3 colzizo, Stevenaars, aise88, HANNIBAL56
3 master, PussyWhipt, aise88
1 aise88, 04, 03, 01, 3bbot, mozzie
6*Boogeyman, rembot, Mex, amt, mozzie, aise88
2*MARINE66, aise88, Boogeyman, Mex, RedShark, amt
2*OG1, aise88, xvxvx, TomPetty, pkslim1000
1*aise88, Wellington, wooooody, TomPetty, manyak99
4*fokker, pkslim1000, deeppowder, aise88, nizzlenar, Pablo221
4*Oshawhat, TomPetty, petrinnit, aise88
3*MADALIST, wolt, aise88, Oshawhat, earthone
4*xvxvx, Vliegende_, zyxw, aise88, fokker
4*stephanie9, Oshawhat, hoodlegend, aise88
4*El_pinche_, wolt, StonedCat, aise88, manyak99, stephanie9
1*aise88, newjersey, StonedCat, NineLives9, colzizo, Oshawhat
1*aise88, newjersey, Boogeyman, wooooody, colzizo, Oshawhat
1*aise88, Ultionem, pkslim1000, thelarster, coolbreeze
3*Kosty, DeKraker, aise88, Liwwadden, knuffie66, manyak99
3*nostyle, Karl_XII, aise88, Kosty, Ultionem, anthonyngu
3*knuffie66, fidel, aise88, StonedCat, pizzagate, JAHSHAKA
5 TomYum, ikweetjemo, imaxlevel, eibmwfanai, aise88
6*knuffie66, xvxvx, StonedCat, MARINE66, Oshawhat, aise88
4*imaxlevel, tron, knuffie66, aise88, fidel
5*stephanie9, anthonyngu, CAOS, fidel, aise88
4*DeKraker, Pablo221, Karl_XII, aise88, OG1, anthonyngu
6*Zmago1, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, thelarster, DeKraker, aise88
5*edwin, Bulletje83, Kariboo, murti, aise88
3*stephanie9, thelarster, aise88, Dominator, leeuwarden, pizzagate
1*aise88, edwin, nostyle, gak, TP_knighty
3 colimori, RustyNZ, aise88, 99coolbree
6*ljubae, Pedrolino, AFCA020CBS, pkslim1000, zedavisbac, aise88
4*Dominator, knuffie66, 99coolbree, aise88, DeKraker, AFCA020CBS
6*Schwitzebo, Karl_XII, Dominator, knuffie66, adamastor8, aise88
6*usa, remspoor, Mex, loppol, DeKraker, aise88
5*wooooody, 99coolbree, Schwitzebo, anthonyngu, aise88, OG1
3*99coolbree, Schwitzebo, aise88, zedavisbac, adamastor8, Pedrolino
3*Pedrolino, zedavisbac, aise88, 2ne1, dodes59
2*fidel, aise88, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, GolfPro, earthone
6*pequespequ, Bulletje83, Schwitzebo, thelarster, felixxxxx, aise88
4*fidel, diflsvn, colzizo, aise88, earthone, madre
5*wooooody, diflsvn, MARINE66, thelarster, aise88
5*dun666, nostyle, wooooody, thelarster, aise88, pincelito
1*aise88, OG1, Toffay, knuffie66, toast, Zatoichi
1*aise88, Zatoichi, knuffie66, atreyu, jhm, Oshawhat
4*xvxvx, nizzlenar, RedShark, aise88, El_pinche_
5*Schwitzebo, MARINE66, 2ne1, OG1, aise88
6*manyak99, TP_knighty, MADALIST, nizzlenar, MARINE66, aise88
4*homer, Muis1, Bolo, aise88, xvxvx, rist6
5*Dominator, MEXICO, Schwitzebo, Karl_XII, aise88, 99coolbree
4*diflsvn, knuffie66, pizzagate, aise88, Karl_XII, colzizo
5*gerfop, nostyle, MEXICO, fidel, aise88, pizzagate
1*aise88, AFCA020CBS, GolfPro, hamlet1983, obiwan
1*aise88, AFCA020CBS, GolfPro, eibmwfanai, adamastor8
2*mozzie, aise88, nostyle, newjersey, dougbotha
5*mozzie, fulgidus, edwin, nostyle, aise88
4*alexde, OG1, fulgidus, aise88, nostyle, edwin
1 aise88, ButtFace, Cecil, Caappy4, Charleen, Caesar
2 mozzie, aise88, ButtFace, Caappy5, brasil0730, BotzorTest
5*TP_knighty, edwin, StonedCat, Oshawhat, aise88
1 aise88, BMbot, bobobot, bone, botje, BodyCount
1 aise88, bopster, BeanBot, Alexandra, A_Monger, beanerbaby
1 aise88, 4bbot, _BennyHill, 3bbot, 1bbot, 03
5*''Sjaak, RustyNZ, edwin, Oshawhat, aise88
5 PussyWhipt, master, remmetje, Rebecca, aise88, Rafter
