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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Hardy 1478 1779 1279 4 397

 Cheating or teaming in a game with ww111

Game started Pos Game result
2*harunko201, Hardy, arwinda, Sjaak, iluvmaryel, culum29
2*Eritrea, Hardy, Goodnight1, Ajuran, harunko201
5*rist6, leeuwarden, Sheriff83, mrp555, Hardy, bleedgreen
6*jolani, KENWOOD, wooooody, SGTStone, caos, Hardy
2*jolani, Hardy, wooooody, Scarygary, Sebastien, KENWOOD
4 peter, mozzie, Irional, Hardy, pimmie38
3*Matzie, caos, Hardy, nuria22, leeuwarden, Ajuran
4*turf, Friesland1, JuveMerda, Hardy
6*sav, domblondje, taptckk, TinkyWinky, Schwitzebo, Hardy
1*Hardy, Jennifer, Gabrielle, beta, peter, 19robroy
1*Hardy, Sheriff83, peter, Gertjesner, KoE, culum29
5*priitV, Captain_Ch, peter, modominate, Hardy
*) Rated game

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