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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Dirtrider1 1719 1900 1183 5 5881

Game started Pos Game result
1 dirtrider1, 2ne1, rist6
1*dirtrider1, aise88, lokve222, amt01, adamastor8, GolfPro
1*dirtrider1, MEXICO, gerfop, amt01, aise88, QWERT
3*nuria22, dupplo, dirtrider1, Leprechaun, Bolo, Karl_XII
1*dirtrider1, earthone, amt, The_hut, OG1
1*dirtrider1, nuria22, dog_farts, Oshawhat, rist6, amt
1*dirtrider1, Schwitzebo, PRIVATE, knuffie66, gerfop, Aise88
5*xvxvx, zedavisbac, Pedrolino, AFCA020CBS, dirtrider1, goodnight1
4*edwin, Aise88, SGTStone, dirtrider1, goodnight1
1 dirtrider1, Aise88, don, goodnight1, 2b
2*devill63, dirtrider1, Schwitzebo, wooooody, sjdi89
2*nuria22, dirtrider1, nostyle, SGTStone, knuffie66
1*dirtrider1, bananabutt, WTati, MEXICO, oom, griemeldie
1*dirtrider1, Reetpel, Muis1, pequespequ, blasherke
2*colzizo, dirtrider1, HankTheTan, pizzagate, xvxvx, manyak99
2*nuria22, dirtrider1, thelarster, bleedgreen, MARINE66, pudder
1*dirtrider1, beta, fiddleed65, bleedgreen, 1fater
4*MarekL19, Schwitzebo, Gabrielle, dirtrider1, bleedgreen, NapMou
1*dirtrider1, MEXICO, angelo72, bananabutt, Schwitzebo, clangunn
3*earthone, Jennifer, dirtrider1, bastard, MarekL19, Gabrielle
*) Rated game

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