3 master, remmetje, aise88, Rafter, Rebecca, PussyWhipt
1 aise88, AlexTheDK, ace, Ali, Abduhl
2*Leprechaun, aise88, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, Kariboo, master
6*master, PussyWhipt, Kariboo, Rebecca, knuffie66, aise88
3 master, Rebecca, aise88, PussyWhipt, remmetje, Rafter
5*Leprechaun, remspoor, Rebecca, Mex, aise88, fulgidus
4 master, Rafter, remmetje, aise88, PussyWhipt, Rebecca
1 aise88, _GreatBot_, Abonizer, A, 4bbot, _Mike_
1 aise88, _I_BOT_A_, 69bot, 3bbot, 04, anthonyngu
5*AngryDwarf, rembot, Rebecca, Mex, aise88, mozzie
3*fokker, DeZoE, aise88, mozzie, MARINE66, rist6
2 shaman420, aise88
1*aise88, usa, amt, Luther73, Mex, yagoboy
2*Luther73, aise88, RedShark, earthone, yagoboy
4*dodraugen, Dominator, Luther73, aise88, adamastor8, gerfop
5 Luther73, gerfop, Zmago1, pincelito, aise88
5*Zmago1, Luther73, rist6, kefkiller3, aise88, Ax23
6*Schwitzebo, Pedrolino, knuffie66, zedavisbac, pkslim1000, aise88
4*Dominator, kyrris1979, hyrolium, aise88, MARINE66, ginagriffi
5*Uwilldie85, devill63, Dominator, StonedCat, aise88, thelarster
2*pudder, aise88, TP_knighty, AFCA020CBS, devill63
3*01, TP_knighty, aise88, devill63, TOAST, fokker
2*laker, aise88, MARINE66, mozzie, amt, jhm
5*master, DianaT, AngryDwarf, modominate, aise88
4*usa, TOAST, master, aise88, PussyWhipt, DianaT
6*master, DianaT, TOAST, Luther73, modominate, aise88
4*amt, modominate, nostyle, aise88, usa, master
2*nostyle, aise88, usa, anthonyngu, modominate, Oshawhat
4*TOAST, Goodman, MARINE66, aise88, xvxvx, Oshawhat
4*Luther73, wooooody, pkslim1000, aise88, TOAST, Oshawhat
5*RedShark, MARINE66, Goodman, TOAST, aise88
4*fokker, xvxvx, Goodman, aise88, TOAST, nizzlenar
4*pkslim1000, rist8, Luther73, aise88, fokker, amt
5*usa, manyak99, MADALIST, earthone, aise88, Oshawhat
5*TOAST, fokker, Luther73, Oshawhat, aise88
1*aise88, fokker, Vliegende_, pizzagate, zztop
3*TP_knighty, Oshawhat, aise88, Vliegende_, fokker, rist8
6*AngryDwarf, wooooody, mfd906, OG1, Mex, aise88
5*wooooody, Tiffany, robin, laker, aise88, Luther73
3*TP_knighty, manyak99, aise88, gak, wooooody, Luther73
2*dupplo, aise88, TP_knighty, ljubae, Schwitzebo
5*Luther73, xvxvx, Goodman, vrede_nu, aise88, Schwitzebo
2*vrede_nu, aise88, Luther73, zztop, zyxw
5*Schwitzebo, Goodman, xvxvx, Oshawhat, aise88, vrede_nu
5*Druifke, colzizo, atreyu, DianaT, aise88, Oshawhat
3*Zmago1, Goodman, aise88, Oshawhat, pizzagate
6*Dominator, newjersey, SGTStone, felixxxxx, Uwilldie85, aise88
1*aise88, newjersey, Schwitzebo, ikweetjemo, Warmonger, Goodman
6*master, PussyWhipt, Schwitzebo, loppol, stephanie9, aise88
5*master, PussyWhipt, seen, Stevenaars, aise88, stephanie9
4 stephanie9, master, Stevenaars, aise88
3*seen, devill63, aise88, ikweetjemo, fulgidus
3*ww111, wolt, aise88, modominate, seen
6*devill63, pizzagate, GolfPro, TP_knighty, Goodman, aise88
4*jolani, newjersey, Tord1, aise88, pizzagate, Oshawhat
3*colzizo, Zmago1, aise88, MARINE66, Goodman, OG1
6*nuria22, xvxvx, Goodman, mrt91, DeKraker, aise88
5*Chucky, remspoor, Mex, gerfop, aise88
6*nuria22, Ladyblond, xvxvx, Goodman, AFCA020CBS, aise88
5*knuffie66, Mex, AFCA020CBS, Chucky, aise88, Ladyblond
1*aise88, knuffie66, Domblondje, nostyle, xvxvx, theflyingd
4*nostyle, xvxvx, Zmago1, aise88, knuffie66
2*StonedCat, aise88, pizzagate, AFCA020CBS, xvxvx, batian
4*theflyingd, Zmago1, newjersey, aise88
