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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
djskater88 1409 1753 1279 3 545

Game started Pos Game result
6*mrfrank, smittycash, runaxd, CW19057, fcafca, djskater88
3*shroom, cucumbre, djskater88, larrytheda, mrfrank
2 CW19057, djskater88, woodff, jay_w, yeray75, Karl_XII
2*TinkyWinky, djskater88, potus, Cuse44, alocer, boeves92
4*bounce-b, knuffie66, IronMan_, djskater88, darklord
5*barreeyo, golf1, cucumbre, IronMan_, djskater88, padulazza
4*Red_Ocean7, jantjuhhh8, yeray75, djskater88, 19risker, shroom
2*DarkStar, djskater88, obigalanke, Mick, jade2017, boeves92
2*caos, djskater88, Edwards7, Karl_XII, lizzy, ClanGunn
*) Rated game

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