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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
1fater 1533 1624 1221 2 146

Game started Pos Game result
2*nostyle, 1fater, BatMan, caos, pincelito
4*gerfop, colzizo, rist6, 1fater, StonedCat, Bedsoaker
1*1fater, bananabutt, 2ne1, earthone, vrede_nu, manyak98
2*leeuwarden, 1fater, bananabutt, manyak98, RedDragon
4*knuffie66, GolfPro, Druifke, 1fater, aise88
5*Mister_VWP, pincelito, Victor_G, Morgan420, 1fater, aise88
3*pincelito, aise88, 1fater, Mister_VWP, thelarster, Ax23
2*Ax23, 1fater, aise88, wooooody, pizzagate, adamastor8
6*edwin, nostyle, lokve222, thelarster, RedDragon, 1fater
6*rist6, seen, caos, TOAST, Ax23, 1fater
2*AngryDwarf, 1fater, CAOS, pincelito, Ax23
6*MEXICO, Tiffany, robin, colzizo, laker, 1fater
4*taptckk, xvxvx, lokve222, 1fater, colzizo
2*newjersey, 1fater, CAOS, NaderienE, QWERT
1*1fater, laverga, CAOS, wooooody, beta, GolfPro
5*colzizo, Sebastien, pizzagate, thelarster, 1fater, GolfPro
3*wimpee, kefkiller3, 1fater, KaiserFran, GolfPro, CAOS
2 nostyle, 1fater, tampeloeru, lokve222, Laar, GolfPro
3*edwin, wimpee, 1fater, leeuwarden, modominate
3*MarekL19, Gabrielle, 1fater, Jacinda, beppe1960, Wellington
5*mr0, Mex, OG1, TOAST, 1fater, leeuwarden
6*strammamax, OB1, Wellington, ww111, TOAST, 1fater
2*OB1, 1fater, ww111, pudder, Wellington
5*thelarster, wimpee, ljubae, leeuwarden, 1fater
3*bad, KaiserFran, 1fater, GolfPro, CAOS
4*newjersey, MARINE66, RedDragon, 1fater, xvxvx
4 Vagamundo, newjersey, SA_Mullet, 1fater, Garibaldi, hoopax
5*alex, Zatoichi, leeuwarden, knuffie66, 1fater
6*TOAST, AFCA020CBS, amt01, CONQUISTAD, Mex, 1fater
6*Mex, modominate, wallenstei, jhm, fulgidus, 1fater
6*dgs, kefkiller3, bigTex, Alligator7, AFCA020CBS, 1fater
4*mozzie, PussyWhipt, AFCA020CBS, 1fater, mr0
3*master, aldoco, 1fater, jhm, adamastor8, wooooody
2*Karl_XII, 1fater, kefkiller3, passiveguy, fidel, lokvee
3*Dominator, BatMan, 1fater, pincelito, pizzagate
6*colzizo, andypandy5, ljubae, Vagamundo, Dominator, 1fater
4*edwin, kimjungun, TP_knighty, 1fater, wolt
4*xvxvx, Aer0babe, 2ne1, 1fater, aldoco, Oshawhat
2*Tord1, 1fater, aise88, MARINE66, StonedCat, Wrakertje
4*strammamax, devill63, murti, 1fater
5 xvxvx, Mex, TOAST, Castro, 1fater, mozzie
4*StonedCat, kefkiller3, xvxvx, 1fater, Wellington, ikweetjemo
4*Pedrolino, xvxvx, newjersey, 1fater, zedavisbac, colzizo
5*coolbreeze, TomYum, nizzlenar, Oshawhat, 1fater, TNATIRRI
5*Goodman, knuffie66, ljubae, manyak99, 1fater
5 pizzagate, OG1, TP_knighty, GolfPro, 1fater
5*vrede_nu, coolbreeze, Oshawhat, bob_barker, 1fater, newjersey
2*vrede_nu, 1fater, coolbreeze, bob_barker, Ax23, andy11
4*edwin, loppol, nostyle, 1fater, zedavisbac
2*gak, 1fater, knuffie66, nostyle, hdo89, OG1
3*edwin, nostyle, 1fater, modominate, alexde