5*newjersey, mozzie, 1fater, SGTStone, aise88
3*mozzie, Goodman, aise88, Ax23, pizzagate, wolt
4*wrecker, modominate, VREDE_NU, aise88, pizzagate, strammamax
1*aise88, felixxxxx, colzizo, pizzagate, Ax23, Sly
2 Ax23, aise88
6*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, modominate, mozzie, aise88
3*master, AlexTheDK, aise88, laker
2*laker, aise88, MARINE66
4 wooooody, MARINE66, Oshawhat, aise88, anthonyngu
1 aise88, ANGELX3, AlexTheDK, Andrew, Ahmed, angel1
4*lungbisket, remspoor, Mex, aise88, MARINE66, youngblood
1 aise88, Abonizer12, Abduhl, _I_BOT_K_, A_Monger
3*mrt91, MADALIST, aise88, Luther73, nizzlenar, StonedCat
1 aise88, 1bbot, 02, BoneDoll, BasBot, GREGLH02
4*earthone, TH3, MADALIST, aise88, MARINE66
5*xvxvx, Luther73, devill63, amt, aise88, Wellington
2*Luther73, aise88, laker, robin, amt, Wellington
6 Luther73, A_Monger, A, 3, aAaAaAaAa1, aise88
1*aise88, vrede_nu, Schwitzebo, aboulayla, Goodman
4*vrede_nu, Tord1, BATIAN, aise88, Schwitzebo
5*MEXICO, remmetje, Mex, Retardgirl, aise88
3*MEXICO, GREGLH02, aise88, colzizo, vrede_nu, Oshawhat
3*colzizo, Karl_XII, aise88, knuffie66, TH3, pizzagate
4*MEXICO, Goodman, vrede_nu, aise88, colzizo, pizzagate
3*StonedCat, CAOS, aise88, laverga, Oshawhat, pizzagate
3*Fabishom, CAOS, aise88, TOAST, diflsvn, hamlet1983
5*MADALIST, TOAST, pizzagate, Tord1, aise88, Oshawhat
1*aise88, TOAST, Tord1, Oshawhat, wolt, diflsvn
3*TOAST, xvxvx, aise88, madre, pizzagate, StonedCat
4*Goodman, SGTStone, mozzie, aise88, TOAST, utginiegoe
4*mozzie, TOAST, Goodman, aise88, bounce-b
1*aise88, edwin, OG1, nizzlenar, mozzie, Ax23
4*colzizo, AFCA020CBS, batian, aise88
4 Wellington, OG1, Oshawhat, aise88
5*robin, StonedCat, Lifebot, laker, aise88, Wellington
5*Goodman, xvxvx, Flatlands, TP_knighty, aise88, Domblondje
2*vrede_nu, aise88, MADALIST, AFCA020CBS, ladyblond
1*aise88, BruceW, Goodman, xvxvx, werkeloos, Oshawhat
5*Goodman, wolt, werkeloos, pincelito, aise88
4*master, tron, Oshawhat, aise88, wolt, TP_knighty
4*edwin, AFCA020CBS, leeuwarden, aise88, TK_imperso
3*edwin, TK_imperso, aise88, vrede_nu, cret
4*Kosty, edwin, vrede_nu, aise88
3*edwin, AFCA020CBS, aise88, TK_imperso, vrede_nu
4*TK_imperso, edwin, loppol, aise88, vrede_nu
6 laker, winnerbot2, Cecil, Tiffany, robin, aise88
1 aise88, 2, 02, Andrew, angel2, AlexTheDK
4*MARINE66, OG1, Wellington, aise88, anthonyngu
4*youngblood, dog_farts, Oshawhat, aise88, Fastrrrrrr
2*StonedCat, aise88, ms2dft, loppol, fastrrrrrr
4 caos, fastrrrrrr, rodent, aise88
1 aise88, BSMrobo5, brasil0730
2*stephanie9, aise88, pincelito, loppol
5*xvxvx, TH3, bedsoaker, IWGYB, aise88, OG1
4*xvxvx, TH3, bedsoaker, aise88, IWGYB, Wellington
6*MADALIST, Wellington, CAOS, Stevenaars, Romeo123, aise88
5*TP_knighty, Wellington, Stevenaars, xvxvx, aise88, 1fater
1 aise88, BMbot, BlackMamba
1 aise88, 1, 3
4*rist6, Romeo123, edwin, aise88, Wellington
4*devill63, edwin, TH3, aise88
4*ww111, Stevenaars, edwin, aise88, colzizo
1 aise88, DCN4, dodo3bot, dodo2bot, DoNothing2, Stevenaars
3 Stevenaars, DCN5, aise88, Dadud, dave, DCN2
3 Stevenaars, czelibot5, aise88, Dadud, DCN3, dave
2 czelibot3, aise88, CrashY, CrashBop3, Cynrik
2 edwin, aise88, Stevenaars, devill63
1 aise88, chewy, CrashBop2, CoronersX, chicomanII, CHECK4
1 aise88, BSMrobo3, BUG1, CHECK4, CHECK5, BotzorTest
1 aise88, brasil0730, Brunix, Botzor, BORN2LOSE, BMbot
