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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
colzizo 1415 1747 1099 5 2680

Game started Pos Game result
6*MEXICO, TylerDurde, warzone201, manyak99, MARINE66, colzizo
3*warzone201, mfd906, colzizo, Rafter, pantoffel0
3*hhanger, bubbarowde, colzizo, uncleBenny, pudder, clangunn
4*fh003, ulisse, steppdaddy, colzizo, Cool_Cat, mfd906
6*KENWOOD, golfpro10, davidcool_, knuffie66, _Chronos, colzizo
1*colzizo, beta, caos, harunko201, knuffie66, Wellington
1*colzizo, albania, devill63, colimori, yasin_mila
2*albania, colzizo, fidel, steppdaddy, golfpro10, alespol
1*colzizo, _Chronos, olegblokin, wooooody, freetime, Menno51
4*caos, Irma, hhanger, colzizo, ginagriffi
1*colzizo, HoDown, Mister_VWP, MEXICO, wimpee, BillThemas
5*Billdo, SGTStone, Schwitzebo, GetALife, colzizo
5*mfd906, caos, bastard, cucumbre, colzizo, yeray75
6*goodnight1, rembot, warzone201, bleedgreen, cucumbre, colzizo
5*Schwitzebo, KENWOOD, cucumbre, hhanger, colzizo, bleedgreen
5*uwilldie85, bastard, cucumbre, pantoffel0, colzizo, werkeloos
1*colzizo, Goodman, knuffie66, plop3223, kwicki, griemeldie
3*uncleBenny, brunbj_rn, colzizo, warzone201, wimpee, Victor_G
2*wrecker, colzizo, earthone, griemeldie, plop3223
4*werkeloos, Schwitzebo, edwin, colzizo, mozzie
5*warzone201, fidel, Eritrea, uncleBenny, colzizo, Mister_VWP
3*BruceW, Goodman, colzizo, Xplosive, loppol, steppdaddy
6*zumzumzum, Netelweg13, CuteAmy, vrede_nu, xaisex, colzizo
3*Suuns, plop3223, colzizo, xaisex, wooooody
4*steppdaddy, Dominator, CuteAmy, colzizo, xaisex
3*plop3223, uwilldie85, colzizo, caos, wimpee
1*colzizo, manyak99, mozzie, devill63, steppdaddy
2*uwilldie85, colzizo, warzone201, steppdaddy, hhanger, pizzagate
4*caos, Dominator, nostyle, colzizo
2*nuria22, colzizo, mozzie, MARINE66
5*clangunn, knuffie66, wimpee, Deowner, colzizo, bleedgreen
4*alfombra, uncleBenny, dekraker, colzizo, Irma
3*caos, spyka, colzizo, uncleBenny, uwilldie85
5*wimpee, nostyle, KingVegeta, Lvsitano, colzizo, yeray75
3*bleedgreen, KingVegeta, colzizo, wimpee, mfd906, pudder
3*pudder, uwilldie85, colzizo, uncleBenny, spyka, Schwitzebo
5*yeray75, 19robroy, kefkiller3, alfombra, colzizo, spyka
3*buenaventu, arwinda, colzizo, KingVegeta
3*felix, mozzie, colzizo, werkeloos, leeuwarden, harunko201
3*freetime, HUGEBALLS, colzizo, caos, vrede_nu, Freaker
4*caos, MARINE66, pudder, colzizo, Irma, ginagriffi
3*freetime, KENWOOD, colzizo, Aak, Dominator, HUGEBALLS
6*steppdaddy, uncleBenny, caos, werkeloos, robbertjuh, colzizo
4*steppdaddy, HUGEBALLS, freetime, colzizo, uwilldie85, Irma
6*manyak99, beta, bounce-b, harunko201, TP_knighty, colzizo
5*HoDown, __Conor__, ydna, Menno51, colzizo, freetime
4*Schwitzebo, REMY, bounce-b, colzizo, Menno51, Wellington
2*harunko201, colzizo, beta, HoDown, caos, ydna
5*lerner, martim, Irma, REMY, colzizo, ginagriffi
3*Dominator, knuffie66, colzizo, uncleBenny, steppdaddy
3*steppdaddy, uncleBenny, colzizo, Toffay, ms2dft, Wellington
2*brunbj_rn, colzizo, golfpro10, martim, MEXICO, pudder
6*uwilldie85, Schwitzebo, griemeldie, flapie, MEXICO, colzizo
1*colzizo, Dominator, Schwitzebo, wooooody, Ax23, warzone201
1*colzizo, devill63, sobersucce, pincelito, ArvinArvin
5*BatMan, edwin, Hizbolla, colzizo
5*uwilldie85, ArvinArvin, uncleBenny, knuffie66, colzizo
4 buenaventu, edwin, yeray75, colzizo, Ax23
3*wrecker, xvxvx, colzizo, E-ric, Menno51, TP_knighty
4*warzone201, E-ric, TP_knighty, colzizo, caos, arwinda
4*arwinda, caos, xaisex, colzizo, pudder, warzone201
2*nuria22, colzizo, MCXX, mozzie, xaisex
5*bastard, Lvsitano, mike666, manyak99, colzizo, harunko201
3*manyak99, TP_knighty, colzizo, griemeldie, bastard, bubi
3*albania, uncleBenny, colzizo, griemeldie, martim, sobersucce
3*Lvsitano, gigantje, colzizo, MARINE66, steppdaddy, caos
4*KENWOOD, golfpro10, warzone201, colzizo
3*laverga, nostyle, colzizo, AlieBamie, killerbas
6*manyak99, caos, inpod, aaja, Schwitzebo, colzizo
3*Schwitzebo, -X-, colzizo, danas, TP_knighty, escarnahs1
4*caos, warzone201, kasino91, colzizo, Goodnight1
3*TP_knighty, uncleBenny, colzizo, Goodnight1, sanderboy, pudder
3*uncleBenny, TP_knighty, colzizo, sanderboy, shahanshah, Goodnight1
5*caos, pantoffel0, griemeldie, Goodnight1, colzizo
6*Schwitzebo, freetime, Hizbolla, werkeloos, gabicris, colzizo
4*golfpro10, Hizbolla, buenaventu, colzizo, uncleBenny
4*golfpro10, ydna, pincelito, colzizo, leDJo
4*clangunn, REMY, CONQUISTAD, colzizo
*) Rated game

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