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On-line: Online as KaiserFran

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
KaiserFran 1583 1657 1402 2 45

Game started Pos Game result
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, TheBirdsB, trintest2, beanerbot, Oppio
2*modominate, KaiserFran, djart, dougbotha, w3cko, fulgidus
6 TheBirdsB, beanerbot, Oppio, trintest2, Carrah, KaiserFran
1*KaiserFran, w3cko, xvxvx, Smidesang, dougbotha
6 Carrah, trintest2, Oppio, beanerbot, TheBirdsB, KaiserFran
1 KaiserFran, Oppio, trintest2, Carrah, beanerbot, TheBirdsB
6 Carrah, trintest2, Oppio, beanerbot, TheBirdsB, KaiserFran
4 TheBirdsB, trintest2, Carrah, KaiserFran, Oppio, beanerbot
5*Smidesang, Jackstract, alex, manyak98, KaiserFran
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, trintest2, Oppio, sandokan_1, robin
1 KaiserFran, Oppio, trintest2, Carrah, sandokan_1, robin
4*alex, mozzie, seen, KaiserFran, xvxvx, pizzagate
6 Oppio, Carrah, trintest2, robin, sandokan_1, KaiserFran
4*w3cko, ginagriffi, CAOS, KaiserFran, manyak99, TP_knighty
1*KaiserFran, Redwood, vrede_nu, Goodman, colzizo, wimpee
2*felixxxxx, KaiserFran, BatMan, StonedCat, aise88
1 KaiserFran, sandokan_1, Carrah, trintest2, 04, A
1 KaiserFran, sandokan_1, Carrah, robin, A, comeback2
1 KaiserFran, robin, A, Carrah, trintest2, beanerbot
1 KaiserFran, robin, Carrah, beanerbot, FD5, sandokan_1
3*devill63, jhm, KaiserFran, alexde, 8898888, wimpee
1 KaiserFran, robin, Carrah, FD5, comeback2, trintest2
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, trintest2, FD5, robin, beanerbot
1*KaiserFran, Ax23, DDLLOOPP, edwin, ww111
4*gakk, alexde, plop3223, KaiserFran, ww111
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, robin, trintest2, FD5, comeback2
1 KaiserFran, FD5, Carrah, trintest2, A, robin
1 KaiserFran, robin, Carrah, A, trintest2, comeback2
1 KaiserFran, comeback2, Carrah, trintest2, ANGELX, FD5
1 KaiserFran, FD5, Carrah, trintest2, comeback2, robin
6 ANGELX, comeback2, Carrah, kunst, robin, KaiserFran
3*mozzie, TOAST, KaiserFran, AngryDwarf, Cappy1, Cappy2
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, kunst, robin, comeback2, ANGELX
1 KaiserFran, ANGELX, robin, Carrah, comeback2, kunst
2 comeback2, KaiserFran, kunst, ANGELX, robin, Carrah
1*KaiserFran, Michelle, remmetje, Angrymidgt, Mex, master
1 KaiserFran, comeback2, ANGELX, Carrah, trintest2, robin
1*KaiserFran, edwin, BatMan, zedavisbac, colzizo
3 04, ww111, KaiserFran, 3bbot, 00THE
5 trintest2, TheTopGun2, Carrah, robin, KaiserFran, TryMeFool
1*KaiserFran, Stevenaars, ww111, alexde, dougbotha, pizzagate
1 KaiserFran, trintest2, TheTopGun2, robin, TryMeFool, Carrah
1 KaiserFran, trintest2, TheTopGun2, TryMeFool, robin, Carrah
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, trintest2, TheTopGun2, robin, dougbotha
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, TheTopGun2, robin, comeback2, _I_BOT_A_
4*wimpee, kefkiller3, 1fater, KaiserFran, GolfPro, CAOS
3*seen, pizza_swag, KaiserFran, pudder, MADALIST
2*xvxvx, KaiserFran, dgs, beppe1960, w3cko, mozzie
3*thelarster, mozzie, KaiserFran, Bedsoaker
4*CAOS, modominate, colzizo, KaiserFran, bubbarowde, lerner
1 KaiserFran, _I_BOT_A_, Carrah, TheTopGun2, BUG3, trintest2
2*w3cko, KaiserFran, saxman9690, lerner, modominate
1 KaiserFran, TheTopGun2, trintest2, Carrah, _I_BOT_A_, TryMeFool
1*KaiserFran, thelarster, alex, lerner
1 KaiserFran, _I_BOT_A_, TheTopGun2, trintest2, Carrah, TryMeFool
2*lerner, KaiserFran, dougbotha, alexde
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, _I_BOT_A_, TheTopGun2, trintest2, TryMeFool
5*Angrymidgt, Michelle, Mex, dougbotha, KaiserFran, lerner
1 KaiserFran, trintest2, TheTopGun2, Carrah, _I_BOT_A_, TryMeFool
2*lerner, KaiserFran, dougbotha
2 TheTopGun2, KaiserFran, TryMeFool, _I_BOT_A_, Carrah, zzz2
4 TheTopGun2, Carrah, _I_BOT_A_, KaiserFran, TryMeFool, zzz2
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, TryMeFool, Carrah, IceBot_Cap, zzz2
