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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Hardy 1563 1779 1279 4 334

 Cheating or teaming in a game with ww111

Game started Pos Game result
3*kill4peace, kartan, Hardy, manyak99, DuhArtur, next_rv
1*Hardy, CharIie, scoobie, woodff, aa12345
1*Hardy, nuria22, lion, TP_knighty, zyxw, dafskunk
5*TinkyWinky, Sly29, jay_w, loppol, Hardy, dafskunk
5*citroen, caos, nuria22, BenTheBold, Hardy
5*caos, TheBlueOx, iluvmaryel, '_Q_, Hardy
4*steppdaddy, runaxd, alfio, Hardy, iluvmaryel
5*jovke, ClanGunn, sergio, franz44, Hardy
4*caos, jade2017, jovke, Hardy, lion, futurevent
3*'_Q_, jay_w, Hardy, Prisbi, sick, KENWOOD
4*yeray75, Takkie, D3adMous3, Hardy, Schwitzebo, jay_w
1*Hardy, MonsterJo, leeuwarden, mr_pain, 'Noffel
1*Hardy, mark, leeuwarden, bounce-b, kaiser4
2*mark, Hardy, plop3223, Zatoichi, dubbel10, Friesland1
2*Toffay, Hardy, 'Terra, mark, TinkyWinky, KENWOOD
*) Rated game

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