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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Trilveen 1541 1866 1267 8 941

Game started Pos Game result
3*caos, uriahheep, trilveen, mr0, plop3223
3*mr0, knuffie66, trilveen, caos, FatAssFred, bleedgreen
2*atila1uno, trilveen, babaloo, Ubbo28, katiegirl, Ultionem
4 higgins, earthone, Toffay, trilveen
2*Gabrielle, trilveen, sammy, Schwitzebo, MarekL19, kill4peace
3*PussyWhipt, master, trilveen, plop3223, tc1980, Economist
5*kimjungun, snowball, plop3223, colzizo, trilveen, Ax23
6*cucumbre, TheBlueOx, colzizo, kill4peace, Batian, trilveen
5*stephanie9, devill63, Economist, yeray75, trilveen
2*RAGE2000, trilveen, coolbreeze, mr0, tron, mozzie
4 enpassant, NinjaSK, bigbug7, trilveen
4 master, Rebecca, PussyWhipt, trilveen, Rafter, Razzia_2
4*RAGE2000, Muis1, Cudovii, trilveen, pizzagate, clangunn
4*LoneCat, RAGE2000, Sunsh1ne, trilveen, wooooody, wimpee
4*Dominator, higgins, knuffie66, trilveen, ww111, megadom
3*Dominator, KENWOOD, trilveen, colzizo, DeKraker
3*colzizo, Irma, trilveen, Dominator, wimpee
*) Rated game

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