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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
colzizo 1457 1747 1099 5 1790

Game started Pos Game result
4*Captain_Ch, The-Pitch, Luckyto77, colzizo, dog_farts, yeray75
1*colzizo, dog_farts, knuffie66, iluvmaryel, yeray75, hasimaga
2*hasimaga, colzizo, DutchCrnch, kwicki, Sebastien, Karl_XII
6*MEXICO, miss_blond, LauraLopes, JovkeBG, Rosmalen, colzizo
5*Fidz, iluvmaryel, atila1uno, yeray75, colzizo, JovkeBG
4*Rosmalen, miss_blond, Fidz, colzizo, iluvmaryel
3*yeray75, -X-, colzizo, getalife, iluvmaryel, Red_Dawn
3 Hurc, snuff, colzizo, esdevebot, 00WORLD
2*manyak99, colzizo, freddyH, Dolfje80, flapie
6 aaja, Estorbo, edju, Ahmed, Fr1end1, colzizo
3*jelleking, andreagior, colzizo, yeray75
3*pudder, Toffay, colzizo, yeray75, jelleking, Irma
6*caos, DutchCrnch, nuria22, Mousie1, jelleking, colzizo
5*Irma, Cret, yeray75, hasimaga, colzizo
3*devill63, franz44, colzizo, dougbotha, Mousie1
2*GetALife, colzizo, seen, franz44
6*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, seen, remmetje, colzizo
6*snpcelik, rumpel, Sebastien, Mousie1, duvelduvel, colzizo
3*Fidz, freddyH, colzizo, kwicki, atrox, Muis1
3*freddyH, kwicki, colzizo, jolani, Sebastien, yeray75
4*Rosmalen, caos, andreagior, colzizo, yeray75
6*hasimaga, Ajuran, Mousie1, Schwitzebo, flapie, colzizo
5*manyak99, don, Ultionem, andreagior, colzizo
2 Mousie1, colzizo, Duv3lk3
3*Mousie1, sanderboy, colzizo, Quebec
5*FRAWALLET2, Mousie1, caos, HoDown, colzizo
6*hasimaga, robin, snpcelik, Rodneyking, Rebecca, colzizo
4*robin, pudder, thege0rge, colzizo, hasimaga, Life
6*dougbotha, franz44, Edwards7, tdots, vagammundo, colzizo
5*Steppdaddy, dougbotha, franz44, RamsesII, colzizo, culum29
6*Karl_XII, bigboss22, RamsesII, Life, Mousie1, colzizo
5*nuria22, IronMan_, Schwitzebo, snpcelik, colzizo
6*pudder, Karl_XII, Oshawhat, dafskunk, snpcelik, colzizo
4*19Robroy, Jacinda, Gabrielle, colzizo, Rosmalen, Victor_G
5*TinkyWinky, Rosmalen, Oshawhat, cupafeel, colzizo, snpcelik
6*druif, jackm, iluvmaryel, Economist, DCAS75, colzizo
4*DarkAngel, Rebecca, rembot, colzizo, robin, ms2dft
3*19Robroy, Gabrielle, colzizo, Diertani_, pudder, dafskunk
2 Steppdaddy, colzizo
3*wipemearse, Steppdaddy, colzizo, shahanshah
4*wipemearse, Ajuran, Raska, colzizo, Charlie77
3*EL_CHE, freddyH, colzizo, hasimaga, Muis1
6*coolbreeze, Mousie1, nuria22, DeKraker, hasimaga, colzizo
4*freddyH, Mousie1, hasimaga, colzizo, steffanhal, hehuisiam
5*curlyofbiz, conquista6, -Player-1-, AA12345, colzizo, freddyH
6 pizzagate, hasimaga, EL_CHE, freddyH, -Player-1-, colzizo
6*freetime, bigboss22, pizzagate, shahanshah, TP_knighty, colzizo
3*Roscimal, Ultionem, colzizo, GetALife, pizzagate
