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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
zyxw 1582 1695 1316 4 211

Game started Pos Game result
4*Boeda, remember54, steppdaddy, zyxw, arwinda, Supercool
2*my7777, zyxw, jade2017, amt, CW19057
3*lizzy, knuffie66, zyxw, my7777, lerner
2*G5, zyxw, caos, domblondje, lizzy, burkemac
4*KingVegeta, TP_knighty, ms2dft, zyxw, yasin_mila, lerner
1*zyxw, runaxd, dubbel10, colzizo, kartan, TP_knighty
6*darklord, jay_w, Karl_XII, barreeyo, shroom, zyxw
1*zyxw, earthone, bruraid, don_trump, pizzagate, dubbel10
3*mrfrank, Red_Ocean7, zyxw, citroen, northman
1 zyxw, Emiel2Bot, EmielBot, Emiel1Bot, EvilBotC, EvilBotB
1*zyxw, racerunner, stinnett, TP_knighty, colzizo, zeusman5
1*zyxw, DeKraker, sthlmmofo, friet_met, TP_knighty, killerbas
4*caos, DeKraker, atila1uno, zyxw, CptSalazar, Prisbi
5*shroom, hyrolium, colzizo, Michel, zyxw, coke89
1*zyxw, lalalalage, Ladyblond, jade2017, Rosmalen
1*zyxw, Saboteador, boeves92, BigChurch, AA12345
3*jantjuhhh8, Bellablue, zyxw, Jarcooler, kaiser4, lizzy
*) Rated game

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