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Player profile of TP_knighty

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Birthday: 1979 June 28
Member until: Not a member
Plus account until: No PLUS account
On-line: TP_knighty is not online

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
TP_knighty 1449 1828 1279 4 561

Game started Pos Game result
5*Speedy_J, thelarster, Junkdeluxe, rist6, TP_knighty
3*rist6, devill63, TP_knighty, Speedy_J, Player
4*Player, nuria22, higgins, TP_knighty, rist6, edwin
2 Player, TP_knighty, Irma, alexde, Junkdeluxe
2*Player, TP_knighty, justden79, Junkdeluxe, manyak99, thelarster
1 TP_knighty, Player, ww111, mr0, Junkdeluxe
5*herte777, Junkdeluxe, Player, gak, TP_knighty
2*nuria22, TP_knighty, TheBlueOx, kartan, StonedCat, uriahheep
3*knuffie66, uriahheep, TP_knighty, griemeldie, wgnow, colzizo
4*KENWOOD, ms2dft, agapanthis, TP_knighty, Bobthomas1, kill4peace
3*agapanthis, oom, TP_knighty, ms2dft, StonedCat, kill4peace
2*Player, TP_knighty, napoleonmo, gak, domandlo, km_n
2*Player, TP_knighty, domandlo, balls, napoleonmo
2*Player, TP_knighty, domandlo, km_n, thelarster, fastrrrrrr
5*mr0, knuffie66, dougbotha, Sebastien, TP_knighty, devill63
4 felixxx, devill63, Aceventura, TP_knighty
3*manyak99, James, TP_knighty, fastrrrrrr, RAGE2000, snowball
6*master, PussyWhipt, Stevenaars, Rafter, Rebecca, TP_knighty
2*xvxvx, TP_knighty, pizzagate, Player, kartan, DeKraker
2*xvxvx, TP_knighty, Irma, Player, napoleonmo, pizzagate
3*gak, Irma, TP_knighty, agapanthis, hamlet1983, ginagriffi
3*shahanshah, ginagriffi, TP_knighty, hamlet1983, Reetpel, napoleonmo
3 napoleonmo, seen, TP_knighty, Edwards7, Irma
4*StonedCat, rist6, napoleonmo, TP_knighty
2*Stevenaars, TP_knighty, devill63, colzizo, bolliebier
4*Roosters, gak, felixxxxx, TP_knighty, mozzie
4*manyak99, xvxvx, sqarygary1, TP_knighty, HankTheTan, Oshawhat
4*Oshawhat, CrashU, HankTheTan, TP_knighty, sqarygary1, Muis1
5*MEXICO, oom, Dominator, wimpee, TP_knighty, Oshawhat
3 _CrashU__, MEXICO, TP_knighty, wimpee
1*TP_knighty, fastrrrrrr, devill63, master, seen, manyak99
3 devill63, seen, TP_knighty, manyak99, fastrrrrrr
6*Ax23, Irma, MEXICO, napoleonmo, Plasmaboy1, TP_knighty
5*knuffie66, koolfloss, Saxbuddy, hamlet1983, TP_knighty, Ax23
4*Batian, dozer911, Edwards7, TP_knighty
5*MarekL19, Edwards7, Gabrielle, dozer911, TP_knighty, Morgan420
*) Rated game

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