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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
TinkyWinky 1808 1867 1432 3 115

Game started Pos Game result
1*TinkyWinky, jay_w, bounce-b, knuffie66, ww111, jade2017
1*TinkyWinky, djskater88, potus, Cuse44, alocer, boeves92
1*TinkyWinky, caos, DeKraker, arwinda, wolt, Jayplay
2*wolt, TinkyWinky, Schwitzebo, Hardy, kaiser4, dubbel10
6*wolt, plop3223, mark, jackm, darklord, TinkyWinky
1*TinkyWinky, Edesheim, jade2017, luckyto, jay_w, chanch00ky
1*TinkyWinky, jade2017, palermocas, Bolo, Order, mrfrank
3*luckyto, dubbel10, TinkyWinky, deni99, amt, Geronimo
3*leovardia1, DuhArtur, TinkyWinky, jay_w, Karl_XII, darknight
4*Karl_XII, omzack, jay_w, TinkyWinky, TheBlueOx, blasherke
3*jay_w, TheBlueOx, TinkyWinky, jantjuhhh8, northman, jowey
1*TinkyWinky, wolt, coolbreeze, palermocas, SlickVic, sanderboy
1*TinkyWinky, Karl_XII, woodff, jay_w, LudwigIV, leovardia1
1*TinkyWinky, pizzagate, pudder, mozzie, rammy, dubbel10
3*rammy, woodff, TinkyWinky, Solomondan, KENWOOD, dubbel10
2*yokin, TinkyWinky, Raa, heretowin, MADALIST, jade2017
3*abcdef, LudwigIV, TinkyWinky, aori, Edesheim, roel123
3*Raa, peter, TinkyWinky, Geronimo, Edesheim
4*peter, Edesheim, arwinda, TinkyWinky, Toffay, Slaets
1*TinkyWinky, peter, bomberman, Slaets, Dolfje80, jowey
2*peter, TinkyWinky, my7777, dragoo, ohyeah, jowey
2*knuffie66, TinkyWinky, boeves92, leovardia1
*) Rated game

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