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Player profile of TP_knighty

Account information
Birthday: 1979 June 28
Member until: Not a member
Plus account until: No PLUS account
On-line: Online as TP_knighty

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
TP_knighty 1573 1709 1279 2 135
DarkKnight 1500 1500 1500 1 0

Game started Pos Game result
1*TP_knighty, manyak99, MADALIST, devriend, kartan, colzizo
1*TP_knighty, Supercool, yuengling, manyak99, warmonger, kartan
5*sick, Bobthomas1, iluvmaryel, alfio, TP_knighty, Slaets
6*Mister_VWP, rist6, Slaets, jovke, shroom, TP_knighty
2*shroom, TP_knighty, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, master, rist6
3*pizzagate, G5, TP_knighty, manyak99, mhj, bounce-b
3*Mister_VWP, Hizbolla, TP_knighty, runaxd, caos, devill63
3*Kariboo, Toffay, TP_knighty, DuhArtur, '_Q_, ginagriffi
4*Hardy, nuria22, lion, TP_knighty, zyxw, dafskunk
5*aboulayla, fallout(r), sergio, nuria22, TP_knighty, BruceW
5*Pisvlekje, fallout(r), DeKraker, steppdaddy, TP_knighty, mr_pain
1*TP_knighty, alexjones, '_Q_, TinkyWinky, shroom, MarekL19
1*TP_knighty, xvxvx, KENWOOD, DeZoE, ohyeah, Jig_J
5*AirBiscuit, GBtest1, PussyWhipt, sergio, TP_knighty, loppol
6*PussyWhipt, AirBiscuit, loppol, sergio, GBtest1, TP_knighty
5*loppol, olmo, AirBiscuit, PussyWhipt, TP_knighty, GBtest1
4*yokin, Mister_VWP, steffanhal, TP_knighty, De_Boeman, Metaalboer
2*manyak99, TP_knighty, DeKraker, devill63, wolt
2*DeKraker, TP_knighty, manyak99, caos, Toffay
5*fallout(r), Player, bobthomas1, Brainiac66, TP_knighty, ms2dft
2*KENWOOD, TP_knighty, kaiser4, yasin_mila, shroom, E-ric
4*modominate, bomberman, yasin_mila, TP_knighty, 2b, Goodnight1
5*Menno51, master, Dominator, Sand, TP_knighty, colzizo
5*remember54, ginagriffi, Player, coger, TP_knighty, Menno51
4*texastitan, tenicia98, Eric, TP_knighty, Menno51, Toffay
1*TP_knighty, ginagriffi, bobthomas1, MEXICO, steppdaddy, larrytheda
4*mr_pain, devill63, manyak99, TP_knighty, wolt, steppdaddy
5*Toffay, colzizo, coger, jackm, TP_knighty
*) Rated game

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