1 aise88, Austin, bopster, BGriffTest, BoneDoll, bobobot
1 aise88, Atax_All1, ArcA247b, ANGELX2, beanerbaby, BasBot
1 aise88, Asherix, apocalypse, Atax_All2, Atax_All1, Ashley
6 AsiaBot, Asherix, apocalypse, ANGELX4, nostyle, aise88
3 2bbot, nostyle, aise88, Andrew, 05, AsiaBot
6 master, PussyWhipt, remmetje, Rebecca, Rafter, aise88
4*smash18, remspoor, Rebecca, aise88, master, Mex
2*DeZoE, aise88, iqtidar, 2ne1, MARINE66
2*thelarster, aise88, wooooody, MARINE66, iqtidar
1*aise88, iqtidar, 2b, wooooody, 2ne1, Wellington
2*groot, aise88, nuria22, thelarster, pudder
5*aboulayla, imaxlevel, MARINE66, lerner, aise88
3*russia, nuria22, aise88, lerner, hughsy
5*xvxvx, Muis1, OneTwoWin, TK_imperso, aise88, MARINE66
3*AFCA020CBS, CharIesVlI, aise88, ljubae, amt, pkslim1000
6*robin, chingar, laker, pizzagate, AFCA020CBS, aise88
4*pkslim1000, CharIesVlI, colzizo, aise88, pizzagate
1*aise88, nuria22, Karl_XII, pkslim1000, pizzagate
4*martim, zedavisbac, Pedrolino, aise88, fidel
2*zedavisbac, aise88, Pedrolino, the_dude, Mex, Stewart
4*Schwitzebo, nostyle, bedsoaker, aise88
4*AFCA020CBS, Bulletje83, pincelito, aise88, colzizo, MADALIST
4*Dominator, manyak99, TP_knighty, aise88, OG1, MADALIST
6*colzizo, mozzie, nostyle, StonedCat, manyak99, aise88
2*nostyle, aise88, AFCA020CBS, mozzie, Attack, Bott
3*StonedCat, mozzie, aise88, IWGYB, pizzagate
1 aise88, 02
1 aise88, Ali
1 aise88, A_Monger
1 aise88, 03
4*xvxvx, Schwitzebo, bonje, aise88, TK_imperso, bedsoaker
6*CharIesVlI, Pedrolino, gerfop, DeKraker, zedavisbac, aise88
1*aise88, gerfop, robbinho, DeKraker, vrede_nu, pudder
4*pike2266, vrede_nu, Pedrolino, aise88, zedavisbac
3*vrede_nu, aise88, nostyle, manyak99, dgs
3*xvxvx, TP_knighty, aise88, dgs, vrede_nu, rodent
4*hamlet1983, 2b, xvxvx, aise88, OG1, TP_knighty
6*manyak99, mozzie, loppol, OG1, pkslim1000, aise88
1*aise88, mozzie, pkslim1000, nizzlenar, auto01, colzizo
3*colzizo, 2, aise88, beanerbaby, TP_knighty
2*manyak99, aise88, Romeo123, colzizo, AFCA020CBS
4*dougbotha, martim, OG1, aise88, Romeo123
1*aise88, _I_BOT_A_, alex, Stevenaars, Romeo123, 1bbot
2*rodent, aise88, seen, pudder, rochana, thelarster
6 02, 05, 2, 4, 3, aise88
6*xvxvx, wrecker, nuria22, MADALIST, OG1, aise88
4*laker, robin, Tiffany, aise88, beta, bounce-b
4*xvxvx, TK_imperso, Pedrolino, aise88, TP_knighty, zedavisbac
4*pkslim1000, laker, wooooody, aise88, CharIesVlI
5*xvxvx, loppol, pizzagate, pkslim1000, aise88, Muis1
2*hughsy, aise88, thelarster, GolfPro, 2b, wrecker
6*loppol, pkslim1000, MEXICO, zum_zum, 2b, aise88
4*nostyle, zot, xvxvx, aise88, gerfop
3 Flatlands, MARINE66, aise88, Big_Red, DrCrashes, fidel
4*seen, nostyle, CB1925, aise88, Domblondje, DeKraker
3*DeKraker, seen, aise88, hamlet1983, Domblondje, loppol
2*pizzagate, aise88, seen, StonedCat
1*aise88, alexde, FD5, kat, FD4, iqtidar
1*aise88, kat, iqtidar, rist6
3*laker, robin, aise88, Tiffany, iqtidar
2 PussyWhipt, aise88, Rafter, remmetje, master, Rebecca
5*robin, Tiffany, iqtidar, laker, aise88
5*laker, Tiffany, iqtidar, robin, aise88
1 aise88, FD4, fejijfi, Felix, FD2, FFtesten
1 aise88, FaNTa, fejijfi, FD2, FD4, false2
6 FFtesten, FD5, Felix, FD2, false1, aise88
2*nostyle, aise88, iqtidar, aboulayla
1 aise88, FD3, FD2, EvilBotD, EvilbotA, false3
5 FD4, FFtesten, fejijfi, FD5, aise88, false3
5 Felix, FD3, FD2, fifin6, aise88, false3
3*Vliegende_, wooooody, aise88, nizzlenar
