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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
knuffie66 1475 1961 1305 7 10963

Game started Pos Game result
5*manyak99, MRubio, 'Jackes, Rappert, knuffie66, BasedDevil
4*Apple_kmag, mrp555, knuffie66, Pretoriaa, ms2dft
2*nuria22, knuffie66, IronMan_, yeray75, Duv3lk3
5*stofzuiger, IronMan_, amt, caos, knuffie66
4*Ladyblond, colzizo, Schwitzebo, knuffie66, mateoculeb, CW19057
1*knuffie66, master, mrp555, anton, franz44, hockeyer
2*Rappert, knuffie66, addio, pizzagate, nuria22, colzizo
3*katiegirl, Economist, knuffie66, Teach, Rens, Rappert
2*Economist, knuffie66, katiegirl, pizzagate, C21HDGUARD
3*T_l1b_n, jhm, knuffie66, Rappert, DUVELDVL, dekraker
2*Karl_XII, knuffie66, wallenstei, killerbas, yeray75, cucumbre
5*LeonJodido, pizzagate, iluvmaryel, wolt, knuffie66, colzizo
2*Zack, knuffie66, yeray75, C21HDGUARD, cucumbre
1*knuffie66, Gabrielle, Rens, 19Robroy, benny_dux, duveldvl
1*knuffie66, cucumbre, C21HDGUARD, Daezti, duveldvl, crimsonw
6*KSRlar, gorali, zyxw, halfdan, spirit2012, knuffie66
2*cucumbre, knuffie66, Ding_Dong, Toffay, ladluis, ginagriffi
1*knuffie66, nostyle, Toffay, alice12, leeuwarden
*) Rated game

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