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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Shroom 1603 1754 1209 3 2456

Game started Pos Game result
1*shroom, werkeloos, cucumbre, Sebastien, DayDream, Freddy91_i
3*katiegirl, werkeloos, shroom, Mister_VWP, Sebastien, johncoltra
1 shroom, Jennifer, Gabrielle, Sand, MarekL19, johncoltra
4*Sweetie, Redwood, Toffay, shroom, Freddy91_i, DeKraker
3*IronMan_, Edwards7, shroom, cucumbre, colzizo
2*cucumbre, shroom, Freddy91_i, abcdef, AFCA020CBS, Zizou82
1*shroom, Freddy91_i, franz44
4*Rebecca, master, PussyWhipt, shroom, Rafter, Axmed23
3*forcomicio, iluvmaryel, shroom, JovkeBG, pizzagate
1*shroom, knightwing, caos, God, bigboss22
2 1949midden, shroom, TheBirdsE, TheBirdsC, TheBirdsD, TryMeFool
3*MarekL19, cucumbre, shroom, Tuurlijk, Gabrielle, ydna
5*JazzN, colzizo, alice12, ForzaNapol, shroom, MarekL19
3*AFCA020CBS, KoE_Sjaak, shroom, wolt, Edwards7
4*dougbotha, cucumbre, alice12, shroom, markuss70
4*turf, alice12, BrainElf, shroom, kaiser4
1*shroom, kaiser4, UncleBenny, markuss70, abcdef, KoE_Sjaak
5*master, modominate, Ding_Dong, caos, shroom, markuss70
4*Schwitzebo, caos, Denobr, shroom, colzizo
3*katiegirl, Warrior, shroom, easy_clean, leeuwarden, abcdef
5*caos, abru9, Tuurlijk, Sweetie, shroom
1*shroom, Axmed23, anton, ohjonnyoh, escalibrat
4*katiegirl, --------, Schwitzebo, shroom, leeuwarden
5*katieloop, hyrolium, KoE_Sjaak, emrkirz, shroom, luckyto
4*rammy1, luckyto, UncleBenny, shroom, flapie, forcomicio
2*hyrolium, shroom, PussyWhipt, RamsesII, pincelito, BUG1
6*Crazygirl, luckyto, GetALife, Marine66, master, shroom
1*shroom, manyak99, mike555, arwinda, caos
3*vernonisaw, Rens, shroom, AFCA020CBS, vrede_nu
*) Rated game

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