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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Ding_Dong 1722 1900 1478 7 274

Game started Pos Game result
2*IronMan_, Ding_Dong, MARINE66, OG1, Aise88
1*Ding_Dong, pizzagate, nightc, TT1, felixxxxx, babaloo
1*Ding_Dong, stephanie9, Nicussi, mudbone, alexde, ms2dft
3 NinjaSK, TT1, Ding_Dong, Irma, sander1989, franz44
4*franz44, TT1, manyak99, Ding_Dong, caos, Life
1*Ding_Dong, remmetje, Rebecca, Mex, PhR3Ak, MARINE66
4*korat99, remspoor, RonnieD, Ding_Dong, MCXX, hyrolium
*) Rated game

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