3*newjersey, mozzie, 1fater, SGTStone, aise88
1*1fater, PussyWhipt, remmetje, Rebecca, master, Ax23
3*OG1, Stevenaars, 1fater, thelarster, Wellington, CAOS
6*TP_knighty, Wellington, Stevenaars, xvxvx, aise88, 1fater
5*modominate, wolt, ''Sjaak, alex, 1fater
5*loppol, Schwitzebo, SGTStone, alex, 1fater
5*edwin, colzizo, wolt, devill63, 1fater, gasman
5*laker, RalphBot, robin, 2ne1, 1fater, earthone
2*zedavisbac, 1fater, SGTStone, jayplay, Karl_XII
5*pike2266, MEXICO, zedavisbac, angelo72, 1fater, steve2233
4*Mister_VWP, thuglife, nuria22, 1fater, fulgidus, caos
2*alexde, 1fater, Mister_VWP, caos, fulgidus, beta
2*rist6, 1fater, Dominator, dodraugen, TP_knighty, Mister_VWP
5*edwin, AFCA020CBS, Ax23, lerner, 1fater
5 Aise88, hoodlegend, Atax_None2, Atilla_Cuz, 1fater, lerner
1*1fater, laker, hoodlegend, Aise88
2*Viet_Cong, 1fater, AvdB93, Nummer02, colzizo
2*batian, 1fater, MARINE66, Romeo123
4 Toffay, modominate, doedelpoe, 1fater
4*Rebecca, Erythraea, robin, 1fater, laker, handjob
2*StonedCat, 1fater, Erythraea, ginagriffi, ms2dft, don
2*domblondje, 1fater, laverga, Nicussi, Ax23, hamlet1983
5*modominate, Ax23, Edwards7, stfu_punk, 1fater, MarekL19
5*Ax23, stfu_punk, Edwards7, modominate, 1fater
5*patrick, mozzie, Player, MarekL19, 1fater, wimpee
3*lkpr0624, thelarster, 1fater, carla1989, colzizo
5*patrick, leeuwarden, Player, pudder, 1fater
2*wolt, 1fater, Redwood, Player, refugees, Diamond
5*patrick, bananabutt, BATIAN, kimjungun, 1fater, SGTStone
3*devill63, carla1989, 1fater, fulgidus
6*retardino, batian, oom, MEXICO, domblondje, 1fater
3*batian, oom, 1fater, edwin, Token
4*bananabutt, sqarygary1, weedmaster, 1fater, griemeldie, Oshawhat
5*bananabutt, manyak99, weedmaster, Oshawhat, 1fater, handjob
5*alexde, colzizo, snowball, seen, 1fater, Toffay
4*morbidness, destroyer6, edwin, 1fater, 'wwijk
5*FatAssFred, ABSF, oom, cobalt60, 1fater, lady_kick
4*Reetpel, CuteAmy, plop3223, 1fater, oom, wolt
3*Reetpel, StonedCat, 1fater, Goodman, wolt
1*1fater, Toffay, Goodman, cobalt60, FatAssFred
5*Reetpel, dommie, MARINE66, cobalt60, 1fater, FatAssFred
3*edwin, bananabutt, 1fater, oom, Sambal-Bij
1*1fater, Sambal-Bij, HankTheTan, Reetpel
5*Goodman, MEXICO, uriahheep, wooooody, 1fater
2*mozzie, 1fater, rist6, manyak99, BasedDvl, bleedgreen
2*Reetpel, 1fater, FatAssFred, devill63, Muis1
6*Stevenaars, PussyWhipt, colzizo, TP_knighty, thelarster, 1fater
6*xvxvx, Goodman, leeuwarden, herte777, mozzie, 1fater
1*1fater, lrigdrat, imaxlevel, hoodlegend, KENWOOD
1 1fater, manyak99, MARINE66, vrede_nu, Toffay, bleedgreen
3*casavus, yagoboy, 1fater, MARINE66, modominate, 2ne1
4*Stevenaars, napoleonmo, dougbotha, 1fater
6*master, PussyWhipt, mozzie, Thomas, Rebecca, 1fater
3*megadom, tentacles, 1fater, StonedCat, plop3223
