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Birthday: 1979 June 28
Member until: Not a member
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On-line: TP_knighty is not online

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
TP_knighty 1475 1828 1279 4 531

Game started Pos Game result
4*manyak99, bounce-b, steppdaddy, TP_knighty, freetime, beta
5*manyak99, beta, bounce-b, harunko201, TP_knighty, colzizo
4*domblondje, uncleBenny, bounce-b, TP_knighty, Schwitzebo, REMY
6*Edwards7, uncleBenny, __Conor__, higgins, lerner, TP_knighty
3*steppdaddy, uncleBenny, TP_knighty, Schwitzebo, joecairo
3*steppdaddy, uncleBenny, TP_knighty, Cool_Cat, Warmonger
1*TP_knighty, uncleBenny, Lvsitano, uwilldie85, laverga, comodino
2*xvxvx, TP_knighty, uncleBenny, wrecker, stephanie9, griemeldie
2*gigantje, TP_knighty, steppdaddy, Eric, jan, wooooody
4*wooooody, gigantje, franz44, TP_knighty, steppdaddy, E-ric
2*E-ric, TP_knighty, steppdaddy, pincelito, wooooody, spyka
6*steppdaddy, REMY, jackm, zyxw, iluvmaryel, TP_knighty
3*xvxvx, freetime, TP_knighty, nuria22, harunko201, steppdaddy
5*xvxvx, freetime, KingVegeta, nuria22, TP_knighty, lerner
2*coolbreeze, TP_knighty, freetime, nuria22, xvxvx, steppdaddy
6*iluvmaryel, freetime, warzone201, Menno51, E-ric, TP_knighty
6*wrecker, xvxvx, colzizo, E-ric, Menno51, TP_knighty
3*warzone201, E-ric, TP_knighty, colzizo, caos, arwinda
1*TP_knighty, uncleBenny, mozzie, caos, Aak, NinjaSK
4*uncleBenny, NinjaSK, whupemwild, TP_knighty, xaisex, mozzie
3*NinjaSK, uncleBenny, TP_knighty, pantoffel0, CONQUISTAD, xaisex
3*uncleBenny, NinjaSK, TP_knighty, xaisex, pantoffel0, CONQUISTAD
4*uncleBenny, NinjaSK, aori, TP_knighty, CONQUISTAD, whupemwild
2*manyak99, TP_knighty, colzizo, griemeldie, bastard, bubi
2*uncleBenny, TP_knighty, manyak99, steppdaddy, nizzlenar, taptckk
1*TP_knighty, uncleBenny, Juszko, nizzlenar, caos, Schwitzebo
6*turf, AFCA020CBS, uncleBenny, whupemwild, rist6, TP_knighty
4*albania, Bolo, earthone, TP_knighty, lerner
3*HoDown, manyak99, TP_knighty, Menno51, ginagriffi, flapie
2*uncleBenny, TP_knighty, Bolo, Gerard, CONQUISTAD, wooooody
5*REMY, lerner, ahelms, Deowner, TP_knighty, wrecker
6*weedmaster, Schwitzebo, uncleBenny, CONQUISTAD, beta, TP_knighty
2*MEXICO, TP_knighty, CONQUISTAD, nuria22, rist6, warzone201
3*pantoffel0, nuria22, TP_knighty, loppol, uncleBenny, laverga
5*domblondje, uncleBenny, yeray75, paiste1313, TP_knighty, warzone201
4*nostyle, Lvsitano, Toffay, TP_knighty, domblondje, uncleBenny
1*TP_knighty, beta, manyak99, danas, samerzod, freetime
3*MARINE66, MEXICO, TP_knighty, doomips, warzone201, beta
5*Schwitzebo, -X-, colzizo, danas, TP_knighty, escarnahs1
1*TP_knighty, uncleBenny, colzizo, Goodnight1, sanderboy, pudder
2*uncleBenny, TP_knighty, colzizo, sanderboy, shahanshah, Goodnight1
6 PussyWhipt, uncleBenny, wrecker, werkeloos, AFCA020CBS, TP_knighty
3*iluvmaryel, bubbarowde, TP_knighty, buenaventu, franz44, 19robroy
6*seen, franz44, sanderboy, E-ric, manyak99, TP_knighty
4*E-ric, pizzagate, manyak99, TP_knighty, franz44, hyrolium
*) Rated game

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