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Player profile of Redwood

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Birthday: 1984 January 21
Member until: Not a member
Plus account until: No PLUS account
On-line: Redwood is not online

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Redwood 1596 1722 1296 2 163
Grid 1469 1642 1260 2 91
warmonger 1402 1599 1378 2 52

Game started Pos Game result
5*TP_knighty, Supercool, yuengling, manyak99, warmonger, kartan
3*BruceW, remember54, warmonger, bounce-b, Ultionem, DeKraker
5*brunbj_rn, Weber, manyak99, curnshot, warmonger, northman
1 warmonger, aAaAaAaAa2, aAaAaAaAa4, aAaAaAaAa1, aAaAaAaAa5, aAaAaAaAa3
5*mtngator3, iluvmaryel, bounce-b, runaxd, warmonger, curnshot
4*caos, bomberman, sick, warmonger, Supercool, ginagriffi
3*caos, Supercool, warmonger, ginagriffi, sick, iluvmaryel
1*warmonger, Supercool, franz44, markuss70, ginagriffi, iluvmaryel
4*caos, sick, shroom, warmonger, markuss70
2*-X-, warmonger, wolt, curnshot, corfwater
4*caos, sick, escalibrat, warmonger, curnshot
2*sweetie, warmonger, CW19057, alex, steppdaddy, racerunner
4*Ultionem, 1986Master, weedmaster, warmonger, racerunner, sweetie
3*devill63, alex, warmonger, Ultionem, franz44
*) Rated game

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