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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
capersw 1535 1583 1377 1 15

Game started Pos Game result
1 capersw, TryMeFool, FaNTa, Razzia_2, krembot1, 2
4*pequespequ, bounce-b, thelarster, capersw, kman
1 capersw, BMbot, 1, Nekthand, emiel, kaper
3*sqarygary1, SCP00, capersw, bananabutt, Bolo, clangunn
1 capersw, klaroen2, Kickass, kim, 1, capkiller2
1*capersw, Cudovii, LordFriezA, bleedgreen, alex47, modominate
1 capersw, 05, CrashQ, BeanBot, meco, Caappy5
6*kwicki, sqarygary1, Sunsh1ne, bleedgreen, RAGE2000, capersw
1 capersw, Rebecca, gideon22, trintest4, 1, CHECK4
3*Xplosive, sqarygary1, capersw, bleedgreen, clangunn, BasedDvl
2 RonnieD, capersw, Gifif, Nekthand, SaintTotti, dave
1 capersw, neeBot, Guy, NumbNuts2, hamie3rd, CoronersX
2*TheBlueOx, capersw, MCXX, Reetpel, 2ne1
2 kunsthoofd, capersw, MagicBot3, nuvola, MWX, kuntakinte
6 TheBirdsA, Toeter, TT2, whiterabit, TeamBotA, capersw
5 brasil0730, MagicBot3, MagicBot1, A, capersw, CHECK5
5 esdevebot, comeback2, grippedbot, Jimbot, capersw, jurski8
3 MCXX, stephanie9, capersw, 2ne1
3*Flatlands, bounce-b, capersw, Kariboo, Mister_VWP, MCXX
1 capersw, trintest3, onobot2, Nemesis, SweetAngel, GBtest1
6 comeback2, 1, CAP_PLACER, GBtest3, emiel, capersw
1 capersw, RUFUS, RonnieD, _Mike_, aAaAaAaAa1, zzz4
1 capersw, chewy, 1, Nemesis, RUFUS, Gifif
1*capersw, Reetpel, Flatlands, bounce-b, my7777, BillThemas
1 capersw, DCN2, Gijs, beanerbaby, gideon22, lemonbot
2 onobot2, capersw, fejijfi, DCN3, Brunix, emiel
2*korat99, capersw, pudder, krak, modominate, CuteAmy
5*sqarygary1, BillThemas, pizzagate, Tentacles, capersw, bounce-b
1 capersw, 0000000009, hamie3rd, TryMeFool, zztest, Stupid
1 capersw, onobot2, FunBot, Friends1, cocainebot, Fr1end1
1 capersw, DCN3, jimbojoe, remmetje, jen, Brunix
1 capersw, Brunix, LoveBot, frenske2, shrimp, SexBot
5*caos, Goodman, brunbj_rn, griemeldie, capersw
5*pudder, RingoStar, colzizo, Edwards7, capersw
1 capersw, BSMrobo5, fejijfi, EmielBot, CrashZ, MrBot
1 capersw, czelibot2, bot1, DCN2, DCN4, tom
1 capersw, Botzor, Capstriker, 0000000007, BSMrobo3, Cappy1
1 capersw, Test5, skslae, 0000000000, onotestbot, Testgk
1 capersw, czelibot3, 0000000008, Zach, DCN4, Atax_All2
*) Rated game

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