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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
knuffie66 1796 1961 1305 7 10752

Game started Pos Game result
1*knuffie66, Elver_Gala, darklord, Dolfje80, monkeehole, master
2 caos, knuffie66, master, Elver_Gala, monkeehole, remember54
1*knuffie66, Life, colzizo, Red_Ocean7, wipemearse, jovke
1*knuffie66, yokin, KillJoy, aori, Soulmeng15, godmode
2*my7777, knuffie66, mazzini, Toffay, martyn, earthone
1*knuffie66, earthone, clokworkor, KENWOOD, 2NE1, yagoboy
1*knuffie66, KENWOOD, 2NE1, yagoboy, Vigilante
5*djurezi, dubbel10, xvxvx, jade2017, knuffie66, HOTROCKS
2*lizzy, knuffie66, zyxw, my7777, lerner
1*knuffie66, steppdaddy, caos, my7777, Trump2017, Karl_XII
5*Hardy, Elver_Gala, plop3223, losbellos1, knuffie66, ydna
1*knuffie66, MRubio, losbellos1, mfd906, boeves92, jade2017
3*lerner, abcdef, knuffie66, shroom, caos, Trump2017
5*leovardia1, jay_w, dubbel10, nuria22, knuffie66, lizzy
5*jay_w, Dolfje80, amt, Life, knuffie66, lizzy
3*jakooboo, nuria22, knuffie66, MarekL19, futurevent, Gabrielle
5*lumpi, shroom, sanderboy, golf1, knuffie66, jakooboo
3*Reetpel, Marine66, knuffie66, Toffay, manyak99
1*knuffie66, jade2017, caos, jay_w, Geronimo, lerner
2*weg, knuffie66, jay_w, nuria22, runaxd, bounce-b
4*TinkyWinky, jay_w, bounce-b, knuffie66, ww111, jade2017
1*knuffie66, jay_w, ww111, jade2017, Schwitzebo, dirtrider1
3*jay_w, caos, knuffie66, stinnett, boeves92, ClanGunn
5*dirtrider1, jade2017, DeKraker, boeves92, knuffie66, jay_w
3*caos, northman, knuffie66, manyak99, MF, necros
2*bounce-b, knuffie66, IronMan_, djskater88, darklord
2*jackm, knuffie66, dafskunk, Edwards7, VOLCANO, oorlam23
1*knuffie66, HappyHarry, steppdaddy, jowey, citroen, potus
1*knuffie66, deni99, MADALIST, CW19057, siskebabe, Karl_XII
4*deni99, Edesheim, bounce-b, knuffie66, larrytheda
2 martyn, knuffie66, deni99, Edesheim, larrytheda, leovardia1
2*jay_w, knuffie66, Marine66, shroom, flapie
4*luca0508, racerunner, sthlmmofo, knuffie66, Schwitzebo, jay_w
2*jay_w, knuffie66, deni99, ClanGunn, Jarcooler
1*knuffie66, Ubbo28, lizzy, crimsonw, rammy, golf1
1*knuffie66, shroom, jade2017, colzizo, kiss11, Edwards7
2*alexjones, knuffie66, shroom, caos, jade2017, racerunner
5*HENKO1, Hurc, Schwitzebo, MADALIST, knuffie66, furkan
5*Schwitzebo, jade2017, 200JKR, caos, knuffie66, franz44
2*kaiser4, knuffie66, sanderboy, shroom, Mister_VWP
4*Supercool, colzizo, barreeyo, knuffie66, master, mazzini
4*Rosmalen, pudder, colzizo, knuffie66, 19risker, IronMan_
2*IronMan_, knuffie66, Pvv_Nexit, modominate, Toffay
2*Pvv_Nexit, knuffie66, boeves92, Dolfje80, Vlaardings, shroom
3*deathmaste, RealestCle, knuffie66, Vernonisgr, colzizo
3*Vernonisgr, RealestCle, knuffie66, colzizo, napoleonin, HappyHarry
1*knuffie66, leovardia1, Funeral, Solomondan, yokin, caos
2*MADALIST, knuffie66, cumstain, 2b, jovke, ww111
4*caos, steppdaddy, bobthomas1, knuffie66, CptSalazar
5*Dolfje80, xxspbyxx, Marine66, hardy, knuffie66, woodff
3*my7777, Sasjirka, knuffie66, CW19057, Pilli, bundem3322
3*jay_w, darklord, knuffie66, KillJoy, yasin_mila, fcafca
4*Excelo, jade2017, colzizo, knuffie66, galanido, northman
2*abcdef, knuffie66, palermocas, Gandhi, losbellos1, agamennone
1*knuffie66, TinkyWinky, boeves92, leovardia1
3*nizzlenar, master, knuffie66, Marine66, mazzini
*) Rated game

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