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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
19robroy 1514 1874 1161 8 2292

Game started Pos Game result
5*burkemac, Gabrielle, laker, lerner, 19robroy
1*19robroy, 2ne1, nuria22, imaxlevel, wooooody, lerner
1*19robroy, PaulKleur, Jennifer, Gabrielle, anthonyngu, -Player-1-
5*Gabrielle, knuffie66, newjersey, sqarygary1, 19robroy, Jacinda
6*diflsvn, Gabrielle, seen, Player, DWDD, 19robroy
1*19robroy, Jennifer, Gabrielle, MEXICO, carla1989, bananabutt
6*Blumpkin, wolt, Reetpel, 2b, batian, 19robroy
1*19robroy, Jennifer, bananabutt, gasman, Gabrielle, edwin
1*19robroy, Dominator, pincelito, nice, knuffie66, laverga
1*19robroy, thelarster, Gabrielle, Jacinda, colzizo, HANNIBAL56
3*Gabrielle, coolbreeze, 19robroy, Jacinda, vrede_nu, bleedgreen
4*zyxw, lrigdrat, Gabrielle, 19robroy, Jacinda, pincelito
5*Jennifer, KENWOOD, Gabrielle, cobalt60, 19robroy, rodent
1*19robroy, MARINE66, Steppdaddy, nightc, MCXX, 2ne1
6*sqarygary1, colimori, Reetpel, imaxlevel, nuria22, 19robroy
5*MCXX, Jacinda, Gabrielle, caos, 19robroy, RAGE2000
1*19robroy, bananabutt, 2b, candyO, PoohBear2, earthone
1*19robroy, LordFriezA, 2ne1, Vagamundo
2*Kariboo, 19robroy, knuffie66, Edwards7, patrick, Flatlands
1 19robroy, Hurc, 4bbot, bopster, Ahmed, aaja
4*Sunsh1ne, Jennifer, Gabrielle, 19robroy, MEXICO, kefkiller3
2*Gabrielle, 19robroy, Vagammundo, RingoStar, Jacinda, bleedgreen
*) Rated game

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