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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
TinkyWinky 1440 1870 1274 2 394

Game started Pos Game result
2*Backyard, TinkyWinky, Sqarygary1, wooooody, SunTzu8850, gasman
4*flapie, snpcelik, nuria22, TinkyWinky, gasman, knuffie66
6*Zack, dodes59, Chaser_Cha, Hell, gasman, TinkyWinky
5*19robroy, Gabrielle, Hizbolla, Jacinda, TinkyWinky, Galba
6*stofzuiger, dodes59, gerard, Hell, FrnchRoast, TinkyWinky
4*dodraugen, DAnny, wes191, TinkyWinky, Victor_G, arwinda
4*mutoh, sav, DAnny, TinkyWinky, cucumbre, gerard
3*Scarygary, freetime, TinkyWinky, xxspbyxx, Jaller51, BrunOo
5*nuria22, runaxd, Marella80, MEXICO, TinkyWinky, dezwane
1*TinkyWinky, xvxvx, CONQUISTAD, dekraker, uwilldie85, nazgul182
1*TinkyWinky, beta, nuria22, lrigdrat, mozzie, Hizbolla
4*Irional, jelleking, colzizo, TinkyWinky, nuria22, arwinda
5*Melicious, pfp, taptckk, colzizo, TinkyWinky, KENWOOD
6*taptckk, culum29, Schwitzebo, flapie, BrunOo, TinkyWinky
6*knuffie66, blue, taptckk, Schwitzebo, colzizo, TinkyWinky
4*sav, domblondje, taptckk, TinkyWinky, Schwitzebo, Hardy
6*beta, colzizo, Jarcooler, earthone, Arun, TinkyWinky
3*CAOS, Schwitzebo, TinkyWinky, Attack, colzizo, snpcelik
1*TinkyWinky, arwinda, snpcelik, Toffay, Wellington, colzizo
3*hasimaga, yakuzahFPS, TinkyWinky, sav, colzizo, KoE
6*yeray75, Tsorona, arwinda, hasimaga, Schwitzebo, TinkyWinky
1*TinkyWinky, Wellington, k2, pizzagate, KoE, Martim
*) Rated game

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