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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
knuffie66 1535 1961 1305 7 10835

Game started Pos Game result
1*knuffie66, ForzaNapol, bounce-b, Karl_XII, jay_w, potus
4*Vegeta2017, zerosum, lion, knuffie66
5*jay_w, bounce-b, northman, Toffay, knuffie66
3*woodff, runaxd, knuffie66, svmgek, losbellos1
4*mhj, Marine66, lion, knuffie66, rist6, leeuwarden
1*knuffie66, lion, dodraugen, vrede_nu, Forbes, arwinda
5*caos, steppdaddy, neto2017, a78, knuffie66, progress
4*KENWOOD, Dominator, dubbel10, knuffie66, '_Q_, Edwards7
3*TheBlueOx, bounce-b, knuffie66, runaxd, futurevent, Goodnight1
3*caos, iluvmaryel, knuffie66, CharIie, shroom, luca0508
4*djskater88, jay_w, modominate, knuffie66, shroom
2*Zenit, knuffie66, xxspbyxx, Raa, jade2017, pincelito
4*luca0508, runaxd, leeuwarden, knuffie66, djskater88, DeKraker
1*knuffie66, jay_w, PeeBee48, citroen, MEXICO
2*aboulayla, knuffie66, racerunner, vrede_nu, woodff, DeKraker
2*djart, knuffie66, ClanGunn, Eric, Player, Weber
5*Karl_XII, HappyHarry, bounce-b, Rosmalen, knuffie66, bleedgreen
4*jade2017, jay_w, TinkyWinky, knuffie66, corfwater, colzizo
2*Karl_XII, knuffie66, HappyHarry, KillJoy, colzizo, sick
1*knuffie66, Jayplay, Toffay, easy_clean, dannyvjp
3*leeuwarden, Toffay, knuffie66, ww111, bomberman
1*knuffie66, Marine66, ww111, easy_clean, ohyeah, mazzini
1*knuffie66, djurezi, weg, DeKraker, Karl_XII, colzizo
6*colzizo, aram1990, TinkyWinky, caos, Zizou82, knuffie66
2*sick, knuffie66, leeuwarden, abcdef, atilla
3*ShyHeart, kaiser4, knuffie66, --------, yasin_mila, Mister_VWP
3*modominate, Dominator, knuffie66, lion, E-ric, jay_w
1*knuffie66, caos, shroom, KENWOOD, escalibrat, racerunner
1*knuffie66, caos, KENWOOD, shroom, escalibrat, malaka
1*knuffie66, Marine66, franz44, E-ric, culum29, bleedgreen
5*clausius, coger, zyxw, Elver_Gala, knuffie66, jade2017
*) Rated game

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