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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Unibomber 1727 1887 1442 8 236

Game started Pos Game result
1*Unibomber, stephanie9, earthone, adamastor8, colzizo, wooooody
1*Unibomber, Mex, Rebecca, herte777, Michelle, knuffie66
1*Unibomber, alexde, Dominator, Steppdaddy, andypandy5, wimpee
2*Skapatoria, Unibomber, colzizo, remspoor, Mex, dgs
4*Mex, StonedCat, Michelle, Unibomber, remmetje, alexde
4*alexde, Mex, remspoor, Unibomber, mr0, Zmago1
1*Unibomber, remmetje, Mex, ikweetjemo, remspoor, master
3*youngblood, Montagn_, Unibomber, iqtidar, BruceW, Wellington
1*Unibomber, remspoor, rembot, Mex, newjersey, alexde
1*Unibomber, alexjones, alexde, Aise88, vrede_nu
4*Stevenaars, Mex, ww111, Unibomber, modominate, ''Sjaak
4*ww111, ''Sjaak, TP_knighty, Unibomber, rist6, Stevenaars
4*edwin, Romeo123, ''Sjaak, Unibomber, herte777
4 Romeo123, Mex, herte777, Unibomber, ''Sjaak, remmetje
1*Unibomber, remmetje, Mex, remspoor, Ax23, Romeo123
1*Unibomber, ww111, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, master, remmetje
3*hostess, Mex, Unibomber, caos, Toffay, plop3223
2*caos, Unibomber, wooooody, KingVegeta, nuria22, koolfloss
6*Sexbuddy, Irma, Sebastien, BrainElf, napoleonmo, unibomber
2*Storm, unibomber, Mex, dougbotha, caos, franz44
1*Unibomber, 1fater, franz44, MARINE66, pudder, fiddleed65
4*MARINE66, Toffay, franz44, Unibomber, 1fater, bleedgreen
3*werkeloos, manyak99, Unibomber, rist6, PussyWhipt
5*fastrrrrrr, manyak99, mr0, devill63, Unibomber, rist6
1*Unibomber, bananabutt, MARINE66, Vigilante, kwicki
3*Lvsitano, RAGE2000, Unibomber, ladyblond, UncleBenny, vrede_nu
4*felixxxxx, KENWOOD, caos, Unibomber, chikiml, coolbreeze
6*nizzlenar, whupemwild, 2ne1, amt01, BasedDvl, Unibomber
*) Rated game

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