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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
Klieroh 1615 1710 1500 2 33

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Game started Pos Game result
5*master, Rebecca, newjersey, PussyWhipt, klieroh, Rafter
2*manyak99, klieroh, Stevenaars, ABSF, Erythraea
2*knuffie66, klieroh, fiddleed65, plop3223, seen
1*klieroh, CAOS, 'wwijk, kartan, colzizo
1*klieroh, MikeKing, CAOS, kartan
6*StonedCat, agapanthis, kartan, handjob, hamlet1983, klieroh
1*klieroh, Irma, Player, beta, StonedCat
1*klieroh, nightc, kimjungun, SGTStone, Morgan420
1 klieroh, Toffay, reggio_e, wimpee
1*klieroh, mozzie, caos, cucumbre, BasedDvl
*) Rated game

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