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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
AirBiscuit 1682 1800 1459 5 69

Game started Pos Game result
1*AirBiscuit, Mex, seen, Michelle, andypandy5, beta
1*airBiscuit, Mex, aboulayla, aise88, Xplosive, pizzagate
1*airBiscuit, remmetje, Mex, MARINE66, jakooboo, TOAST
1*AirBiscuit, RedShark, Mex, remmetje, remspoor, master
4*master, Mex, remspoor, AirBiscuit, kpercell2, earthone
4*rist6, remmetje, GolfPro, AirBiscuit, Mex, gmoney
1*AirBiscuit, Dominator, wolt, kpercell2, Apfelbaumz, OG1
5*pincelito, Mex, Bulletje83, stephanie9, AirBiscuit, eibmwfanai
3*kpercell2, ms2dft, AirBiscuit, devill63, Dominator
2*MarekL19, AirBiscuit, Jennifer, MEXICO, Gabrielle, pizzagate
4*Mex, Bolo, nuria22, AirBiscuit, GolfPro, pizzagate
6 master, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, remmetje, Rafter, AirBiscuit
1*AirBiscuit, alex, nuria22, StonedCat, colzizo, kefkiller3
1*AirBiscuit, OG1, StonedCat, MEXICO, ulisse, Aise88
1*AirBiscuit, 1bbot, 2bbot, 3, Aise88, OG1
3*pizzagate, Schwitzebo, AirBiscuit, FlyinHigh, mozzie, GolfPro
5*OG1, alex, Romeo123, kefkiller3, AirBiscuit, pizzagate
5*pizzagate, TP_knighty, devill63, manyak99, AirBiscuit, newjersey
1*AirBiscuit, remspoor, TT1, MARINE66, herte777, mozzie
6*sqarygary1, TT1, Ax23, snowball, rodent, AirBiscuit
5*Morgan420, TT1, remspoor, alexde, AirBiscuit, jasostitt
5*fastrrrrrr, remmetje, Rebecca, remspoor, AirBiscuit, thege0rge
2*Rebecca, AirBiscuit, RonnieD, wimpee, MEXICO, Xplosive
*) Rated game

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