4*nostyle, wrecker, iqtidar, aise88
3*iqtidar, nostyle, aise88
1 aise88, bobobot
1 aise88, bot1, 3bbot, 1bbot, BORN2LOOSE, bopper
6*Mugsyyyy, burkemac, xvxvx, mrt91, amt, aise88
5 4, 3, 1bbot, 1, aise88, amt
2*Mex, aise88, thelarster, amt, GolfPro
4*wrecker, MEXICO, devill63, aise88, MARINE66
4*laker, robin, Tiffany, aise88, MEXICO, amt
4*OG1, Rehoboam, MARINE66, aise88, beta, GolfPro
6*vrede_nu, Pedrolino, zedavisbac, MEXICO, earthone, aise88
2*vrede_nu, aise88, zedavisbac, TheBlueOx, Pedrolino
5*mfd906, Rehoboam, DeKraker, beta, aise88
3*goodnight1, gerfop, aise88, nice, colzizo
5*Dominator, SGTStone, diflsvn, nostyle, aise88
1*aise88, nostyle, robomania, pizzagate, robobiotch, Razzia_1
6*AFCA020CBS, nostyle, diflsvn, StonedCat, hamlet1983, aise88
4*Dominator, kefkiller3, colzizo, aise88
5*nostyle, GolfPro, moon, apss1, aise88
2*nostyle, aise88, moon, bedsoaker
5*Romeo123, StonedCat, TK_imperso, dgs, aise88, bedsoaker
5*kimjungun, Donaldotru, MARINE66, moon, aise88, pizzagate
6*bedsoaker, AFCA020CBS, Romeo123, Dominator, nizzlenar, aise88
2*Dominator, aise88, Stevenaars, robomania, loppol, TeamThugB
3*bedsoaker, murti, aise88, loppol, Romeo123, nostyle
3*nostyle, 2b, aise88, thelarster, Dominator
5*knuffie66, IWGYB, dougbotha, Romeo123, aise88, nostyle
3*nostyle, knuffie66, aise88, loppol, dougbotha, dgs
4*TeamThugA, TeamThugD, thelarster, aise88, nostyle, TeamClsicB
6 PussyWhipt, master, alexde, Rafter, Rebecca, aise88
6 PussyWhipt, master, Rebecca, remmetje, Rafter, aise88
1 aise88, ANGELX, BGriffTest, bobobot, hyrolium, ArcA247b
5*hyrolium, remmetje, PussyWhipt, master, aise88, Rebecca
3 Rebecca, master, aise88, PussyWhipt, remmetje, Rafter
4*2ne1, ulisse, devill63, aise88
5*nuria22, player1256, colzizo, Flatlands, Aise88, katiegirl
6*edwin, nuria22, don, StonedCat, mozzie, Aise88
5*T_l1b_n, FatAssFred, GolfPro, CAOS, Aise88
5*diflsvn, T_l1b_n, FatAssFred, steffanhal, Aise88, alex
1*Aise88, FatAssFred, CAOS, Plasmaboy1, GolfPro
5*Ax23, leeuwarden, knuffie66, CAOS, Aise88, KillJoy
1 Aise88, Test1, testgk5, The M0nkey, testbot25, Testgk
5*Rehoboam, tom, Test4, lerner, Aise88, rist6
1 Aise88, UN_BOT, unique, weak, Vl13gj3, WingManBot
1 Aise88, z2, winnerbot2, xWingBotx, Zach, winner100
1 Aise88, CapMaster, CAP_PLACER, capskiller, Brunix, capkiller1
4 captimco2, Charleen, capkiller2, Aise88, BSMrobo3, botje
6 PussyWhipt, master, Rafter, Razzia_1, Rebecca, Aise88
1*Aise88, pizzagate, denniis, tukkiejj, vrede_nu, MCXX
1 Aise88, goofy, Gabrielle, Gijs, FunBot, Friends1
1 Aise88, FD4, evil, FD2, fejijfi, EvilBotB
3 emiel, evil, Aise88, dragonoid, drago, false2
1 Aise88, DuckyIII, dodo1bot, Ducky, EasyAsMe, Dumtowel
4*CAOS, czelibot1, dodo1bot, Aise88, Cynrik
6*colzizo, knuffie66, alex, bedsoaker, earthone, Aise88
5*wooooody, FlyinHigh, knuffie66, wolt, Aise88
5*knuffie66, wooooody, ww111, wolt, Aise88
4*OG1, knuffie66, wolt, Aise88, ''Sjaak
3*CAOS, thelarster, Aise88, Ax23
4*MEXICO, Tiffany, laker, Aise88, vrede_nu, robin
2*MEXICO, Aise88, 2ne1, thelarster
6*Flatlands, uriahheep, rist6, alex, Domblondje, Aise88
4*thelarster, knuffie66, wooooody, Aise88, vrede_nu, pizzagate
6*Domblondje, martim, OG1, wimpee, Flatlands, Aise88
5*laker, StonedCat, DeKraker, Dominator, Aise88, pizzagate
2*Nummer02, Aise88, burkemac, vrede_nu, CAOS
5*BruceW, knuffie66, DeKraker, Nummer02, Aise88, CAOS
