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Player profile of SGTStone

Account information
Birthday: 1962 October 27
Member until: Not a member
Plus account until: No PLUS account
On-line: Online as IronMan_

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
SGTStone 1603 1834 1334 5 1044
IronMan_ 1590 1799 1316 7 1007

Game started Pos Game result
4*SileekHunt, nuria22, hasimaga, IronMan_, Duv3lk3, Toffay
2*Rosmalen, IronMan_, flapie, Duv3lk3, AA12345
1*IronMan_, jolani, wes191, caos, iluvmaryel
1*IronMan_, andreagior, emilsoon, Mousie1, caos
2*caos, IronMan_, Mousie1, dougbotha, atrox, andreagior
4*franz44, iluvmaryel, ww111, IronMan_, Ajuran, luc735
1*IronMan_, wes191, caos, yeray75, Schwitzebo
6*Zack, pp, fokker, markuss70, yeray75, IronMan_
5*Zizou82, felixxxxx, dougbotha, franz44, IronMan_
2*nuria22, IronMan_, Schwitzebo, snpcelik, colzizo
3 Ultionem, Rosmalen, IronMan_, Diertani_, snpcelik
1 IronMan_, pincelito, oladide, Steppdaddy, mozzie
2*Edwards7, IronMan_, DCAS75, runaxd, Kosty
5*Mousie1, caos, zyxw, oladide, IronMan_
6*Quebec, bigboss22, AFCA020CBS, Oshawhat, AA12345, SGTStone
4*nuria22, Mousie1, fokker, IronMan_, stofzuiger, Astures
3*stofzuiger, iluvmaryel, IronMan_, Edwards7, 'Brutos
1*IronMan_, JuveMerda, dafskunk, Schwitzebo, hyrolium
4*Leoncito, MOSES21, JuveMerda, IronMan_, curlyofbiz
1*IronMan_, Geronimo, mozzie, DeKraker, Caenwyr
2*2b, IronMan_, caos, griemeldie, IWGYB
3*caos, Victor_G, IronMan_, amt, Mousie1
2*Steppdaddy, IronMan_, cupafeel, Economist, alespol
2*caos, IronMan_, JuveMerda, Axmed23, DUVELDVL, Transex
6*Victor_G, colzizo, Diertani_, priitV, Cudovii, IronMan_
6*Captain_Ch, bounce-b, franz44, shahanshah, 010110101, IronMan_
*) Rated game

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