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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
CrimsonW 1495 2006 1146 5 2018

Game started Pos Game result
3*rumpel, Zack, crimsonw, mozzie, freetime
3*coolbreeze, lrigdrat, crimsonw, lkpr0624, bleedgreen, mateoculeb
4*Teach, B_O_X_E_R, Oshawhat, crimsonw, conquista6, bleedgreen
3 RastaDog, coolbot1, crimsonw, 3, Bijten, MagicBot3
3*Mousie1, franz44, crimsonw, PussyWhipt, Wellington
6 3, A_Monger, 00000, 00GAME, PrimeBot1, crimsonw
4 Rebecca, PussyWhipt, master, crimsonw, yagoboy, caos
5 PrimeBot1, franz44, robbot1, PussyWhipt, crimsonw, SpreadBot
1*crimsonw, master, caos, MARINE66, PussyWhipt, yagoboy
1*crimsonw, MARINE66, franz44, yagoboy, culum29, kludo
1 crimsonw, TestLaaf, trintest2, TryMeFool, TeamThugD, TeamBotB
6 RonnieD, Sim0nv01, TeamBotB, SpreadBot, robin, crimsonw
5 robin, remspoor, Rebecca, Rafter, crimsonw, PussyWhipt
5*freetime, Sweetie, Cudovii, jackm, crimsonw
1 crimsonw, AA, PussyWhipt, trintest1, DCN5, Hussar2
1*crimsonw, nuria22, djhky, masterm, culum29
*) Rated game

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