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Player profile of SGTStone

Account information
Birthday: 1962 October 27
Member until: Not a member
Plus account until: No PLUS account
On-line: SGTStone is not online

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Batman 1698 1842 1263 6 1183
SGTStone 1682 1834 1334 5 1034
IronMan_ 1564 1799 1316 6 890

Game started Pos Game result
3*Datsik, abcdef, IronMan_, EL_CHE, franz44, iluvmaryel
2*dougbotha, IronMan_, anton, kill4peace, Datsik
2*kill4peace, IronMan_, dougbotha, dodraugen, colzizo
2*mr_pain, IronMan_, caos, colzizo, jay_w, cucumbre
2*yeray75, IronMan_, Kim_Trump, DarkStar, johncoltra
4*lumpi, Rappert, Cuse44, IronMan_, johncoltra
2*DutchCrnch, IronMan_, ottoman201, johncoltra, Kim_Trump
6*Edwards7, C21HD100, dekraker, jay_w, Zizou82, IronMan_
3*abcdef, knightwing, IronMan_, KENWOOD, johncoltra, jay_w
4*colzizo, alice12, felixxx, IronMan_, KENWOOD
3*KENWOOD, CharlesVll, IronMan_, --------, AFCA020CBS
3*Rappert, yeray75, IronMan_, cupafeel, LeonJodido
1*IronMan_, EL_CHE, Dominator, --------, colzizo
5*Koe-Sjaak_, cucumbre, Axmed23, wolt, IronMan_
5*knuffie66, caos, Geronimo, UncleBenny, IronMan_
1*IronMan_, Edwards7, shroom, cucumbre, colzizo
3*caos, werkeloos, IronMan_, AA12345, C21HD100
5*ForzaNapol, Edwards7, markuss70, Datsik, IronMan_
2*ForzaNapol, IronMan_, Datsik, hyrolium, alice12
2*Edwards7, IronMan_, wolt, manyak99, dougbotha
*) Rated game

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