5*bedsoaker, OG1, Domblondje, wimpee, Aise88, kefkiller3
5*Rosmalen, StonedCat, diflsvn, stfu_punk, Aise88
6*RastaDog, 03, thelarster, loppol, TheBirdsB, Aise88
3*knuffie66, Flatlands, Aise88, jolani, colzizo, Sebastien
5*-Player-1-, xvxvx, alexde, Stevenaars, Aise88
4*bedsoaker, earthone, Dominator, Aise88, TP_knighty, AFCA020CBS
4*knuffie66, AFCA020CBS, Dominator, Aise88, earthone, SGTStone
6*MarekL19, Gabrielle, Pedrolino, earthone, zedavisbac, Aise88
1*Aise88, Sebastien, TP_knighty, BruceW, manyak99, diflsvn
5*SGTStone, OG1, thelarster, diflsvn, Aise88
6*Schwitzebo, newjersey, FlyinHigh, bean, MEXICO, Aise88
1 Aise88, Asherix, 1bbot, 03
4*chucky, Romeo123, CAOS, Aise88, Schwitzebo, wimpee
3*WTati, imaxlevel, Aise88, _2ndplacer, Attack
3*zumzumzum, Attack, Aise88, devill63
3*alex, imaxlevel, Aise88, livehigh, CAOS
3*knuffie66, rist6, Aise88, devill63, Toffay
2*knuffie66, Aise88, loppol
4*modominate, 3, 2, Aise88, 03, gasman
6*MARINE66, chucky, coolbreeze, Bulletje83, wimpee, Aise88
2*wimpee, Aise88, Schwitzebo, StonedCat, loppol, DeKraker
1*Aise88, wimpee, colzizo, earthone, Streetwise
5*vrede_nu, coolbreeze, uriahheep, handjob, Aise88, gak
5*coolbreeze, gak, colzizo, vrede_nu, Aise88, uriahheep
2*wimpee, Aise88, loppol, CAOS, MARINE66
4*Stevenaars, mudbone, modominate, Aise88, AFCA020CBS
6 00WORLD, Abonizer, 4bbot, beta, ArcA247a, Aise88
2*Muis1, Aise88, MARINE66, OG1, ms2dft
4*Muis1, MARINE66, OG1, Aise88, Schwitzebo
4*ljubae, MEXICO, pizzagate, Aise88, colzizo
4*Dominator, OG1, Aise88, Pedrolino, zedavisbac
4*nostyle, nuria22, uriahheep, Aise88, bubbarowde, TP_knighty
5*StonedCat, SGTStone, colzizo, alex, Aise88
5*nuria22, wimpee, dgs, OG1, Aise88
3*OG1, alexde, Aise88, MARINE66, saxman9690, fulgidus
4*OG1, colzizo, TP_knighty, Aise88, fulgidus
1*Aise88, alex, edwin, colzizo, rist6
6 01, 04, 05, 3bbot, 1bbot, Aise88
5*xvxvx, MARINE66, StonedCat, Rick777, Aise88, modominate
1*Aise88, xvxvx, 2ne1, nuria22, beta
3*manyak99, TP_knighty, Aise88, nuria22, CharIie, Darthvader
3*nuria22, thelarster, Aise88, Schwitzebo, CharIie, wooooody
5*OG1, Schwitzebo, MARINE66, Aise88
4*MarekL19, Gabrielle, newjersey, Aise88, OG1, andy11
6*nuria22, Plasmaboy1, wrecker, angelo72, TP_knighty, Aise88
3*nuria22, pizzagate, Aise88, CharIesVlI, GolfPro
3*GolfPro, handjob, Aise88, OG1, andy11, goodnight1
3*nuria22, knuffie66, Aise88, alex
6*DeKraker, Dominator, gerfop, griemeldie, hamlet1983, Aise88
6*dirtrider1, Schwitzebo, PRIVATE, knuffie66, gerfop, Aise88
2*edwin, Aise88, SGTStone, dirtrider1, goodnight1
2 dirtrider1, Aise88, don, goodnight1, 2b
2*goodnight1, Aise88, hamlet1983, devill63
4*AFCA020CBS, Dominator, alex, Aise88, hamlet1983, pudder
6*Bulletje83, knuffie66, newjersey, hamlet1983, SGTStone, Aise88
1*Aise88, rembot, remmetje, Chucky, newjersey, Mex
6*newjersey, TeamThugB, IceBot_Nor, rist6, Chucky, Aise88
6*nbk, Mex, newjersey, remmetje, mozzie, Aise88
6*mozzie, TeamThugB, moon, thelarster, fulgidus, Aise88
5*DarlingOrc, alex, mozzie, remmetje, Aise88, Mex
6*fidel, modominate, dougbotha, Dominator, fulgidus, Aise88
1 Aise88, TeamThugD, TeamThugA, BUG2, Atax_None1, comeback1
4*edwin, fidel, sj484j3h, Aise88, fulgidus
6 master, Rebecca, Rafter, remmetje, PussyWhipt, Aise88
3*Stevenaars, fidel, Aise88, sj484j3h
3*fidel, edwin, Aise88, fulgidus
1*Aise88, bot2, SHAQ2, sj484j3h, Stevenaars, Skapatoria