2*G5, 1fater, colzizo, casavus, blasherke
2 Player, 1fater, master, edwin, plop3223, manyak99
6*dirtrider1, beta, fiddleed65, bleedgreen, 1fater
4*Shamrocks, charless, sqarygary1, 1fater, shahanshah, fiddleed65
2*pequespequ, 1fater, ABSF, fiddleed65, bleedgreen, Oshawhat
2*Gabrielle, 1fater, MarekL19, coolbreeze, bleedgreen, Jacinda
3*Toffay, pincelito, 1fater, 2ne1
3*sammy, mozzie, 1fater, caos
4*MEXICO, SGTStone, kill4peace, 1fater, KingVegeta
6*Jacinda, herte777, caos, Gabrielle, MarekL19, 1fater
6*PussyWhipt, tc1980, master, Rebecca, Economist, 1fater
3*Rebecca, PussyWhipt, 1fater, tc1980, Economist, master
4 MCXX, 2ne1, MARINE66, 1fater, bleedgreen
6*Napoleonmo, RonJeremy, Irma, snowball, xvxvx, 1fater
5*kill4peace, colzizo, KingVegeta, babaloo, 1fater, fastrrrrrr
3*snowball, KingVegeta, 1fater, kill4peace, Irma
4*tc1980, Stevenaars, colzizo, 1fater, Ax23
5*Jacinda, MarekL19, colzizo, Gabrielle, 1fater, goodnight1
5*atrox, Denobr, sammy, felixxxxx, 1fater
2*Ultionem, 1fater, Cool_Cat, colzizo, Redwood
3*Rebecca, ArnieGrape, 1fater, TT1, hyrolium, caos
1*1fater, KingVegeta, hyrolium, hamlet1983, Ax23, MarekL19
5*stephanie9, samantha, mr0, Ax23, 1fater
6*kill4peace, PussyWhipt, 2b, dougbotha, ProudClod, 1fater
3*NinjaSK, lerner, 1fater, colzizo, stephanie9, franz44
5*Ultionem, caos, hamlet1983, Irma, 1fater, ginagriffi
5*patrick, tc1980, master, franz44, 1fater
6*KENWOOD, fiddleed65, wimpee, bleedgreen, caos, 1fater
4*colzizo, felixxxxx, caos, 1fater
5*MarvelGirl, remspoor, remmetje, TT1, 1fater, franz44
1*1fater, HoDown, MARINE66, bleedgreen
6*nuria22, KingVegeta, Dominator, Ultionem, StonedCat, 1fater
6*Ax23, KENWOOD, beta, KingVegeta, MarekL19, 1fater
5*ModdaFokka, pincelito, 2b, Sebastien, 1fater, BasedDvl
3*kill4peace, mrfreak, 1fater, patrick, coolbreeze, atothee
6*Retardgirl, TT1, caos, kill4peace, CW19057, 1fater
3*Mex, 2b, 1fater, FreakShow, lungbisket, Gwydion
1*1fater, mrfreak, RAGE2000, CONQUISTAD, Schwitzebo, angelo72
2*caos, 1fater, megadom, korat99, pizzagate, Flatlands
4*RAGE2000, Reetpel, kefkiller3, 1fater, megadom
3*fiddleed65, Jebber, 1fater, colzizo, 2b
1*1fater, alexde, Edwards7, fiddleed65, fastrrrrrr
2*master, 1fater, bounce-b, Edwards7, fiddleed65
6*my7777, Charless, Morgan420, felixxx, 1fater
3*Morgan420, anna, 1fater, Dominator, manyak99, kartan
2 Skapatoria, 1fater, master, halte, franz44, Charless
2*Unibomber, 1fater, franz44, MARINE66, pudder, fiddleed65
3*master, PussyWhipt, 1fater, Rafter, Rebecca, rist6
3*Jennifer, RAGE2000, 1fater, James, Stevenaars
4 RAGE2000, Jennifer, Jimmy, 1fater, dougbotha
6*RAGE2000, BeanBot, mr0, dougbotha, rosini, 1fater
5*MARINE66, Toffay, franz44, Unibomber, 1fater, bleedgreen
*) Rated game

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