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Player profile of xyz

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Birthday: Not listed in the birthday calendar
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On-line: xyz is not online

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
WTati 1761 1923 1407 2 146
z_z 1654 1790 1474 1 57

Game started Pos Game result
2 rist6, WTati
4*pizzagate, ljubae, FatAssFred, z_z, j_k3r, nuria22
1*WTati, MEXICO, Mex, Rehoboam, remspoor, amt
2*xvxvx, z_z, aboulayla, zedavisbac, batian, GREGLH02
1*WTati, imaxlevel, Aise88, _2ndplacer, Attack
4*Karl_XII, angelo72, thelarster, z_z, laverga, CharIesVlI
1*WTati, IWILFAKUUP, Erick, ginagriffi, knuffie66, Domblondje
1*z_z, HankTheTan, Dominator, CB1925, StonedCat, gerfop
3*dirtrider1, bananabutt, WTati, MEXICO, oom, griemeldie
2*MEXICO, WTati, Toffay, StonedCat, shahanshah
2*Irma, WTati, MARINE66, Morgan420, MEXICO
5*MudMonkey, remmetje, rembot, TT1, z_z, CW19057
3*wooooody, MEXICO, WTati, Dominator, Schwitzebo, Token
*) Rated game

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