6 TheBirdsC, TheBirdsA, TheBirdsB, Stevenaars, Skapatoria, Aise88
2*Chucky, Aise88, rist6, MARINE66, Darthvader
4*MARINE66, ww111, laker, Aise88, Vagamundo, coolbreeze
4*iqtidar, earthone, Angrymidgt, Aise88
3*SHAQ2, MARINE66, Aise88, iqtidar, TeamThugA, andymac01
3*wooooody, modominate, Aise88
2 wooooody, Aise88, Vliegende_
2 wooooody, Aise88, nizzlenar
1 Aise88, Caappy6
1 Aise88, CHECK1
2 _I_BOT_K_, Aise88
1 Aise88, _Mike_, A, A_Monger, _I_BOT_F_, _I_BOT_K_
1 Aise88, Abonizer, Abduhl, aAaAaAaAa4, aAaAaAaAa5, A_Monger
5 Abduhl, aAaAaAaAa5, A_Monger, _Mike_, Aise88, aAaAaAaAa2
1 Aise88, A_Monger, AAAA, aAaAaAaAa1, aAaAaAaAa3, aAaAaAaAa5
1 Aise88, Abduhl, AA, aAaAaAaAa3, aAaAaAaAa1, aAaAaAaAa5
4 Abduhl, AA, A_Monger, Aise88, aAaAaAaAa1, aAaAaAaAa4
5 Abduhl, aAaAaAaAa4, aAaAaAaAa2, AAAA, Aise88, Abonizer
2 AA, Aise88, A, Abduhl, Abonizer, aAaAaAaAa5
3 A, Abduhl, Aise88, andymac01, aAaAaAaAa2, aAaAaAaAa5
2*Chucky, Aise88, PaulKleur, andymac01, alex
4*pudder, CharIesVlI, diflsvn, Aise88, Bolo
2*Skapatoria, Aise88, laverga
4*MEXICO, MarekL19, Aise88, earthone, Skapatoria
2*Aise88, robin, laker, czelibot2, MEXICO
1 Aise88, robin, Tiffany, laker, andy11
6*AirBiscuit, OG1, StonedCat, MEXICO, ulisse, Aise88
1*Aise88, Mex, remspoor, Halloween2, andy11
4*CharIesVlI, Bolo, GolfPro, Aise88, OG1
1 Aise88, A, 3bbot, A_Monger, aAaAaAaAa5, aAaAaAaAa1
2*gak, Aise88, Schwitzebo, pizzagate, Skapa, Pedrolino
6*colzizo, mozzie, OG1, kefkiller3, MADALIST, Aise88
5*nuria22, TP_knighty, Dominator, Flatlands, Aise88, hamlet1983
1*Aise88, ulisse, plop3223, pincelito, hamlet1983, OG1
4*seen, werkeloos, AFCA020CBS, Aise88, plop3223, hamlet1983
5*IronMan_, Ding_Dong, MARINE66, OG1, Aise88
2*knuffie66, Aise88, 3, OG1, MARINE66, 03
5*AirBiscuit, 1bbot, 2bbot, 3, Aise88, OG1
3*OG1, thelarster, Aise88, alexde, Dominator, andy11
1 Aise88, 03, 2bbot, 1, 00RULES, 00DOMINATE
3*andy11, Stevenaars, Aise88, pincelito, modominate
6 MarekL19, 1, 1bbot, 05, 3, Aise88
2*Dominator, Aise88, dougbotha, colzizo, Skapatoria
3*cobalt60, nostyle, Aise88, amt, MARINE66
2*nostyle, Aise88, MARINE66, cobalt60
1 Aise88, wooooody, snowball
1 Aise88, Atax_None3, BasBot
1 Aise88, hoodlegend, Atax_None2, Atilla_Cuz, 1fater, lerner
1 Aise88, ANGELX4, Asherix
4*1fater, laker, hoodlegend, Aise88
1 Aise88, Ali, ace
1 Aise88, 2, 01, _I_BOT_F_, 3bbot, [:O_o]
6*amt, MARINE66, robin, Tiffany, laker, Aise88
3*Tiffany, robin, Aise88, laker, amt, MARINE66
5*laker, RalphBot, robin, murti, Aise88, hyrolium
4*thelarster, coolbreeze, diflsvn, Aise88, the_dude
6*alex, tyr, angelo72, laker, AFCA020CBS, Aise88
6*wolt, knuffie66, DeKraker, AFCA020CBS, laker, Aise88
5*whitehairz, wolt, DeKraker, alexjones, Aise88
4*knuffie66, wolt, wimpee, Aise88
5*gerfop, oom, joe01599, MARINE66, Aise88, xvxvx
5*murti, GolfPro, joe01599, knuffie66, Aise88
2*pequespequ, Aise88, joe01599, murti, herte777
5*hughsy, herte777, wolt, Stevenaars, Aise88
5*Mex, Viet_Cong, newjersey, beta, Aise88, remspoor
4*Unibomber, alexjones, alexde, Aise88, vrede_nu
1*Aise88, MARINE66, FlyinHigh, knuffie66, CharIesVlI, Toffay
1*Aise88, CharIesVlI, FlyinHigh, Jebus2, Jennifer, 2ne1
4 Hussar2, anthonyngu, Jebus2, Aise88, IceBot_Cap, CharIesVlI
2*PussyWhipt, Aise88, 2ne1, Rebecca, Rafter, master
4*master, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, Aise88, Rafter, BammBamm
1 Aise88, hamie3rd, 2ne1, grippedbot, BammBamm, helios
