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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Hardy 1590 1779 1279 4 315

 Cheating or teaming in a game with ww111

Game started Pos Game result
3*Rosmalen, nuria22, Hardy, KENWOOD, RUSSIA, darklord
1*Hardy, Elver_Gala, plop3223, losbellos1, knuffie66, ydna
3*yasin_mila, SybrenL, Hardy, Karl_XII, boeves92, culum29
2*nizzlenar, Hardy, Reetpel, monkeehole, boeves92
3*bleedgreen, HappyHarry, Hardy, Scimmia_Nu, jade2017, dubbel10
4*Schwitzebo, IronMan_, lumpi, Hardy, shroom
5*MarekL19, Jennifer, Gabrielle, kiss11, Hardy, chanch00ky
4*wolt, TinkyWinky, Schwitzebo, Hardy, kaiser4, dubbel10
3*BigChurch, Funeral, Hardy, Revolution, palermocas
3*caos, boeves92, Hardy, golf1, dannyvjp, Juszko
3*darklord, deni99, Hardy, shroom, boeves92, bleedgreen
5*stinnett, obigalanke, lizzy, bleedgreen, Hardy, jay_w
1*Hardy, stinnett, Radia, ginagriffi, zeusman5, junker70
4*darklord, jay_w, golf1, Hardy, Saboteador, dubbel10
2*BigChurch, Hardy, potus, jade2017, nunahu, godmode
1*Hardy, nuria22, godmode, DeKraker, earthone, bomberman
4*lizzy, DeKraker, warmonger, Hardy, PussyWhipt, Edwards7
5*shroom, 2b, xxspbyxx, whyme, Hardy, DeKraker
1*Hardy, Annickl, shroom, ww111, dubbel10, olmo
1*Hardy, fallout(r), IronMan_, kaiser4, lizzy, boeves92
4*Michel, CptSalazar, caos, Hardy, Redwood, ForzaNapol
5*olmo, stinnett, LudwigIV, ClanGunn, Hardy, jade2017
4*deathmaste, colzizo, amt, hardy, 2b
3*lizzy, coolbreeze, hardy, golf1, Pvv_Nexit
4*darklord, wim, DeKraker, hardy, losbellos1
1*hardy, bomberman, bobthomas1, plop3223, caos, 'joppie
4*wim, Saboteador, kaiser4, hardy, fcafca
4*Dolfje80, xxspbyxx, Marine66, hardy, knuffie66, woodff
*) Rated game

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