1 KaiserFran, TryMeFool, zzz2, IceBot_Cap, Carrah, BUG3
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, IceBot_Cap, BUG3, zzz2, TryMeFool
1 KaiserFran, IceBot_Cap, TryMeFool, Carrah, BUG3, zzz2
1 KaiserFran, zzz2, TryMeFool, Carrah, BUG3, IceBot_Cap
1 KaiserFran, zzz2, BUG3, Carrah, IceBot_Cap, Wellington
6 BUG3, zzz2, Carrah, IceBot_Cap, TryMeFool, KaiserFran
1 KaiserFran, trintest2, zzz2, TryMeFool, BUG3, Jimmy
1 KaiserFran, trintest2, TryMeFool, Jimmy, bopster, zzz2
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, zzz2, bopster, Jimmy, trintest2
3*Mex, jhm, KaiserFran, knuffie66, modominate, Ax23
1 KaiserFran, trintest2, TryMeFool, zzz2, BUG3, Jimmy
1 KaiserFran, TryMeFool, BUG3, trintest2, Jimmy, zzz2
4*aise88, aaja, CuteAmy, KaiserFran, kefkiller3, nostyle
6*wooooody, seen, knuffie66, plop3223, HUGEBALLS, KaiserFran
2*CuteAmy, KaiserFran, wooooody, seen, colzizo
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, zzz2, TeamThugB, Jimmy, TryMeFool
2 Jimmy, KaiserFran, TryMeFool, zzz2, BUG3, TeamThugB
3*pudder, wimpee, KaiserFran, Ultionem, lokve222, tampeloeru
5*nostyle, colzizo, BatMan, seen, KaiserFran
3*j_k3r, pizzagate, KaiserFran, GolfPro, Attack, TOAST
1 KaiserFran, _I_BOT_A_, trintest2, BUG3, Jimmy, TheTopGun2
1*KaiserFran, pizzagate, knuffie66, Tiffany, robin, laker
1*KaiserFran, MARINE66, Wellington, modominate, Ax23
3*mr0, alex, KaiserFran, Wellington, MARINE66
1 KaiserFran, Jimmy, trintest2, BUG3, _I_BOT_A_, trintest1
1 KaiserFran, _I_BOT_A_, Jimmy, trintest1, trintest2, BUG3
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, Tiffany, trintest2, _I_BOT_A_, zzz2
1 KaiserFran, zzz2, BUG3, _I_BOT_A_, trintest2, Tiffany
2*bad, KaiserFran, 1fater, GolfPro, CAOS
1 KaiserFran, trintest1, zzz2, trintest2, BUG3, _I_BOT_A_
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, trintest2, _I_BOT_A_, trintest1, zzz2
1*KaiserFran, GolfPro, stephanie9, thelarster, OG1
1 KaiserFran, zzz2, Tiffany, _I_BOT_A_, BUG3, ArcA247a
1 KaiserFran, _I_BOT_A_, ArcA247a, BUG3, zzz2, Tiffany
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, _I_BOT_A_, zzz2, ArcA247a, Tiffany
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, _I_BOT_A_, zzz2, Tiffany, ArcA247a
1 KaiserFran, Tiffany, ArcA247a, zzz2, BUG3, _I_BOT_A_
1 KaiserFran, ArcA247a, BUG3, Tiffany, zzz2, Carrah
1 KaiserFran, Jimmy, trintest2, zzz2, _I_BOT_A_, BUG3
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, Jimmy, zzz2, _I_BOT_A_, trintest2
4 BUG3, zzz2, _I_BOT_A_, KaiserFran, Jimmy, trintest2
5 zzz2, trintest2, Jimmy, BUG3, KaiserFran, trintest1
1 KaiserFran, Jimmy, trintest2, BUG3, trintest1, zzz2
1*KaiserFran, colzizo, hhanger, leeuwarden, wimpee, bad
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, trintest2, Carrah, zzz2, comeback2
2 BUG3, KaiserFran, zzz2, comeback2, trintest2, Carrah
1 KaiserFran, zzz2, Carrah, trintest2, comeback2, BUG3
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, trintest2, BUG3, comeback2, zzz2
6 zzz2, BUG3, comeback2, Carrah, trintest2, KaiserFran
1 KaiserFran, BUG3, zzz2, Carrah, comeback2, trintest2
6*master, PussyWhipt, manyak99, Ax23, nostyle, KaiserFran
4*master, remmetje, PussyWhipt, KaiserFran, Rebecca, AFCA020CBS
3*Rebecca, master, KaiserFran, remmetje, AFCA020CBS, PussyWhipt
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, TheTopGun2, comeback2, trintest1, BUG3
4*wimpee, OG1, Garibaldi, KaiserFran, TOAST, Vagamundo
1 KaiserFran, Carrah, comeback2, TheTopGun2, BUG3, trintest1
5*Mex, TOAST, OB1, Vagamundo, KaiserFran, Garibaldi
5*DianaT, Jennifer, modominate, caos, KaiserFran, Mex
2*DianaT, KaiserFran, TH3, dougbotha, SA_Mullet
1 KaiserFran, TheTopGun2, trintest1, comeback2, trintest2, FlyinHigh
1*KaiserFran, TH3, FlyinHigh, mr0
1 KaiserFran, TheTopGun2
1 KaiserFran, comeback2
2 TheTopGun2, KaiserFran
1 KaiserFran, comeback2
1 KaiserFran, DuckyII, trintest1, Carrah, comeback2, trintest2
*) Rated game

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