1 Aise88, girIy, Hahaha, goofy, GBtest2, 2ne1
6 2ne1, Gifif, FD2, frenske2, Fr1end2, Aise88
1 Aise88, EvilBotC, Emiel2Bot, FD3, fifin6, 2ne1
1 Aise88, EliteX, edju, Emiel1Bot, DuckyII
6 master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, remmetje, Rafter, Aise88
1 Aise88, 2ne1, comeback2, Dadud, DoNothing1, Dickies
1 Aise88, czelibot3, 2ne1, DCN4, CHECK3, CHECK2
1 Aise88, 2ne1, comeback2, ButtFace, captimco2, Caesar
2 2ne1, Aise88, bot2, BUG2, bobobot, BlackMamba
1 Aise88, aAaAaAaAa4, aAaAaAaAa1, Razzia_1, Zmage, snowball
1 Aise88, bone, Bijten, BGriffTest, beanerbaby, BlackMamba
5 aaja, BUG2, Atax_None1, brasil0730, Aise88, 4bbot
1 Aise88, ANGELX, beanerbaby, Bijten, Asherix, auto01
1 Aise88, 2bbot, 02, Abduhl, _I_BOT_K_, _Mike_
1*Aise88, riktoven, 2ne1, anthonyngu, MARINE66
5*2ne1, robin, MagicBot3, laker, Aise88, anthonyngu
3 Itestrobot, NumbNuts4, Aise88, Rebecca, OwnedLuc, KensukeBot
1 Aise88, unique, Tiffany, UltraBotB, kaper, lazybot
1 Aise88, remmetje, NakaX, sparrow, Technoeasy, TheBirdsB
1 Aise88, jaBot, IceBot_002, rembot, AA, dragonoid
1 Aise88, Galix, Oppio, friendss, Abduhl, dragonoid
5 life, FakeBot_I, TeamBotC, Haley, Aise88, kamikaze
2*OG1, Aise88, xvxvx, earthone, thelarster, LadyBlond
1*Aise88, LadyBlond, OG1, Viet_Cong, hughsy, TP_knighty
1*Aise88, LadyBlond, MARINE66, chingar, wimpee, manyak99
1 Aise88, LadyBlond, manyak99, hughsy, laverga
5*xvxvx, TP_knighty, wimpee, PaulKleur, Aise88, LadyBlond
6*demterpz, hughsy, tyr, MEXICO, Aise88
2*CharIesVlI, Aise88, GBtest2, Hostess, PussyWhipt, GBtest1
5*knuffie66, wimpee, CharIesVlI, nice, Aise88, tyr
4*MEXICO, tyr, knuffie66, Aise88, Rosmalen, MarekL19
3*Viet_Cong, Mex, Aise88, kefkiller3, MEXICO, Dominator
4 _I_BOT_F_, 4bbot, 3bbot, Aise88, aAaAaAaAa3, [:O_o]
1*Aise88, Dominator, MARINE66, colzizo, felixxxxx
2*gerfop, Aise88, colzizo, BruceW, fidel
6*diflsvn, Mex, thege0rge, knuffie66, Bulletje83, Aise88
2 3bbot, Aise88, _GreatBot_, 1bbot, 00THE, 4bbot
5*kimjungun, fidel, colzizo, Viet_Cong, Aise88
4*amt, yagoboy, coolbreeze, Aise88, jeffman1, wolt
1 Aise88, 1bbot, 4, 05, 02
1 Aise88, aAaAaAaAa1, A_Monger, Abonizer, Abduhl, pizzagate
5*xvxvx, Liwwadden, -Player-1-, pudder, Aise88, amt
6 _I_BOT_F_, 2bbot, 05, 1, _GreatBot_, Aise88
5 3, 1bbot, _GreatBot_, 2bbot, Aise88, 4bbot
1*Aise88, CharIesVIl, colzizo, taptckk, nuria22
1 Aise88, _BennyHill, 4, 3, _I_BOT_F_, 1bbot
4 4bbot, 3bbot, _I_BOT_F_, Aise88, _GreatBot_, [:O_o]
5 4bbot, 2, 01, _GreatBot_, Aise88, _I_BOT_F_
1 Aise88, 4, 2, 01, 2bbot, 1bbot
6 2bbot, 1bbot, 05, 00WORLD, 4, Aise88
4*CharIesVIl, K13, kimjungun, Aise88, nuria22
1*Aise88, CharIesVIl, gerfop, K13, AFCA020CBS
6 2bbot, 03, 00GAME, 00DOMINATE, snuitkever, Aise88
4*colzizo, fidel, snuitkever, Aise88, diflsvn, IvanBogi
6 2bbot, 1bbot, 3bbot, 00RULES, 00DOMINATE, Aise88
5 4, 04, 00THE, 01, Aise88, 1bbot
5*nuria22, Bulletje83, earthone, ABSF, Aise88, snuitkever
1 Aise88, 4, 2bbot, 03, 3bbot, 00RULES
3*Darthvader, nuria22, Aise88, AFCA020CBS, hamlet1983
4 02, 2bbot, 03, Aise88, 3bbot, 1bbot
2*MarekL19, Aise88, Jennifer, Gabrielle, hamlet1983, burkemac
3*StonedCat, MARINE66, Aise88, bananabutt, diflsvn
5*Flatlands, andy11, edwin, hamlet1983, Aise88
2*thelarster, Aise88, gak, TP_knighty, fidel
1*Aise88, colzizo, wimpee, batian, RAGE2000
*) Rated game

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