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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
knuffie66 1631 1961 1305 7 11053

Game started Pos Game result
1*knuffie66, werkeloos, iluvmaryel, neto2017, culum29, Schwitzebo
2*burkemac, knuffie66, jolani, taptckk, yeray75, gasman
2*seen, knuffie66, cakir66, spaghetti, flapie
6*flapie, snpcelik, nuria22, TinkyWinky, gasman, knuffie66
1*knuffie66, Markvg, wooooody, Toffay, KingVegeta, caos
4*nuria22, taptckk, dekraker, knuffie66, C21HDGUARD, JuveMerda
4*Jackazzzz, Eritrea, lady_kick, knuffie66, caos, culum29
5*JuveMerda, xvxvx, Cartman, dezwane, knuffie66, Kosty
1*knuffie66, Toffay, Scarygary, mutoh, Sjaak
4*caos, atta, harunko201, knuffie66, nostyle
3*felixxxxxx, harunko201, knuffie66, BrunOo, nostyle, dodes59
2*snpcelik, knuffie66, dekraker, martim, colzizo, fodomsdcv
1*knuffie66, caos, don, iluvmaryel, Ghandi
3*master, PussyWhipt, knuffie66, lauraLopes, _Koe, nizzlenar
2*HUGEBALLS, knuffie66, DeOwner, hasimaga, yeray75, wooooody
1*knuffie66, davvsson, culum29, Hizbolla, SGTStone, Martim
3*Muis1, caos, knuffie66, nostyle, weedmaster
1*knuffie66, caos, iluvmaryel, Zizou82, peter, davvsson
2*nuria22, knuffie66, Ajuran, Toffay, leeuwarden
4*Ajuran, nuria22, felixxxxxx, knuffie66
2 nuria22, knuffie66, Benny_dux, Ajuran, leeuwarden
2*blasherke, knuffie66, taptckk, griemeldie, caos, BrunOo
3*hasimaga, WTati, knuffie66, luc735, Irma
2*luc735, knuffie66, hoodlegend, wes191, k2, BrunOo
1*knuffie66, blue, taptckk, Schwitzebo, colzizo, TinkyWinky
1*knuffie66, felixxxxxx, _Koe, Arun, colzizo
1*knuffie66, ww111, Rashna91, Olli, franz44, Sebastien
*) Rated game

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