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Player profile of SGTStone

Account information
Birthday: 1962 October 27
Member until: Not a member
Plus account until: No PLUS account
On-line: Online as SGTStone

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
SGTStone 1681 1834 1334 5 1185
IronMan_ 1725 1799 1316 7 1055
BatMan 1739 1739 1407 2 43

Game started Pos Game result
1*SGTStone, arwinda, pantoffel0, warzone201, Dominator, Zizou82
2*Billdo, SGTStone, Schwitzebo, GetALife, colzizo
4*knuffie66, wimpee, uwilldie85, SGTStone, CONQUISTAD, bleedgreen
2*steppdaddy, SGTStone, caos, Edwards7, spyka
4*golfpro10, steppdaddy, knuffie66, SGTStone, paiste1313, dirtrider1
1*SGTStone, AFCA020CBS, manyak99, MARINE66, loppol
2*joan2, SGTStone, paiste1313, Zizou82, caos
4*werkeloos, pizzagate, sobersucce, SGTStone, ydna
5*HUGEBALLS, golfpro10, knuffie66, caos, SGTStone, Martim
1*BatMan, edwin, Hizbolla, colzizo
2*Hizbolla, BatMan, REMY, knuffie66, Rick777
3*Hizbolla, xaisex, BatMan, warzone201, Edwards7
1*BatMan, E-ric, pizzagate, Hizbolla, warzone201
4*steppdaddy, E-ric, iluvmaryel, BatMan, caos
1*BatMan, dominator, harunko201, warzone201, uncleBenny
1*BatMan, aygnor, E-ric, REMY, clangunn
1*IronMan_, E-ric, Edwards7, Zizou82, seen
2*cucumbre, IronMan_, E-ric, Hizbolla, inpod
2*caos, IronMan_, Edwards7, E-ric, danas
*) Rated game

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