6*-X-, _Kim_Jung_, wipemearse, Schwitzebo, Ultionem, colzizo
5*freetime, heirhehe, caos, Kosty, colzizo, seen
1*colzizo, caos, wallie, arwinda, runaxd
5*_Kim_Jung_, masterm, RamsesII, PussyWhipt, colzizo
3*master, PussyWhipt, colzizo, Rebecca, MARINE66, 0101010101
5*ohyeah, MARINE66, modominate, Every_one, colzizo, bleedgreen
3*Mousie1, robin, colzizo, PussyWhipt, Bolo
6*-X-, love2smoke, lrigdrat, yourmom, lkpr0624, colzizo
3*yokin, caos, colzizo, wipemearse, hyrolium, iluvmaryel
3*wipemearse, caos, colzizo, ms2dft, leeuwarden, flapie
5*Muis1, -Player-1-, Ultionem, weedmaster, colzizo, hyrolium
3*fokker, Mousie1, colzizo, hehuisiam, carlos28, badsantaa
6*Poethehope, devill63, Zack, weedmaster, Irma, colzizo
2*Ultionem, colzizo, bigboss22, tarikakyol, Every_one
1*colzizo, TP_knighty, GetALife, wallie, AFCA020CBS, Quebec
5*caos, 2b, bonje, culum29, colzizo
6*superrito, sparks, mozzie, culum29, dodraugen, colzizo
2*dofhydro, colzizo, Irma, turf
4*mozzie, Mousie1, MarvelGirl, colzizo, MeIandMyse, bonje
2*caos, colzizo, RamsesII, TP_knighty
5 TP_knighty, RamsesII, master, franz44, colzizo
3*Roscimal, MEXICO, colzizo, B_O_X_E_R, freddyH, nuria22
1*colzizo, Life, Roscimal, freddyH, escalibrat, bleedgreen
3*conan, Ultionem, colzizo, 'Brutos, franz44
4*'Brutos, Mousie1, iluvmaryel, colzizo, Clash
5*AttacksRED, snpcelik, Sweetie, Muis1, colzizo, manyak99
6*freetime, freddyH, xvxvx, Ajuran, aboulayla, colzizo
4*AttacksRED, weedmaster, _Chronos, colzizo, freddyH
5*Poethehope, _Chronos, xvxvx, Irma, colzizo, dept12
4*MEXICO, alespol, 2b, colzizo, flapie
4*_Chronos, Poethehope, Irma, colzizo
5*yeray75, _Chronos, xone, bleedgreen, colzizo, Victor_G
2*wipemearse, colzizo, priitV, amt
5*Steppdaddy, master, franz44, PussyWhipt, colzizo, priitV
3*Steppdaddy, franz44, colzizo, 'Brutos, Sand, Raska
3*wim, 'Brutos, colzizo, Sand, Ajuran
6*Rebecca, master, PussyWhipt, Cret, manyak99, colzizo
6*whyme, master, pudder, TP_knighty, saxman9690, colzizo
6*russia, freetime, alespol, saxman9690, Diamond, colzizo
5*Muis1, Irma, manyak99, Zack, colzizo, freetime
6*Schwitzebo, Transex, HoDown, Roscimal, Muis1, colzizo
2*Victor_G, colzizo, Diertani_, priitV, Cudovii, IronMan_
6*master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, Transex, priitV, colzizo
6*alexjones, heirhehe, Teach, lrigdrat, dragoo, colzizo
6*rist6, 2b, GetALife, plop3223, leeuwarden, colzizo
4 Abduhl, Atax_None2, ANGELX, colzizo, AsiaBot
2 000000000, colzizo, A_Monger, 69bot, 0000000005
6*alespol, fokker, DeKraker, Mousie1, coolbreeze, colzizo
3*snpcelik, amt, colzizo, Mousie1, Diertani_
4*abcdef, pup, devill63, colzizo
4*JuveMerda, Steppdaddy, Mousie1, colzizo
*) Rated game

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