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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
RingoStar 1724 1724 1332 2 71

Game started Pos Game result
1*RingoStar, Mex, Charless, davidavand, enpassant, zztop
1*RingoStar, 2ne1, RonnieD, Charless, OldMan2, enpassant
2*lungbisket, RingoStar, MARINE66, 2b, 2ne1, LoneCat
4*Rebecca, Rodneyking, master, RingoStar, PussyWhipt, candyO
1*RingoStar, MARINE66, ArnieGrape, franz44, DarthVader
2*Retardgirl, RingoStar, pincelito, Mex, MARINE66, franz44
1*RingoStar, RonnieD, MARINE66, Retardgirl
3*KENWOOD, MARINE66, RingoStar, franz44, modominate, 0909art
1*RingoStar, Dominator, xvxvx, kill4peace, kefkiller3, pudder
4*manyak99, nostyle, xvxvx, RingoStar, my7777, pudder
4*X_Man, knuffie66, nostyle, RingoStar, my7777, franz44
4*batty, nostyle, MARINE66, RingoStar, Hostess, kimjungun
5*smash18, remspoor, Rebecca, RonnieD, RingoStar, franz44
4*KENWOOD, MARINE66, whupemwild, RingoStar, djart, 2ne1
1*RingoStar, MARINE66, Vagammundo
1*RingoStar, MARINE66, 2ne1, whupemwild
5*pudder, bleedgreen, Vagammundo, 2ne1, RingoStar, modominate
2*MEXICO, RingoStar, colzizo, vrede_nu, felixxxxx, atothee
1*RingoStar, agapanthis, griemeldie, MEXICO, vrede_nu, atothee
3*bleedgreen, cupafeel, RingoStar, sander1989, kill4peace, caos
4*Charless, remspoor, RonnieD, RingoStar, franz44
6*earthone, remspoor, remmetje, RonnieD, smash18, RingoStar
6*earthone, MARINE66, Vagammundo, PhR3Ak, yagoboy, RingoStar
2*SMASH18, RingoStar, coolbreeze, Mex, MARINE66, nuria22
3*Tentacles, SGTStone, RingoStar, colzizo, yeray75
4*Schwitzebo, nizzlenar, koolfloss, RingoStar, Token
5*RonJeremy, kill4peace, fidel, caos, RingoStar
4*Token, koolfloss, kill4peace, RingoStar, yeray75
2 MarekL19, RingoStar, Jacinda, Gabrielle, yeray75, Schwitzebo
6*halloween2, nizzlenar, PoohBear2, Tentacles, MARINE66, RingoStar
5*ShyHeart, nbk, wooooody, amt01, RingoStar, bubbarowde
3*Rebecca, bubbarowde, RingoStar, wooooody, StudMonkey, MARINE66
4*bubbarowde, Vagammundo, MARINE66, RingoStar, bonje, coolbreeze
2*clangunn, RingoStar, amt01, coolbreeze
3*colzizo, bubbarowde, RingoStar, vrede_nu, MEXICO, seen
6*kill4peace, koolfloss, pudder, caos, knuffie66, RingoStar
2*pudder, RingoStar, colzizo, Edwards7, capersw
4*SGTStone, UncleBenny, BasedDvl, RingoStar, bubbarowde
4*stephanie9, nuria22, Excelo, RingoStar, manyak99
3*Teach, Edwards7, RingoStar, koolfloss, yeray75
4*xvxvx, franz44, pincelito, RingoStar, ww111, DeZoE
4*whupemwild, nizzlenar, MARINE66, RingoStar
5*innocent_3, RonnieD, MARINE66, Vagammundo, RingoStar, remspoor
4*Gabrielle, 19robroy, Vagammundo, RingoStar, Jacinda, bleedgreen
5*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, Rafter, RingoStar, fastrrrrrr
3*franz44, rist6, RingoStar, pincelito, fastrrrrrr
2*Rebecca, RingoStar, modominate, pincelito, PussyWhipt, master
5*MEXICO, nuria22, sqarygary1, cupafeel, RingoStar, wooooody
5*thelarster, Sunsh1ne, next_rv, MEXICO, RingoStar, sqarygary1
*) Rated game

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