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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
knuffie66 1374 1961 1305 8 11281

Game started Pos Game result
5*MEXICO, remspoor, Mex, Logan, knuffie66, griemeldie
4*KENWOOD, golfpro10, davidcool_, knuffie66, _Chronos, colzizo
5*arwinda, Pumpoen, Toffay, golfpro10, knuffie66, HANNIBAL56
5*colzizo, beta, caos, harunko201, knuffie66, Wellington
5*MEXICO, Gerard, Dominator, golfpro10, knuffie66, harunko201
3*nuria22, warzone201, knuffie66, wimpee, Menno51
3*galanido, clangunn, knuffie66, KENWOOD
5*wrecker, MARINE66, warzone201, xvxvx, knuffie66, hoodlegend
4*manyak99, brunbj_rn, xvxvx, knuffie66, wrecker, Lvsitano
4*bastard, alfombra, pudder, knuffie66, bubbarowde, bleedgreen
3*colzizo, Goodman, knuffie66, plop3223, kwicki, griemeldie
1*knuffie66, steppdaddy, clangunn, CONQUISTAD
2*mozzie, knuffie66, AFCA020CBS, warzone201, remmetje, rembot
4*buttercups, Lvsitano, caos, knuffie66, obigalanke, wimpee
6*Eritrea, Mex, remmetje, remspoor, Rodneyking, knuffie66
4*PussyWhipt, Unibomber, warzone201, knuffie66, rembot, master
2*bounce-b, knuffie66, taptckk, uffafuffa, ydna, Toffay
3*fidel, xxspbyxx, knuffie66, Toffay, steppdaddy
2*clangunn, knuffie66, wimpee, Deowner, colzizo, bleedgreen
1*knuffie66, wimpee, uwilldie85, SGTStone, CONQUISTAD, bleedgreen
4*TrickTreat, Mex, mozzie, knuffie66, pincelito, Irional
2*beta, knuffie66, -X-, Lvsitano, Schwitzebo, MEXICO
5*Jacinda, vrede_nu, Gabrielle, MEXICO, knuffie66, 19robroy
3*golfpro10, steppdaddy, knuffie66, SGTStone, paiste1313, dirtrider1
2*knuffie66, REMY, pantoffel0, steppdaddy
3*brunbj_rn, clangunn, knuffie66, pudder
2*Schwitzebo, knuffie66, steppdaddy, brunbj_rn, wrecker, ydna
2*Dominator, knuffie66, colzizo, uncleBenny, steppdaddy
1*knuffie66, steppdaddy, REMY, uncleBenny, ms2dft, warzone201
3*HUGEBALLS, clangunn, knuffie66, caos
3*HUGEBALLS, golfpro10, knuffie66, caos, SGTStone, Martim
1*knuffie66, clangunn, uwilldie85, golfpro10
4*uwilldie85, ArvinArvin, uncleBenny, knuffie66, colzizo
4*steppdaddy, uncleBenny, REMY, knuffie66, pincelito
4*Hizbolla, BatMan, REMY, knuffie66, Rick777
4*Ax23, clangunn, uwilldie85, knuffie66
3*bubbarowde, Aak, knuffie66, galanido, rist6, Menno51
4*caos, steppdaddy, mozzie, knuffie66, REMY, kefkiller3
1*knuffie66, mozzie, kefkiller3, pudder, REMY
3*ms2dft, devill63, knuffie66, caos, mozzie, stephanie9
2*Dominator, knuffie66, Schwitzebo, Juszko, caos, nizzlenar
1*knuffie66, Hizbolla, iluvmaryel, Schwitzebo, uncleBenny, CW19057
3*AFCA020CBS, griemeldie, knuffie66, Logan, remspoor, Mex
4*rist6, MARINE66, 2ne1, knuffie66, xvxvx, uncleBenny
2*_Chronos, knuffie66, Schwitzebo, killerbas, leeuwarden, CONQUISTAD
1*knuffie66, CONQUISTAD, manyak99, Irma, yeray75, ginagriffi
1*knuffie66, uncleBenny, CONQUISTAD, REMY, Edwards7, werkeloos
6*werkeloos, Gabrielle, 19robroy, Jacinda, leDJo, knuffie66
4*steppdaddy, caos, uncleBenny, knuffie66, Ax23
4 paiste1313, Jacinda, Gabrielle, knuffie66, 19robroy, Ax23
3*uncleBenny, steppdaddy, knuffie66, griemeldie
5*werkeloos, Zizou82, Edwards7, iluvmaryel, knuffie66, Ax23
1*knuffie66, remspoor, Mex, Wizkid, franz44, remmetje
4*Mex, HoDown, Madness, knuffie66, uncleBenny, Rick777
1*knuffie66, paiste1313, harunko201, sanderboy, Goodnight1, danas
3*Billdo, sanderboy, knuffie66, devill63, escarnahs1
*) Rated game

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